Is It Dangerous to Take a Cruise Vacation Through the Bermuda Triangle?

Wow. What kind of title is that – mixing danger and intrigue with cruise vacations? Well I guess that someone needs to answer the question so…

Where Should I Begin?

Well let’s start with some information regarding the location of the Bermuda Triangle. As one might guess it has something to due with the island of Bermuda. Actually there are various theories on the location of the Bermuda Triangle.

For our purposes we will take the generally accepted location of the area between Bermuda, Puerto Rico and Miami. Draw a line on a map from Bermuda to Puerto Rico to Miami and back to Bermuda and you have what many people accept as the Bermuda Triangle.

You have no doubt heard about all the mysterious disappearances in the area of the “Devil’s Triangle” as it is sometimes called. Ships and planes vanishing with no trace. Navigational instruments going crazy… It’s a wonder that anyone ever passes through the area at all!

Yet every year countless ships sail the waters in the Triangle. Planes fly over on their trans-Atlantic flights from the south-eastern U.S. to Europe, Asia and Africa.

What About Cruises?

So what about cruises? Do any cruises actually travel through the Triangle?

Believe it or not, virtually every cruise ship that travel from the east coast of the United States into the Caribbean sails in or through the Bermuda Triangle. (Some cruises out of Miami might miss most of the area if they are travelling to the western Caribbean. But they originate at or near one apex of the triangle.)

Have there been any reported disasters on board cruise ships travelling these waters? Have there been any disturbances? Have there been any concerns?

I have not been able to come across one reported incident on board cruise ships sailing the waters between Miami, Bermuda and Puerto Rico that could not be accounted for. Some weather related incidents have happened but those were related to storms in the area.

Storm Dangers in the Bermuda Triangle

As I mentioned above there have been incidents related to the weather. Any cruise in any waters of the Caribbean are subject to foul weather especially during hurricane season when the reported incident happened.

So no matter where you sail, when you sail might cause more danger than the actual location itself. Cruise ships today have the capability to identify dangerous waters and the Captains have the authority to avoid stormy weather. There are back-up plans for cruises in the events of these seasonal storms.

So How Dangerous Is It?

How dangerous is it to sail through the Bermuda Triangle? Let me ask you these questions:

How many people have you heard of in the news that are killed in car accidents? Walking down the street? Riding their bicycles?

Now how many non-natural deaths have you heard of on cruise ships sailing the waters of the Bermuda Triangle?

Any death on a cruise ship is almost international news. The traffic deaths that you hear about are only the local ones.

It is more dangerous for you to walk down a busy street than it is to cruise through the Bermuda Triangle.

Sixteen Tips That Will Help You Be Prepared For Your First Cruise

So, you’re getting ready to take your first cruise? How exciting! You’ve surely read through all the information that your travel agent provided, and you’ve probably read everything you could find on the ship’s website, and if you had time, you probably even checked out comments from previous travelers, right? That’s a great start! Here are additional tips that will help your whole experience be more pleasant. I wrote myself notes after my first cruise and have been using them every time since.

