Charter your way to Martha's Vineyard

Perhaps one of the most popular destinations in the United States where "summer" is, Martha's Vineyard has it all. Glorious beaches, amazing accommodations, lots to see and do and a relaxing relaxing situation that complements the beautifully scarce holiday time.

Martha's Vineyard is an island, one of the largest on the east coast, with no tunnel or bridge connecting it to the mainland. South of Cape Cod is off the coast of beautiful Massachusetts, many of which are 100 square miles.

A lot of people arrive at Martha's Vineyard via one of many ferry phrases that start daily after day in the summer months, but why bother with the phrase when you can elegantly reach the island in a chartered plane? While the airport takes pride in connecting commercial flights to many major cities across the country, chartering planes allows you all the amenities without any hassle. Since many people prefer to leave their car at home, the island is full of tourists and locals alike who have strayed from the defeated path of speaking and using bicycles and bicycles to roam around. Enjoy the fresh air and ocean scent as you stroll to pristine beaches or go and tour one of the many lighthouses and you won't miss even your car or the ferry you can enter.

Martha's Vineyard is not one of those places the party spends on the streets; instead, most of the social events take place in the privacy of residences leaving the small villages to survive through their stores, shops, museums and places of interest. The picturesque cities and villages, homes, luxury real estate and of course the pristine beaches make Martha's Vineyard a place for the summer, and you can see and see all the beauty you own; it is no wonder that many celebrities choose it year after year to spend their quiet reflective holidays.

Once you rent to the island, you can sit back and relax or take to winding streets and explore the ancient whale hunting heritage, browse through the Oak Bluff village with the oldest carousel in the world, or take to the slopes for stunning views of the ocean. The beautiful harbor comes alive with colorful boats and yachts, where you enjoy a marine adventure or explore Gay Head Lighthouse, a true business structure that gives you unmatched views of miles. Whatever the adventure awaits in Martha's Vineyard, knowing your full schedule will make you feel like you have all the time in the world.


Tourism is back in full swing in Cancun, Mexico

Cancun is back, better than ever! More than a hundred resorts have been reopened in Mexico and Cancun's Minister of Tourism expects to attract more than one visitor in 2006 as he did two years ago. And great travel deals! If not, now may be the best time to spend a vacation in Cancun.

Since Hurricane Wilma hit in late October, cleaning has been going fast. In fact, commercial and charter flights have returned to regular times, and many Cancun hotels, restaurants, bars, shops, golf courses and clubs have reopened. Even the ancient Mayan sites of Tulum and Cuba are open and look better than ever. In an effort to repair the beaches, engineers work around the clock to build the equivalent of two football pitches in the U.S. every day by collecting displaced sand, 22 miles from the beach, on two ships and re-depositing them back into place. The original site.

The hotels and stores in Cancun continue to offer exceptional and very personalized service. Clearly, Cancun wants everyone back!

Additional notes on restoration

o Beach Restoration Project, Moving Forward: A $ 17 million beach restoration project, funded by the Mexican government, is currently under implementation. The project, which is expected to take about eight months to complete, will restore and increase beaches over a 7/2 mile stretch between Punta Cancun and Punta Niseuk.

oIt a Divers Paradise: Divers have fewer crowds, great conditions, and personal service now that these areas have been reopened. help get rid of the words: Expedia is working closely with Cancun's travel industry partners to create more awareness about the region as well as set up smart business practices for local merchants that will save more money in local communities.

New jobs: Cancun has added 10,000 new jobs since the hurricane

Time to go to Cancun

So, when you make travel plans this year, don't forget the top travel destination in Mexico. Cancun has undergone real plastic surgery with remodeled shopping malls, new hotels and restored beaches. The government, business owners and local residents are looking to arrive.


Chartering private jets

Private jets are becoming more and more popular every day. Hiring a private plane is very expensive, and many people don't consider chartering a private plane as cost-effective. However, the absolute cost of hiring a private plane (or anything for that matter) cannot be judged in absolute terms. It must be considered on a relative basis.

The main thing here is to determine the value of your time and then compare it to the cost of hiring a private jet plane. Again, this must be taken into account not only in terms of the time you save by avoiding queues or by avoiding multiple security checks but also in terms of the time you save by preventing the anticipation of back or fatigue caused by other regular flights.

And any kind of tension or fatigue that prevents you from using private jet charter is also your benefit in terms of saving the next day or the next few hours. Moreover, a very comfortable flight (by renting a private plane) can increase the efficiency of your business (or make your family vacation more effective for you).

