Meet the New Disney Ship

Have you heard about the new Disney cruise ship? Yes the news is true and the ship made its initial voyage January 26, 2011 in port Canaveral, Florida. If you have experienced cruising the old ships of Disney, this ship will excite you as it is really a new extravaganza. With the ship coming out with a fresh design and image, you can not help but be intrigued.

Meet the "Disney Dream"! The first new Disney Ship in a decade, the Dream takes its cruisers to a new level of entertainment.

The most innovative new attraction of the ship is … the "Aquaduck." It is the "water coaster" that only Disney could have conceived of. Water slides are not unusual on cruise ships, but this one offers a few new twists. This ride utilizes the same Master Blaster technology employed at Disney theme parks to catapult riders forward and upward as they shoot through a series of turns, twists, and drops while riding an inflatable raft through the Aquaduck's clear tube.

This ride measures 765 feet long, and winds around a significant portion of the top deck. It raises four stories off the top deck, and the excitation is intense enough that Disney has instituted height limit for riders. Of course, like most attractions on Disney's ships, this one is included with the cost of sailing.

While while not innovative, not to be overlooked are the interesting themed restaurants aboard the Dream. The three "rotational dining" eateries offer a themed dining experience.

The Enchanted Garden is based on the gardens of Versailles and offers "continental market cuisine." The Royal Palace serves princess treatment along with French cuisine. And the Animator's Palate is a carryover from the Magic and Wonder vessels, dishing up Pacific Rim fare.

Lavish Luxury Cruises – Experience the Magic

For those who are as concerned about relishing the journey as they are about reaching the destination, though, there are luxury cruises. Would you enjoy a few more days at sea and fewer ports of call? Would you like to let your mind drift away from the pressures of modern life? A lavish luxury liner is right up your alley. There is nothing like the endless expanse of the sea and fresh air. It's about relaxing in style.

There are a number of noteworthy differences between pleasure trips and excursions on standard pedestrian liners. Larger cabins, less crowded public spaces, and exceptional dining experiences are just a few of the top of the liner conveniences. You can get away from everything and immerse yourself in an array of exciting activities. Boredom is not possible, not aboard a massive vessel loaded with possibilities.

Luxury ships feature first-rate entertainment. Broadway style revues, classy musical acts, and top-notch comics work the rooms on first class liners. "It's the greatest gig in the world for a comedian," says stand-up comic Bobby Collins. "They upped the ante on luxury lines when they hired guys like me and David Brenner. run out of things to do. It's really something else. "

Something else, indeed. Fun activities are ubiquitous and constant. Luxury cruises feature movie theaters, dance clubs, spas, piano bars, and casinos. There are restaurants, barbeques, boutiques, lectures, wine tastings, swimming pools, jogging tracks, weight rooms, saunas, and so much more. It's like boarding a floating Manhattan, a city, or a ship that never sleeps. Neverheless, there is also plenty of quiet time. If you want a five-star room with delectable fare to sate a foodie but prefer to be alone, you can get that, too.

It's not very difficult to find the right luxury cruise. You can board a vessel in totally disparate parts of the world and travel from one corner of the earth to the other. From Greenland to New England and from Africa to Antarctica. The boundaries are limitless. You just need 40,000 tons of steel, and water – lots of it. All you actually need is a reservation. It is wise to book in advance, though, as spots on the finer ships tend to sell out fast.

Royal Caribbean International Destinations – Europe

It's never too late to visit Europe. Royal Caribbean International cruises take its passengers to Europe in style. They will certainly understand why the Old Continent still amazes people who visit it. From the Louvre in Paris, to the Vatican and the Ancient Greek ruins, there is always something new to see and enjoy on these spectacular cruises.

A "cruisitor" will allow passengers of Royal Caribbean the chance to see all the important parts of their city of choice, before or after the cruise. Cruises around Europe can last anywhere from 5 to 18 nights or more, since sightseeing and fully enjoying the many things Europe has to offer could take forever.