  • When you pack, keep in mind that you won’t need as many clothes as you think you will. If you’re taking a 7-day cruise, you’ll really only need 4-5 outfits. Trust me! That’s the way it works out. The days that you’re on the open sea, you’ll probably live in a bathing suit and cover-up all day, if you’re in warm weather. If you’d rather have more clothes available even if you don’t wear them, keep in mind that your closet will be very small and there’s no room to leave your suitcase sitting out.
  • Speaking of closets, take some of those hangers that you get from your dry cleaners that you won’t mind leaving behind. There won’t be enough for everyone in your room to use. It’s a great idea to pack your clothes already on hangers with dry cleaning bags over them. It makes unpacking a breeze and really helps ward off wrinkles!
  • While we’re on the subject of clothes, forget those fancy outfits for dinner. Very few people “dress up” anymore on ships. Instead, shoot for “casual elegance” and you’ll fit right in. Women, throw in a pair of heels to wear with your black capris, or if you’re a man, tuck your shirt into your khakis, and you’ll fit in perfectly!
  • Take comfortable shoes!! Make it less about style and more about comfort. You’ll need them while walking around on the ship, and you’ll definitely want them when you go ashore.
  • Don’t be shocked when you see the size of your room and especially your bathroom. Don’t let the fact that you can sit on the toilet, brush your teeth in the sink, and shave your legs in the shower-all at the same time, spoil your trip. It will be fun! You’re only in your room to sleep and get dressed anyway.
  • If you like to drink a lot of water throughout the day, take your own water jug and have the bartender fill it up. It’s a hassle to constantly go get water and the glasses are really small. Likewise, if you like soda, spend the money to purchase a soda card. The ship will usually give you a thermal mug that you can have the bartender fill up as often as you like. Take a travel coffee mug too, if you like more than one cup at a time.
  • If you must make a choice, choose the later dining option. Even if you normally like to eat dinner early, you’re not going to want to rush back from shore to shower and get ready for dinner at 6:00. You won’t go hungry on the cruise!
  • Consider eating dinner in the buffet hall a couple of nights. You can dress as casually as you want (even bathing suit cover-ups are acceptable), you can eat any time that you want, and the food is the same as in the dining room!
  • When you arrive on the ship, take the opportunity to go to the dining room to check on your table arrangements. If you have children, you may want to request a table with other children so that your kids will have company. Likewise, if you have no children, you’ll probably want to request an adults-only table. At the same time, request a larger table so that you’ll have dining companions. Even if you’re shy about talking to strangers, after the first awkward night, your dining experience will be a lot more fun!
  • If you enjoy soaking up the sun while the ship is at sea, scope out a good spot away from the kids where you can quietly enjoy your book. That won’t be in the main area near the pool! There are lots of spots tucked around the ship’s deck that will be perfect! Look early and you’ll be able to reserve your chair with a towel or book, while you go eat breakfast.
  • Tuck a bag in your suitcase that you can use as a “pool bag” to carry all your goodies that you’ll need when you’re outside all day.
  • Some areas of the deck are very breezy, so take a hat or visor that will not easily blow off. If you’re sunning yourself, and you have longer hair, you may want to take a “buff” or bandana to keep your hair out of your face.
  • The sun can be very brutal on the open sea! Take plenty of sunscreen and consider throwing a regular umbrella or even a small beach umbrella into your suitcase. That can come in handy when you want to remain outside but you’ve had enough sun.
  • Take advantage of the activities. They really will make your cruise experience more enjoyable. Don’t miss the shows! They are always excellent! Likewise, visit the nightclubs. They often have live bands that are fantastic!
  • While we’re on the subject of activities, read the ship’s daily newsletter. You’ll find out everything that is going on from activities to shows to special shopping opportunities. In the newsletter, you’ll often see a meeting for “Friends of Bill W.” On my first cruise they met often and I found myself envious that this group I assumed was a “reunion” group, met so often. I later found out that it was a code for Alcoholics Anonymous. So, now you’ll be smarter than I was!
  • Take several books if you like to read, although most ships have libraries. Also take cards or a travel scrabble game in case the weather is too bad to be outside.

Follow these 16 tips and you’ll be well prepared for your first cruise. What a fantastic time you will have!!

Luxury Small Ship Cruises Offer Glamour and Romance

Sit down, close your eyes and imagine this! The warmth of a tropical island sun on your body, you are standing on the deck of your small luxury cruise ship, you have settled into your spacious cabin, you are enjoying a cold drink and with the promise of glorious weather and indulgent behaviour for the days stretching ahead, you are more than ready for some serious pampering in a natural and unspoilt environment. The only sound you hear is the swish of the boat as it glides through blue sparkling waters and casts off for an island holiday of your dreams.

You pass white ocean beaches with sand so clean it squeaks, beautiful local villages with that lazy relaxed feeling and wide-eyed children that wave to you as they jump up and down on the beaches trying to catch your eye.

As your cruise ship glides past remote villages nestled into a natural unspoilt environment with lush tropical vegetation, you can hear somewhere in the distance the barely audible sound of ukuleles and soft singing – it is starting to feel like you are in paradise.

Does this sound like the sort of holiday you might like?

It’s been a big year, lots of challenges have presented themselves, you been working really hard, the kids have been sick with colds and flu, the winter blues are not over yet and Spring has just started to show us she is on her way. You are more than ready for some soft sun, balmy nights and the pure luxury of an island holiday is beckoning.

Can you think of a better way to ease yourself into the spirit of summer than an island cruise to lift your spirits and get you excited about life again?