When it comes to the commercial use of chartering private jets, the rationale exceeds the value of time. In business, speed can sometimes create the difference between getting a deal and losing a deal. With a private jet charter, you are no longer dependent on flight schedules. You are the boss and decide flight schedules according to your needs. Sometimes you may be working on two or more deals simultaneously which requires you (or the best sales person) to move quickly from one place to another. In such cases, you can drop dependence on flights and use private jet charter to move quickly from one place to another.

Therefore, there are many amenities associated with renting a private plane. However, you should consider these benefits from the perspective of the value of your time. For a lot of folks, renting a private plane is quite cost-effective.


Charter your way to fun in the sun

Flying commercial is a great way to roam around the country and of course all over the world. But commercial aviation means that you have to arrive when they say, usually a few hours before your flight takes off, you have to wait in long lines for security when finally boarding a plane, it is full of other people, seats, luggage and noise. What if I fly a charter? What if you actually had your own plane for the day that made you where you want to be faster, without all the hassle and best of all in the comfort and class that a charter flight is known for?

It is cheaper than you might think to rent it, and if you plan to have fun in some sort of sun vacation, then why not make it more special by getting yourself and your party to your destination stress-free on your terms?

It's the great Caribbean, the warm sand, the island breezes, the beautiful ocean, all of these things people crave especially if you're in the cold winter at home. Sure, there are a lot of airlines that can take you to places like Jamaica and the Bahamas just to name a few, but is there pressure to get there something you want to start your vacation with the sun?

Charter aircraft are legendary for their seats where you can change the configuration to suit your needs. Not only that, they also have large comfortable seats that provide ample legroom, elbow room, and head room. Entertainment and food services are also available and of course you know your luggage is with you at all times because you will be the only cargo on this trip!

Relax while traveling seamlessly moves to a cold drink on the sand or next to the sparkling pool when you get to stress-free and hassle-free, and you usually land at a small airport near your destination so transfers are also shorter. Don't wait for the big companies to decide when to leave a trip, do it yourself and arrive at your schedule, dates and appointment. Nothing beats the freedom to fully control your vacation, from start to finish. If you are ready to take your next vacation to the highest or two steps, consider chartering a plane to enjoy in the sun!


Experience the special jet teams

Travel or work can be a fun and simple experience – or it can be a nightmare of long lines, lost contact and impolite security personnel. The difference in how much you enjoy on your trip and whether or not it goes smoothly, it all depends on how you travel. When you fly on a commercial airline, you bear the risk of many errors that could make your flight a nightmare. When traveling on a private plane, however, you can eliminate many of these potential problems and you can experience travel the way you were meant to be experienced.

What is the difference?

When you choose to fly on a private plane rather than a commercial airline, there are several major differences between private and commercial flight. Once you face the private jet teams, you will never want to go back to your old way of traveling, but if you need some help to persuade you to jump into a private jet plane, consider the following benefits of using a private jet:

  • You can fly where you want to fly. The private jet charter can allow you to travel to 5,500 different airports. Commercial airlines fly only at about 550 airports. This means that you are very limited where you will be your final destination when you fly commercially, and you may also have to make calls at inappropriate airports. This can make each trip take much longer than it should. Lost time causes stress and wastes money.
  • You can fly when you want to fly. You will not be connected to the commercial airline schedule when you charter your own plane. This means that if you want to travel just for a simple meeting, you will not have to waste hours waiting for your return home trip. You also don't have to worry about losing connection because the plane leaves when you're ready.
  • You can have a more enjoyable travel experience. Say goodbye to rude security agents, the nickel-and-dime carriers for every checked bag or snack, which are very small seats and narrow aisles with no legroom. When you fly on a chartered plane, you can instead enjoy the comfort that comes with being on your private plane with room to spare.
  • You can turn your travel time into a productive time. You don't have to worry about people hearing work discussions or about distracting your child from your work on the plane. Alternatively, you can get to work and focus on getting work done in the air. This is such a huge benefit that some studies have shown that people are actually more productive when working on a commercial plane compared to their offices.

These are just a few of the major differences between private aviation and commercial airlines. To experience the private jet teams yourself, charter a private plane for your commercial or next personal flight.


What to expect in Sharm El Sheikh vacation

The Sharm El Sheikh holiday resort translates to "The City of Peace" and is located at the southern end of the Sinai Peninsula. Sharm El-Sheikh is the largest city on the Sinai Peninsula. The cities of Nuweiba, Dahab and Taba offer close proximity to tourist attractions, and an increasing number of hotels, both large and small.


The main industry in Sharm El Sheikh is domestic and international tourism. Tourists are attracted to Sharm El Sheikh's natural beaches, stunning landscapes, and continuous low humidity. Regardless of the attractiveness of ancient Egypt, the country is considered a magnet for people who spend their holidays like any other kind of visitor. This is due to the warm Egyptian beaches, which are low-cost and luxurious.