What’s your idea of a perfect holiday?

We all love holidays and they represent different things to different people. Some of us want to lie on the beach, swim in warm waters, go shopping or laze around and read a book under a beach umbrella.

Others prefer a more energetic holiday and want to go hiking and exploring new landscapes.

Some see a fishing holiday as the best thing to do and others crave the glamour and romance of life on a small luxury cruise boat with nothing to think about except the next glorious beach, a visit to a local island community to buy some souvenirs, what’s on the menu for dinner tonight and is it time for my next swim yet? Pure luxury…

Nothing will rejuvenate your senses more than a sun-filled holiday on board a small, but perfectly formed luxury island hopping cruise that has been designed with your total comfort in mind and all the pleasures you could ever want in a holiday.

Luxury travel – designed to spoil you right down to the smallest touches

These small ships are all about pampering and spoiling you to the point where you are so relaxed it’s difficult to remember a time where you were feeling this good.

When you book a holiday on a luxury cruise ship you will want for nothing – every little whim has been thought about very carefully and catered for in the best possible way, right down to the lovely touches like the best quality fine linen on your bed, your own ensuite bathroom, even your own deck right outside your generous sized cabin with individually controlled air conditioning.

As the sun goes down the night lights up

When it’s time to turn in for the night after a glorious day, your king size bed is waiting to envelope you gently after a day of swimming, fishing, shopping, walking or just lying on the beach. The finishing touches of fresh flowers and exquisite chocolates delivered daily to your cabin complete the picture of indulgence and luxury as you turn out the light on a day that you will remember as magical.

You awake after the most restful sleep to another beautiful day and your bathroom is stocked with a selection of beautiful natural soaps and shampoos. The only decision looming is what to have for breakfast, which is usually served on the deck to enable you to take advantage of the beautiful scenery.

Did we talk about the food yet?

It’s wonderfully relaxing to be in the fresh air taking in the smells and flavours of other cultures. And we know that all this relaxing and lying around gives you an appetite.

The crew know how important the food and wine is on your holiday and for this reason some of the finest chefs from around the world are on board to bring you magnificent meals day after day.

Local delicacies, seafood and organic produce are sourced from local farmers’ markets and matched with a selection of award-winning wines and cheeses to produce your evening dinner which you can choose to have under the stars!

On a luxury cruise the crew are fully trained and equipped to make your holiday the best it can be from the moment you step on board.

Career in Cruise Ships – The Best You Job Can Ever Find

A job on the cruise has fulfilled dreams of many people giving them a chance to travel around the world and getting paid for it as well.

So if you are here then you must have decided to work on a cruise ship. But before starting you need to know a few things that are very important

A wide range of job opportunities are available on a ship. The job will be comfortable and attractive which will give you a chance to travel different exotic destinations in the world which you have never seen before.

However, to acquire a job on a cruise ship one needs to research, spend some time in searching the right cruise ship for him and must also have the required qualifications so that he lands himself a job in the cruise ship.

Three important things that you must possess to gain a job in cruise ship are:

1. Soundness in English

The main quality which you require while working on cruise ships is to be able to speak and understand English. This is mainly important because most of the travelers are American and English-speaking. If you are working in the frontline divisions that are Food and Beverages or Cabin stewards in Hotel, you need to know English very well as interacting with the guests might impress them and you will get paid by them directly.

2. Having Passport is a must

One of the important things to have with you while traveling abroad is to have a valid passport. All the persons employed on the cruise ship must possess a valid passport.

3. SEAMAN VISA (For all those people who do not reside in the US)

Once you get a job in a cruise ship company and obtain an Employee Agreement, then the next thing you need to do is apply for visas that is C1 Transit & D1 Seaman and also B2 Visitor Visa at the United States Embassy. USA’s ports are visited by most of the cruise ships. Major cruise liners like the Royal Caribbean International, Carnival Cruise Lines and Celebrity Cruises are located in Florida. Hence Florida or any other port in USA will be the departure port for a cruise ship.

The C1 & D1 and B2 visas that you have obtained allow you to stay in the USA for a limited time only when your cruise liners calls to a US port. The visas are usually valid for 30 days.

• The C1 visa is meant for the seamen and it permits you to work in US ports for a limited period only that can be lasting for a few hours or a few days.

• The D1 visa permits you to journey through different ports in USA.

• There are “visitor visas” that is the USA B2 Tourist Visas and are very essential for foreigners who hail from countries that are not a member of the Visa Waiver Program.

Go Green on Your Luxury Sailing Yacht Trip

The best way to combine a luxury holiday at sea with an eco-friendly endeavor is to take a trip aboard a luxury sailing yacht. Given that your sailing activity is powered by wind-energy, you will be able to enjoy an emission-free journey whilst soaking up the glorious beauty of the locations you will visit.

When you visit various locations on your luxury sailing yacht, it is your responsibility to play your part in reducing your carbon footprint by taking great care to minimize the effects of your presence and leave the locations in the pristine conditions you found them in.

Smooth Sailing on Your Luxury Yacht

The average speed that can be reached by a luxury sailing yacht is 10 knots / hour – imagine the pure bliss of racing across the ocean without the intrusive humming noise of an engine. All you will hear is the water as it laps against the bow – so even noise pollution will be kept to a bare minimum as you sail in harmony with the elements without using a drop of oil ..

Another thing to consider is your crew's sensitivity towards the environment with regards to the products used to clean and maintain the vessel. There are products available that are less harmful and help conserve your surrounding environment. So even when your crew cleans the superyacht with eco-friendly cleaning products, you can be a part of an effort to reduce your carbon footprint knowing that you wont harm the water around you.

Tips To Make Your Luxury Sailing Yacht Trip Eco-Friendly:

o Respect your natural surroundings: When venturing out on your superyacht, you are bound to travel to pristine locations, rich in natural beauty. It is your responsibility to respect your natural surroundings. When snorkelling or diving, be careful not to damage the beds of coral with diving fins.

o Harness natural ventilation: On most onboard adventures, you will be exposed to the natural winds of the ocean, even when docked. When possible, ensure that you open vents and hatches to harness the natural ventilation provided by the breeze instead of relying on power draining air conditioning systems.

o Green-up your water activities: Luxury sailing yachts afford you with the opportunity to partake in a variety of water sports at the destinations you visit. You can make a difference and reduce your carbon footprint by opting for water sports that are not fuel-driven. These create both noise and carbon pollution, which can be easily avoided by opting for snorkelling, floating mats, kayaks and wind or kite boards.

o Control your garbage disposal: There are many ways to control how your waste disposal will affect your environment. Never throw garbage (including food) overboard as this has a detrimental impact on the natural eco-system. Fish and other sea animals are not accustomed to our food, which is because disposing of any excess food overboard can potentially be life-threatening to them. Cigarette butts can also be commonly mistaken for food, so make sure that you educate all on board to dispose of cigarette ends in a designated location where they can not land up polluting the sea.

o Limit the amount of garbage: When packing or preparing for your trip aboard a superyacht, make an effort to avoid taking plastic on board. Garbage disposals, especially on smaller islands you may visit, usually end up in landfills which have a negative impact on the environment. Limit the amount of garbage you create by shopping wisely beforehand – avoid lots of smaller plastic water bottles, rather opt for larger gallon sized bottles. Avoid plastic or disposable cutlery as well as accumulating plastic bags. Excess bottles or plastic bags that float around have a habit of landing up in the water where they are potentially harmful for fish or other sea animals that could mistake them for food or get cooked up in them.

By taking heed of these few suggestions, you can play your part in preserving marine life and the local environments you visit while still enjoying a luxury sailing yacht trip.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Power Wheelchairs

Power wheelchairs have greatly increased in popularity among elderly and disabled individuals. You may also hear power wheelchairs referred to as electric wheelchairs. Just like any other wheelchair style or brand, power wheelchairs have their advantages and disadvantages.

The most obvious advantage to owning a power wheelchair is that they are easy and convenient. Although power wheelchairs do have an electric motor, they are still controlled by the individual in the chair. Depending on the model, some power wheelchairs are controlled by the hands and others may even be controlled by the mouth or other workable body parts. This feature is very important for someone who may not have full use of their hands or arms.