Water sports

Water sports, such as diving, snorkeling, windsurfing, kite surfing, windsurfing, canoeing and kayaking, are popular here and are among the best in the world, due to the calm and transparent Sharm waters almost all year round. Close to the Red Sea, Sharm offers some of the most underwater landscapes and warm waters that make it the ideal place to dive. Tourists have a unique opportunity to see a wide range of marine species. Sharm El-Sheikh is home to two hundred and fifty different corals, and a thousand species of fish.


Sharm offers a wide variety of trips, such as Safari Tours, Sea Tours, Nile Cruises and even Balloon Tours. Just imagine yourself on a daily trip to Luxor on a plane from Sharm, visiting the Valley of the Kings, Memnon statues, Temple of Hatshepsut, and Karnak temples. Alternatively, you might prefer to visit the desert mountains, which are among the most prominent aspects of Sinai, and which hide the colored color, one of the highlights. Near the coastal village of Nuweiba, this narrow and deep fracture has been splendidly sprayed with red, orange, yellow and purple mineral deposits.


You can reach Sharm by plane, boat, bus or car. Sharm El-Sheikh International Airport provides regular flights to Alexandria, Cairo, Hurghada and Luxor. In addition, there are many cheap flights from London airports and charter flights to Ireland, Italy, Germany, Poland, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and other destinations. In Marsa Sharm, there are not only private sailboats and yachts, but also cruise ships and ferries that can take you to Aqaba and Hurghada. International Fast Ferries provides fast boats to Hurghada on the main Red Sea coast four times per week. The travel time is 1.5 hours, at a price of 250 round trips and 450 pounds. Be aware, the trip is badly rugged and subject to cancellation.

If you decide to drive to Sharm El-Sheikh, you can start from Eilat, Israel, and drive on the east coast through Nuweiba and Dahab. Another option is to drive along the west coast of the capital, Cairo. Daily buses are served for both routes. From Cairo, if you take the East Delta bus, your travel time will be about eight hours (80 Egyptian pounds); on a luxury bus, this takes in the area of ​​6 hours. When traveling from Cairo by bus, keep your passport and ticket within easy reach, because you will have many checkpoints. The impulse is enjoying great views, all the way.

In Sharm, you can travel by taxi. Taxis are generally modern, either Chevrolet or Hyundai. Be prepared to demand that the taxi use its meter; this is the law in Sharm. You can also take a minibus, which is a fleet of blue and white tuk tuk, which is a cheaper transportation method than taxis. To get the tuk-tuk game, wait on the side of main street and raise your hand to stop one as it approaches. The cost of a single trip to any place in Sharm El Sheikh is about 20 pounds.


Many hotels in Sharm El Sheikh, especially in the Naama Bay area, accommodate a group of holidaymakers. There are three to six stars all-inclusive, upscale amenities, and some budget residences. Sharm is a well developed area, and it looks more like a European resort than an Egyptian resort. While anyone can probably spend a lot here, Sharm El Sheikh, for many Europeans, remains a cheap alternative to vacationing at pricey beach resorts elsewhere in Europe.

Some hotels are somewhat far from Naama Bay, so you have to pay a taxi for every trip to Naama. However, taxis are not expensive than most hotels. In Naama Bay, hotels are often located across a pedestrian street. This can interfere with privacy a bit, especially when using the hotel's pool.

If you are looking for affordable luxury, check out the Renaissance Hotel, Hilton Falls and Concorde El Salam. If you prefer luxury accommodation, among the options are Hyatt Regency Sharm El Sheikh, Grand Rotana Resort & Spa, Maritim Royal Peninsula Hotel & Resort, Four Seasons, and The Ritz-Carlton.


Book review – "East Desolation" by Jack Higgins

Jack Higgins' East of Desolation is an exciting story with a complex plot that will make you want to read more. The book is fairly short on 244 pages only, with chapters of about 10 to 15 pages on average. The story is based on the lives of many malicious pilots and insurance personnel who meet by chance and end up in a plot plot.

Jo Martin is the main character in East Desolation. He is a hard-working pilot who gives charter flights to people visiting Greenland for business or pleasure. His daily duties include moving people to local fishing grounds and flying supplies to several companies in the vicinity. Arne Fasberg is named one of Joe's best friends, and he and Joe are the only two people on the island who are equipped with skiing and floating planes, allowing them to transport passengers to the country's deserted areas.

While one night one evening, Joe and Arne met a world-famous movie star named Jacques Duisburg. Jack is kind of John Wayne. It is rough, rugged, and good-looking, and attracts females wherever it goes. The three men also encounter a group of men and a widow named Sarah Kelso working in the city. The group leader is a man named Vogel who claims to work in the insurance industry. He approached Joe one evening, asking him to lead the group to the wreckage of a local plane that was only accessible through the air.

From the start, Joe can feel something very strange about Vogel and his companions. Vogel tells Joe that the wreck is very important to his company because he has to pay insurance claims to the widows of the men who died in the wreck. However, Vogel's story is not consistent, and one of the widows of the deceased men, Sarah Kelso, shows no kind of sadness. Joe agrees to fly the mission regardless of how much Vogel will pay and favors her for the sorrowful supposed widow.

Soon an atmosphere flies over the debris and notes that it will be extremely difficult to land on the icy surface surrounding the plane. Even if the landing occurs, it will take about three hours to ski the wreck. Martin still flies the group and slides with them to the plane wreck just to find out that the story is getting more suspicious. Sarah Kelso's widow is buried in a shallow ice grave wearing his wedding ring, but with a false identity. Also, there is a new pair of snow tracks in the vicinity with oily spots on the snow. Someone obviously was on the wreck last day and Joe Martin was missing something important.

Vogel, Martin and his company return to Martin's hometown and they all meet at a local drink business. Some drunk sailors enter the bar led by a man named DaGama, a filthy man with a gigantic strength. They quickly start fighting with Desforge and Arnie, to be split by local law enforcement shortly before someone is killed. Everyone involved in blood and blood gets involved, but DaGama leaves fiercely angry after breaking a chair on his head.

Soon, the true motive for Vogel's trip to Greenland becomes clear; there is a wealth of emeralds in the wreckage. Not only is there a huge fortune, but Vogel, DaGama and other manpower work together to get jewelry and destroy anyone standing in their way. The jewelry comes in the wrong hands and ends up with Desforge and Arnie and a woman named Gudrid trying to land a role in one of the upcoming Jack Desforge movies. Vogel doesn't like having Emeralds with a stranger, so he's got DaGama and his friends a drunken sailor who follows Joe, Jack and Gurdrid and punishes them in any way possible.

Several times in the story, Joe and his companions find themselves at the wrong end of violence and greed. For example, Joe walks near the sidewalk late one night and is hit by a lone striker on the back of the head. He wakes up after several hours in the smelly fishing boat storage room. Joe soon realizes he's in the DaGama ship and faces certain death. However, he fought his way at sea and swimming to the beach in Greenland glacier waters. Joe is not the only person to be injured and tortured in the book. Arne was shot and killed late one night and everyone expected DaGama to be hit again. Later in this book, we discovered that it was actually Jacques Duisburg that killed Arne with his own pistol. Jack never had any cinematic roles and decided that the easiest way to earn money and continue his easy way of life was to steal jewelry himself. However, Arne resisted and killed Jack with gunshots at close range.

Joe doesn't know at this point that Jack is now a third party fighting for jewelry. The two continue to run from Vogel and his tenants' hands and survive. Finally, Joe arrives at the house where there are weapons that fire repeatedly to find Dagama holding a young woman named Ilana hostage. Joe is now also held hostage because he is unarmed and was shot in the wrist before entering the house. DaGama asks Joe to get out and asks Jack to stop shooting at DeGama and the house or Ilana will be killed. Jo obeys DaGama's orders, realizes that he has no other options, and persuades Jack to enter publicly.

As men stand in the open and try to negotiate the best possible scenario where everyone can live, everyone stays out of prison, Vogel can own his jewels, and Jack comes up with a plan. Since the guilty men in the party were Vogel, Dagama and Jacques Duisburg, the three of them divided the jewelry evenly and left the country together. Desforge and Vogel will split the jewelry in fifty fifty while Joe and Ilana can live in peace without any damage. Jack seems to have a strange look on his face, and as they fly aboard Air Force One to leave the country, Ilana and Joe realize what Jack has done.

Jack knew he would be killed in the near future no matter what he did. Vogel and Digama wouldn't be okay with splitting wealth and simply putting a bullet in Jack to get rid of him. Therefore, himself, Vogel, and DeGama flew up in the air for only a minute before the voluntarily collision on the mountain. In this way, all three guilty parties will be taken care of and Joe and Ilana can truly live without worry. Before leaving, Jack Ilana gave his belt that contained several bags. No one understood it at the time, but it was supposed to be a jewelry bag. She opened the bags to find pebbles. The jewelry was missing. However, Jo returns to a nearby area as he runs from DaGama and Vogel early in the day to find his jewelry stash in a small pile. Joe intelligently replaced Emerald with gravel early in the evening to make sure they were out of the wrong hands.

Jack Higgins 'East Desolation' is a thrilling and deadly story with a happy ending. Although Joe Martin was shot in the arm, beaten and loses his friend in front of Digama, and has little luck at work, he ends up with a wealth of emeralds. The author does not say what happened to Joe and his gems, but the reader can assume that Joe and Elana are happily living with their newly discovered fortune. In general, this story is captivating and will keep you reading for hours. I rate this book 4 out of 5.