The fact that there are so many varieties of power wheelchairs available is another big plus. There are thousands of wheelchair companies, online websites, and stores that sell power wheelchairs and other styles. Individuals of all ages, shapes, and sizes can end up needing a wheelchair at one point in their life. For this reason, wheelchair manufactures tend to customized chairs or provide a large variety of different styles for each power wheelchair model. Individuals of all weight and heights should be able to find a compatible power wheelchair.

Although power wheelchairs do have some disadvantages, many of them can be turned into advantages with extra money or additional features. Typically a power wheelchair will not fold up or come apart. Most individuals who need to travel may not have a van or larger vehicle to store the power wheelchair; therefore they will have to make other plans. You may have to purchase an additional manual wheelchair for trips. Another option would be to spend more money on a power wheelchair and purchase one that folds ups or will disassemble fairly easily. The fold up power wheelchairs are available in most stores; however, they can cost quite a bit more than traditional power wheelchairs.

Even since power wheelchairs have increased in popularity, there are still many disabled, injured, or elderly individuals who are unable to purchase a power wheelchair. The number one reason why an individual who would like to purchase a power wheelchair cannot is due to financial reasons. Before purchasing a power wheelchair or completely ruling one out, it is important to speak with insurance or Medicare representatives. Many individuals are not aware of the fact that if a wheelchair is advised by a doctor, it may be fully or partial covered by the two.

Power wheelchairs are not only handy but comfortable too. Many power wheelchairs somewhat resemble comfortable computer chairs. Whether a power wheelchair is the best option will depend upon the needs of the individual in question. Although they do not always come cheap, power wheelchairs are comfortable, easy, and safe for everyone to use.

The Top Travel Destinations in the World

Singapore is the vibrant and energetic city where the East meets West with the traditional and modern. It is one of the world's financial centers and famous for world-class shopping, modern architecture and delicious cuisine. The Lion City offers a unique experience for every visitor from colorful ethnic festivals to lively nightlife. Singapore the city has many other highlights like the Singapore Zoo, the famous Night Safari and the tropical theme park, Sentosa Island. This city has a fantastic tourism infrastructure and great public transport making it an ideal holiday destination and the perfect gateway to other South East Asian destinations.

Thailand is a country of beauty and mystery that attracts many travelers to its island resorts and busy cities. The culture, food and warm hospitality of the locals keep tourists coming back for more. The two most popular beach resorts are:

Pattaya located on the Gulf of Thailand 150 km south of Bangkok. Known as the 'Thai Riviera' and one of South East Asia's best beach resorts, resort Pattaya attractions more than a million tourists annually from all over the world. Set along the 4km beachfront, Pattaya is renovated for high standard hotels, shopping, seafood restaurants, assorted international cuisine, water sports and its vibrant nightlife. The southern section of the bay becomes very lively and entertaining at night with many bars, nightclubs, shopping stalls and local food vendors. A day trip cruise to outgoing islands such as Coral Island is a very popular activity where water sports, restaurants and quiet beaches can be enjoyed.

Phuket , the "Pearl of the South", is Thailand's largest island (48 km in length, 21 km wide) lying in the Andaman Sea off the country's southern coast and is connected to the mainland by a bridge. Phuket Town is in the south-east part of the island, the international airport is in the north and the most popular beach resort towns are on the west coast. As one of Asia's premier beach resorts, Phuket still retains its own distinct culture from Chinese and Portuguese influences. The island offers visitors warm tropical weather, beautiful white sandy beaches with warm clear water, pristine forests, shopping in up-market stores or traditional markets, many bars and restaurants, enchanting nightlife and friendly locales. Phuket has also been voted one of the World's Top 5 retirement destinations by Fortune Magazine.

Las Vegas, USA is the largest city in the state of Nevada with a population of over 500,000 people. The city has become a stand-alone holiday destination in its own right with many amazing hotel and casino complexes located along the famous Las Vegas Boulevard or "The Strip". Many of the hotels have created a fantasy-like atmosphere with names and themes that evoke romance, mystery, and far-away destinations. The "Entertainment Capital of the World" also boasts some of the largest names and stage productions in entertainment including music stars, magicians and the Cirque du Soleil productions. And just a few hours away there is one of the natural wonders of the world – the Grand Canyon. Even if you are not a gambler there is a lot to do in Las Vegas!

Paris, France is located in the north of the country on the river Seine. It is widely recognized as being the most beautiful and romantic of all cities. Paris is highly influential in culture, art, fashion, food and design and is regarded as the most popular tourist destination in the world. Central Paris is officially divided into 20 districts (arrondissements), numbered from 1 to 20 in a clockwise spiral from the center of the city. Each arrondissement has its own unique character and attractions. The area north of the river, known as the Right Bank, includes the tree-lined Avenue des Champs-lyses, the Arc de Triomphe and the Louvre Museum. The area south of the river, known as the Left Bank, shows the city's most famous landmark, the Eiffel Tower.

Dubai is an amazing place to visit, a city of contrasts, where East meets West and old meets new. Situated on a coastal strip bordered by majestic desert and calm blue waters of the Arabian Gulf, Dubai offers year-round sunshine and a unique Arabian experience of fantastic scenery, world-class shopping, luxurious hotels and fabulous dining. Dubai has been transformed from a small fishing village to a modern vibrant city where celebrities holiday and the Dubai skyline competes to be the world's largest, brightest and tallest. In the 1990s, Dubai launched an ambitious campaign to become one of the world's top tourist destinations supported by a huge program of hotel building and the launch of its Emirates airline. Today, Dubai is known for its man-made islands in the shape of palm trees and the map of the world and the reputation as an international shopping destination. It makes for a perfect stopover destination when traveling between Asia and Europe.

Sydney, Australia is the largest city in Australia and the state capital of New South Wales with a population of just over 4.25 million. Sydney is a European settlement, having been founded by the British as a penal colony on 26 January 1788 which is celebrated as a public holiday, Australia Day, with major festivals around the country. Sydney's large, safe and beautiful natural harbor was the reason that the original penal settlement was established in the area. In 1788 the first fleet, with 1400 convicts, soldiers, administrators and their families, arrived in the area now known as Circular Quay located between the famous Sydney Harbor Bridge and Opera House. By 1840, convict transportation to Sydney had ceased and in 1851 gold was discovered leading to a huge population boom. By 1925, Sydney's population had reached 1 million inmates. Sydney has an international reputation as one of the world's most beautiful and liveable cities. It is a multicultural and cosmopolitan city, with one third of its population born overseas. Sydney was the host of the very successful 2000 Summer Olympic Games, which raised the city's global profile.

What is Not Included in an All Inclusive Trip on Royal Caribbean?

When you book an all inclusive trip with Royal Caribbean you are getting a lot. Most of the things on the ship are included, however not everything is.

For your meals you can dine at any place, even have room service, for free. There are specialty restaurants that you can choose to experience at an extra charge. It is usually one or two restaurants that you can choose to dine at with a different menu and a specialty selection.

Another thing that you may be charged for are specialty drinks. All alcohol, of any kind is an extra charge. Soda is not free with any meals. If you drink a lot of soda look into buying a soda package which will allow you to have unlimited sodas during the entire trip. During breakfast, apple and orange juice is provided at no extra charge. Drinks that you can have at all times, for free, include: water, coffee, tea, and hot chocolate.

Massages, nail salons, and hair treatments are not included. Bring extra cash for the casino, shopping on the ship and at your ports, any excursions you might be interested in, and art auctions.

During the formal night of the trip there will be photographers taking pictures everywhere. Pictures will be taken on most nights during dinner and when you are leaving to explore at the ports. Those pictures are developed and can be purchased at the end of the trip.

Seattle Coffee is on board this ship. If you would like any other specialty coffee drinks you can also make purchases. There is a huge selection of coffee drinks available to choose from.

An internet connection is not available without a fee. If you need to go online, you will need to pre-pay for your minutes. The minutes used will automatically be deducted each time you log on.

Be prepared to pay for some things on the trip. However there are many things that you do not have to pay a cent to use because it already included during your vacation.

Key Points to Consider When Organizing a Luxury Yacht Charter For Your Special Event

Luxury yacht charters are now an affordable commodity. You don’t need to dish out thousands of dollars just to make use of a high-end yacht to spend some quality time with friends or families out in the crystal blue waters just off the coast. In truth, quite a lot of rich-folks nowadays don’t bother buying their own yachts, they just rent one if there’s a need.

Organizing a luxury yacht charter for a specific event needs to be carefully planned out. Don’t get too excited over its affordability. There are certain details you need to carefully consider to ensure that you are getting the right one for your needs and only spend without emptying your wallet.