Mesmerizing Thailand – 5 questions you want to get an answer for your boating vacation

What are the general characteristics of a sailing yacht charter in Thailand?

Thailand enjoys easy access through many of its airports and daily international flights. The largest airports in the main Charter Area are in Phuket and Krabi. You can also move to smaller trips like Phi Phi Island, for example. Phuket International Airport features direct flights to Singapore, Hong Kong, Bangkok and Chiang Mai.

The stunning clear waters and rich underwater flora and fauna make this region a diver's dream. Yacht charterers will be rewarded with very scenic views. From the boat, you can get the best view of the typical dramatic limestone cliffs that flow vertically from the sea.

Thai cuisine is second to none in the world. It is absolutely delicious and uses countless delicious ingredients and fresh products. Thailand is also known for its friendly people. Sightseeing is mind blowing. There are magnificent temples, Buddha statues, elephant reserves and nature parks / nature reserves to be explored. Nature and wildlife are rich in many rare species to enjoy.

Finally, the year-round tropical climate without any typhoons or hurricanes is not ideal for renting motor yachts or sailing. There are many islands and long areas of the coastline with huge marine areas to choose from.

Some of the most important personalities of a yacht charter in Thailand:

Coastline length: 3,219 km

Population: California. 68,000,000

Country Code: +66

Climate: Tropical, operated by monsoons

The main rental areas: Phuket Island, Phang Nga Bay, Krabi Coast and all the islands between them

Tide range: 1.5 – 2.5 m

What are the most famous tourist destinations and cruise land in Thailand?

The main rental area is in Andaman Sea, in the area off the southeast coast of Thailand. It includes the provinces of Phuket, Fang Nga and Krabi.

Phuket is the largest island and at the same time the richest province in Thailand. Covering an area of ​​543 km2, Phuket Yacht Haven, on the island's northeast coast and only 10/15 minutes from the international airport, is the ideal port of call or base for starting a yacht rental vacation. It offers 300 yacht berths to 30 meters, numerous marine services, a fully equipped modern gym, excellent restaurants, a massage parlor, great shopping facilities and much more.

Head to the Raya Archipelago, about 12 nautical miles south of Phuket, consisting of two islands. There are beautiful large bays with stunning long sandy beaches. It is a real diver's paradise and has rich fishing grounds and beautiful mountainous islands covered with rainforests.

Transfer to Phi Phi 28 NM Islands southeast of Phuket. One of the two islands served as a backdrop to the successful movie "The Beach" due to the stunning lakes and cliffs. There are great moorings, beautiful beach bars, plenty of restaurants as well as newly built hotels and resorts.

Check out Koh Rock Nok 49 NM South Phuket. It is a national park consisting of two islands separated by a narrow canal perfectly suited for mooring, scuba diving, snorkelling and kayaking.

Tarutao National Park is a magnificent land, with an area of ​​1490 km 2 and 51 islands in the far southwest of Thailand bordering Malaysia. It is advised to go from November to April during the dry season. There you come across limestone or granite slopes, rainforests and mangroves, beautiful observation and spectacular waterfalls.

In the far south of Thailand, about 20 miles northwest of the northern Malaysian coast, you will find Langkawi, an archipelago of 104 incredibly beautiful islands, only two of which are inhabited. The main island, Langkawi, is duty-free and provides very good infrastructure and entertainment for tourists. UNESCO has granted the global position of Geopark. Enjoy stunning landscapes with rainforests, rivers, freshwater lakes, lakes, caves etc.

The sea along the Krabi coast is recommended during the northeast monsoon season as moorings are protected at that time. Enjoy the magnificent views of the limestone cliffs covered with lush green rainforests – an extension of the mountains in Vang Nga Bay – looming over pristine beaches. There is Railay Peninsula for example with Phra Nang Beach which is located in one of the most beautiful bays in the world. You can find moorings in the middle of the bay, or anchor outside, 4-5 meters deep on the sand. There are corals that are great for snorkeling. You can rent cottages for the day at a cheap price. With so many caves to explore, it's also a climbing paradise.

Explore the scenic Phang Nga Bay northeast of Phuket with over 100 islands. It is very protected because of its geography, which makes the cruise good all year long. There are some spectacular vertically raised cliffs that reach a height of 250 meters with cracked rocks in which kayak can be paddled around many caves and caves. Touring many protected entrances and canals is fun.