Detail # 1: Headcount

Before you start scouting the availability of luxury yacht charters, the first step is to determine how many people will be going with you on the cruise. You don’t want to end up renting a small yacht and suffer from a crowded deck just because you’re playing scrooge. It is quite possible to get some good discounts out of large luxury yachts if you are diligent enough to scout for one.

Such is the case; the first step you need to take is to first determine how many people will be going with you on the trip. In most cases, luxury yacht charter services have an estimate on how many people will fit easily in the vessel with enough legroom to spare for partying around. Also, determining the headcount in advance will allow a yacht charter company to prepare, like food catering, stocking up the bar, and so on.

Detail # 2: Date of Use

Another detail to consider is when you will need the luxury yacht charter. You need to book one in advance so the service can prepare the vessel, like give it a good clean, stock it up with necessities, and the likes. Also, there are some yacht rental companies that offer discounts when you book for the service in advance.

Detail # 3: Type of Yacht

There’s a yacht model for every special event. You can opt for a simple boat if you’re going out on a fishing trip with your best friend or to a more luxurious and spacious yacht for tours with friends and relatives. It is imperative that you take some time to look into the different yacht models offered for rent so that you can weigh your options in advance.

Detail # 4: Budget

Practically the most important key point in looking for a luxury yacht charter is the budget. Most of us don’t want to overspend, and would grab any opportunity that only requires you to dish out a cheap sum for quality service. Keep in mind that in this type of transaction, you get what you paid for. If you go for cheap yacht rentals then you will only get mediocre service at best. If you really want to enjoy the best experience out of the whole trip then you might want to scout around for affordable offers before you make up your mind.

Tips for Making Your First Cruise a Great One

You are about to take a cruise for the very first time. Panic sets in as you realize you have no idea what to expect. Right now you may be nervous, excited and overwhelmed all at the same time. Well I am here to offer a few tips that will help elevate some of those fears about taking your first cruise. So forget about being nervous and overwhelmed and just get excited! I'm here to share some valuable tips to make your first cruise a breeze! Have you ever heard the saying "To be prepared is half the victory."? Well it's true. If you want to have a great cruise, preparation is key.

For this article, I am assuming that you already have your destination and cruise line picked out, but you are starting to figure out that you have no idea what to expect for your first cruise, so like many people you turn to others for answers. It seems like these days everyone has an opinion on just about every subject available. With the internet, it is possible to find out just about everything on just about anything. There is no reason that anyone should not be able to find out information on whatever subject is of interest.

So my first tip for those taking a cruise for the first time, is to do your research on the ports of call you will be visiting. In some ports you may only have 8 to 10 hours to experience your port of call. You want to make every minute count. You do not want to get off the ship and start scratching your head wondering what you should do first.

When doing your research try to stay away from forums as much as possible. Most of the time they will only confuse you. Ten people will say "it's" the best thing ever, but you will find 10 others that will tell you "it's" the worst thing they have ever experienced. If you do use forums try to ask questions that will offer facts instead of opinion. Here is an example of what I'm talking about. You could ask "Is the food on the cruise line any good?" With this question you will only get a ton of opinions. Instead ask "what kind of food is served at the buffet? ' This will get you more factual answers.

Another thing that will help put your mind at ease for your first cruise is to get to know your way around the ship. You can get to know your way around your before you even set sail on your voyage. You can do this by doing a search for a layout of the cruise ship you will be sailing on. If you search for a printable copy of the ship, you can print it out. After it's printed, stack all the decks one on top of other in order of the ship's layout. This way you can actually see what is on every floor and what routes to take to get there. It is also helpful to see exactly what is on the floor above and below the room you will be staying in.

Finally the last tip for taking your first cruise is an important one. Breathe! Do not forget you are on vacation. Relax; try to remember that there will be lots of people on a really big ship. There will be lines everywhere, lines to board the ship, lines to get off the ship and lines for buffets. Do not let this stress you out. If you know what to expect and you prepare for it ahead of time, it will make for a much more enjoyable experience. When you are standing in line for 5 to 10 minutes waiting for your food, just remind yourself it's all part of the adventure. Use this time to get to know your fellow cruise mates; after all they are in the same "boat" as you. Before you know it you be eating and more importantly you will have made a few friends along the way.