In the dry season, you can visit Similan Islands in the Andaman Sea 55 NM northwest of Phuket. It is closed for arrival during the southwest monsoon time. It is an archipelago of 9 islands including Mu Mu Similan National Park with gorgeous clear Akurin waters and white sandy beaches. The snorkeling there is awesome, you can observe manta rays and countless other fish. Stay overnight to enjoy the place with the fewest people possible.

What are the prevailing weather regulations related to your naked charter in Thailand?

Thailand's southern and coastal regions are characterized by tropical temperatures of up to 40 degrees under the supervision of sea breezes in the afternoon. It is distinguished between two main seasons:

From November to April it is the season of dry or northeastern monsoons with good weather. January and December are the coolest months. January, February, and March are the driest months, and April is the best month for swimming with an average sea temperature of 30 degrees.

From May to October it is the rainy or "green" season in the southwest monsoon. It has a mixture of rain and clear skies with temperatures not less than 25 degrees. The wind is reliable with 12 knots on average. The months of September and October are the most prolonged periods of rain, with occasions stopping at 5 days.

Thailand is close to the equator and has daylight from 6 am to 6 pm. Throughout the year. It lies outside a cyclone belt in the Pacific and Indian Ocean.

Weather brief summary of naked charter in Thailand:

Month with highest average temperature: March 29

A month with the lowest average temperature: January 27

Month with highest precipitation: September, 400 mm

Month with the lowest average precipitation: February, 30 mm

Strongest wind speed: southwest monsoon, 12 knots on average

Humidity: 82% on average

Average daily sunshine hours: 7 – 9 throughout the year

Main season: Winter Europe / North America, November – April

How much does it cost to rent a yacht in Thailand and what types of charters are there?

Sailboat prices start from about 2,000 euros a week. They go according to the type, size and equipment of the ship. You can choose to rent a speedboat or sailboat / raft rental respectively to rent a bare boat, boat or crew. Day rental service is also available with speed boats or other electric boats. Today's charter fishing trips are also very popular.

What can you do apart from sailing on a boat rental in Thailand?

Attending the Phuket Racing Week in July on the island's east coast. It is the international sailing race for a wide range of yachts and there are many live parties that happen during it.

Boating race in Phuket King in the first week of December is one of the most prestigious boat racing in Asia and a major social event that attracts sailors from all over the world

Bay Regatta boats compete in all three provinces of Phuket, Fang Nga and Krabi, thus crossing the most spectacular seascape on the entire planet. Known as the "fun race" due to its unusual character, it is also popular with serious and non-serious racers. More than four days pass and the sailors arrive at another marina near the beach every day. Most of the crew sleep on board and many like to rent a sailboat for this occasion.

Phuket International Boat Show in late March is great for yacht enthusiasts and is said to be the Asian equivalent of Monaco boat offer.

Visit Koh Panyi in Phang Nga Bay, an entire fishing village of 1700 people built on stilts about 20 nautical miles north of Phuket. It is one of the main tourist attractions in the region and was built by Malay fishermen in the eighteenth century. In Fang Nga Bay there is also Khao Feng Kan, known as "James Bond Island" with its distinctive 20 meter high vertical island that served as background in two James Bond films.

Experience the elephant and the forest on a journey through the lush landscape. There are many safaris available as well as boat trips, including a bed / camping option. Go rafting in white waters, for example on the Khlong Song Phreak River in Ton Pariwat Wildlife Sanctuary near Phang Nga Town. Go climb on the limestone cliff slopes and around several caves on the Relais Peninsula in Krabi.

Enjoy the nightlife, muzzle and muzzle in Patong Beach or Phuket Town. There are many beach clubs too. Delicious Asian street food – great value for very little money. The shopping is awesome and very diverse in the malls and markets. There is a huge infrastructure for diving tourism with many diving schools and centers. Go sightseeing and check Chinese-Portuguese architecture. Or visit the large 45-meter statue of Buddha, a white jade marble statue on a 400-meter high hill with stunning views of Phuket. Enjoy the largest and most famous Buddhist temple in Phuket, Wat Chalong.

Families can try one of the many amusement parks like Fantasea in Phuket for example. Moreover, there are amusement parks, cinemas and zoos. You could take a Thai cooking lesson and learn to cook like a local. Instead, properly pamper yourself at the spa by the friendly and talented locals.

So you see, there's really no shortage of fun things to do on a yacht in Thailand. We wish you a great sailing holiday and a great cruise!


Air Safety Charter – New Pass Yvern

If you want to make sure that safety is nothing more than a buzzword on the website, the plane that you charter is really safe for your family, friends, company, and personal needs, then search for services that use PASS.

What is PASS?

PASS stands for "Pilot & Aircraft Safety Survey", a new program developed by Wyvern (the industry's leading technology and information provider) to carry out comprehensive flight care safety on every private flight set by a shared air charter service or broker.

Aviation and Pilot Safety Survey replaces older systems with advanced data tracking tools that automatically collect almost all information about important aspects of aviation safety including the operator, aircraft and crew. Pilot verification, for example, checks the pilots' medical condition, training records, flying hours and other criteria to ensure that they meet all requirements of the FAA. The engine then summarizes the findings in an easy-to-read report for the charter aircraft seller.

After – and only then – a certain aircraft and PASS crew have been verified that the charter flight service or co-broker will confirm the flight.

Escalation of safety

PASS is a voluntary program. So you can rest assured that any private charter plane you see using this service will go further to ensure customer safety. The best of all is that this examination is carried out according to the existing safety standards ( according to Wyvern, OneSky Jets is the first systematic launch partner to use the new PASS software. "We've had a strong relationship with OneSky Jets from almost its inception; I know it's always been dedicated to providing its customers with world-class service," says Jim Betlyon, Wyvern CEO. "I am delighted to see that OneSky's participation in the development of PASS has resulted in a comprehensive in-flight due diligence system," said Greg Johnson, President and CEO of OneSky.


Charter Yachts In Seychelles – Do You Know The Alphabets Of Sailing In This Archipelago?

The beaches of the Seychelles archipelago are among the most famous in the world, and have appeared in many films and advertising sites. Sailing here means you can experience this dream-like scene directly. Enjoy the stunning atolls and unique rich wildlife of this archipelago, lush mountains and colonial architecture. Yacht charter conditions are perfect with year-round tropical temperatures and calm waters. It's as if you were renting a boat in paradise!

What are the main characteristics you encounter when going sailing yacht charter in Seychelles?

Seychelles International Airport provides many daily scheduled flights to and from Europe, Africa, India and the Middle East destinations. There are also some good ferries and flights between the big islands.

The Republic of Seychelles is an archipelago of 115 islands with the capital Victoria on Mahe. It is located in the Indian Ocean, about 1,600 km east of continental Africa, south of the equator. The other island states south of the Seychelles are Madagascar, La Reunion, and Mauritius. California population. 93,000, 90% of whom live in Mahi. It is the smallest population of any independent African country.

The Seychelles Islands contain 42 inland granite islands that contain the three main islands of Mahe and La Digue and Praslin, which extend to a total sea surface of about 31000 square kilometers and a land surface area of ​​266 square kilometers. Then there are 73 outer atolls that form an arc towards Africa with a sea surface of about 400,000 square kilometers. The highest point on these islands is 9 meters away, and it contains very few settlements. It should be noted that in a one or two week charter, there may not be sufficient time to sail on both groups of islands. In this case, it is better to stick to the inner islands exclusively.

The archipelago is spoiled by the tropical temperatures dominated by mostly commercial winds and calm seas throughout the year. Even a sailing boat charter is possible throughout the year and easy transportation. The landscape is truly unspoilt and semi-paradise with long sandy beaches, green mountains, waterfalls and stunning lush wildlife. The highest point is Morne Seychellois at Mahe, at an altitude of 905 meters. You can face giant turtles and see the famous Coco de Mer palm trees endemic to the Seychelles that contain the largest vegetable seeds in the world. The flora and fauna are great for snorkeling, diving, and many other water sports. Seychelles is very protected from its beautiful environment. There are seven national parks in addition to four protected reserves and several safe anchors created to prevent coral reef destruction.

Moreover, you have a friendly locals, a very interesting culture, beautiful Creole cooking with healthy fresh food and British colonial architecture. All of this adds to the perfect vacation charter.

Some of the most important personalities for chartering yachts in Seychelles:

Location: Indian Ocean; about 1,600 km east of Kenya; 4 ° – 10 ° south of the equator

Surface Area: Landmass 459 km² Total land 1,374,000 square kilometers

Number of islands: 115

Coastline: 491 km

The capital: Victoria

The most important islands: Mahe (156 km2) with the capital Victoria, Praslin Island, Silhouette Island, La Digue

Highest point: Morne Seychelles, 905 m

Population: 93,000

Climate: Tropical, operated by trade winds

Languages: Seychelles Creole, French and English

Tide: Inner Islands 0.9-2 m; Outer Islands 1.8 – 4m

The main rental season: All year round, but mainly during the winter months in Europe / North America

What are the most popular tourist destinations and places in Seychelles?

Sailing around the inner islands, or "Seychelles Bank" means a quiet, easy and protected cruise. There is always less than 32 nautical miles between docking potential. You will find many floats anchored somewhere around northwestern Mahe and northeastern Praslin and some of the neighboring islands. The distance from Mahe to Praslin is about 27 nautical miles and La Digue is nearby. What is alone, the largest island, has miles of enchanting coastline with white sandy beaches, bays and caves. La Digue and Praslin are home to some of the most amazing beaches in the world. Docking on coral ground is not permitted, but there are many good anchors with sand bottoms at a depth of 5 to 8 meters. Most ports in Seychelles are located on the three main islands. There are 210 yachts berths in Victoria harbor up to 34 m. The new Eden Island Marina Hotel can host 140 boats and yachts of up to 100 meters in length.

Touring the outer islands, the main groups encounter the island of the emirate, Alphonse Group, Southern Coral Group, Farquhar Group, and Aldabra. These islands lie between 130 and 630 nautical miles of Mahi and least frequent, yet they are characterized by a very unfamiliar marine land.

Go to Cousin Marine Aride, Curieuse Marine National Park, Ste. Ann Marine National Park, El Coco Marine National Park and St. Pierre. There are designated areas for anchoring and officials will come to the yacht to collect anchorage and entry fees. Entrance fee is from 10 euros per person and anchorage at night from 10 euros per yacht.

What are the prevailing weather systems related to your open charter in Seychelles?

Because of the tropical climate, the Seychelles are suitable to sail all year round. The water temperature and air temperature are mostly between 24 and 32 degrees. The water is calm because the upstream coral reef breaks the waves. This makes navigation very easy. There are two main chapters. One from May to October with southeast wind. It is dry with only a light shower but it has stronger winds. The other from November to March is characterized by weaker northwesterly winds and a little more rain, but the seas are calmer than in the dry season. April is the month between seasons and there are no winds.

January brings most of the precipitation with an average of 397 mm and June is the driest month with an average of 63 mm. If it rains, most of it ends after a few hours and in another part of the island or on another island, it will be dry at the same time, so it is easy to escape from the intermittent bath. With the exception of most islands to the south, the Seychelles are outside the typhoon belt and no tropical storms.

Weather summary for yacht charter in Seychelles:

Months with average temperature: March / April 31 °

Months with average temperature: july / august 24 °

Strongest wind speeds: southeastern trade winds from May to October, from 10 to 20 knots

Month with highest precipitation: January 379

Month with average precipitation: 63 June

Average humidity: ca. 80%

Month with the highest average sunlight: May, 252 hours

Month with the lowest average sunlight: January, 153 hours

How much does it cost to rent a yacht in the Seychelles archipelago and what types of charter trips?

Seychelles sail boat rental rates start from around 2,250 euros a week, and the sailing boat charter is the most popular form of boat rental. Also deep sea fishing or sport trips are very common. You can make naked visits or hire a charter crew, and there are beautiful traditional as well as very modern yachts. Sports and diving equipment is usually provided with the yacht.

What can you do apart from sailing on a boat rental in Seychelles?

Visit the Praslin and the Vallée de Mai Nature Reserve – UNESCO World Natural Heritage – which houses the legendary Coco de Mer palm tree with a huge coconut that can take up to seven years to ripen. There are also some of the rarest bird species in the world and some of the most beautiful beaches in Seychelles.

Explore Birds´ island, far north of the inner island of Seychelles. It is located about 100 km from Mahe and is the home of the world's oldest, largest and largest and heaviest turtle, which is 170 years old and weighs 300 kg. There are hundreds of thousands of birds, some of which belong to very rare species, nesting there.

You can go fishing on the outer islands where there are some of the best fishing areas in the world, and you can catch massive fish in an authentic environment.

Discover La Digue with its beautiful architecture. It is better to rent a bike and bike tour. Visit the stunning Anse Source d´Argent beach featured in Bacardi, Raffaelo and other ads with its pink sand and dramatic rocks.

Check out French colonial architecture, i.e. the historical cemetery with the tomb of the legendary pirate Olivier Le Vasire and the cathedral de la conception imacule which is the main cathedral in Seychelles. There is also plenty of British colonial architecture in Victoria like the Clock Tower for example. You can also visit the Botanical Gardens and learn about the rich local plants.

Drive along the coastal roads of Mahe and explore the diverse mix of luxury resorts such as Eden Island, sleepy port towns and deserted beaches for the ultimate ideal experience. Climb up to the mountains to enjoy breathtaking views like Silhouette Island.

You can admire giant turtles in the landscaped gardens. You can go snorkeling, snorkeling, canoeing, or try any of the other types of water sports available. Savor local cuisine. It is a mixture of African, French, British, Indian and Chinese influences and includes lots of fresh fish and exotic spices. Explore the nightlife as well. You can go to clubs in Victoria and Beau Vallon Beach and mix with tourists and sailors from all over the world.

We hope you now have a good idea of ​​how yacht charter in Seychelles and what this wonderful island country can offer you. It is definitely a yacht charter paradise!