Royal Caribbean's fleet cruising to Europe includes the Vision-class, the Voyager-class, the Radiance-class and the Freedom-class ships. With such a wide variety of cruise ships, passengers will have plenty to do onboard as well as onshore. Royal Caribbean ships sailing to Europe have a large selection of themed dining rooms and over 8 different types of bars and lounges on each ship. For the more active, each ship has a rock climbing wall, fitness area and several swimming pools. The Freedom-class ships come with the FlowRider surf park for those who want to try their hand at a surfing simulator.

Departure ports for crises to Europe may vary depending on length and circuit of the cruise but include: Barcelona – Spain, Lisbon – Portugal, Malaga – Spain, Oslo – Norway, Copenhagen – Denmark, Southampton – England, Stockholm – Sweden and Venice – Italy . There is literally a world to choose from when trying to decide where to take the land tour, as each port of departure has so much to offer its visitors.

For those who like culture and art, the number of museums in Europe is endless. From the world-famous Louvre in Paris to the countless museums all over Rome and other Italian cities on the way, art is history and history is art in Europe. Ancient Greek ruins can be found in Athens and Rhodes, and of course, the Egyptian pyramids are a must see when visiting Alexandria – Egypt.

Passengers who choose land tours in Italy have such a wide variety of places to pick and things to do that no number of vacation days will seem enough to take it all in. Be it the beautiful city of Florence or the Leaning Tower of Pisa or even a trip to the Tuscan countryside to taste authentic Italian wine, there is something breathtaking and new in every city.

Other interesting ports of call to visit and enjoy include cities in Spain. Be it Malaga, Barcelona, ​​Madrid or others, Spain offers visitors the chance to see the fusion of cultures with Northern Africa. The country also boasts some of the most popular beaches in the region and of course, who can go to Spain and miss the chance to stand atop the Rock of Gibraltar? Nearby are the Canary Islands, with its port of call Lanzarote. Over 300 volcanoes, awe-inspiring scenery and warm beaches make this city a favorite for many Royal Caribbean International cruisers.

For passengers who enjoy water activities on shore, Lanzarote offers snorkeling and scuba diving in its crystal clear waters. At Rhodes – Greece visitors find the perfect place to take up parasailing or jet-skiing. Other sports range from bicycle tours through Barcelona – Spain, and hiking up to the Greek ruins in Athens.

When it comes to food, Europe is a very long menu. Dining options range from a real Italian pizza to escargot in Paris to moussaka in Greece and paella in Spain. Passengers are encouraged to try the local dishes for the best taste of European cuisine.

How to Pick Where Cruises Should Take You

When it comes to selecting cruises, most people will find a wide range of option available to them. You may know you want to go someplace interesting and you may want to have a lot of fun on the ship. Yet, you may not have an idea where to start and what to compare when it comes to the actual location. Consider a few options and determine what may be right for your situation. Keep in mind that you can always plan to enjoy more than one cruise so that you can experience it all.

Are You After Nature?

There are some cruises that are simply perfect when it comes to selecting a trip for wildlife. Many cruises in the Pacific Ocean will have whales and other marine life excursions. The same is true along the Florida coastline. On the other hand, for some of the most stunning experiences head north. Taking an Alaskan trip is the perfect way to see the beauty that the world has to offer. It can also be one of the best ways for you to experience the breathtaking glaciers from the region. You can also journey down the length of South America and around the tip for animal observations.

Do You Want to Explore a New Culture?

On the other hand, you may be hoping for a trip that allows you to really experience the culture of another country. If it is all about the cultural exploration, head to the Caribbean. It is by far one of the best experiences you can have in seeing a variety of cultures. You can go from one island country to the next. You may even want to consider a trip across the Atlantic to Europe. This can be an incredible trip, often lasting a month or longer.

Do You Want to Keep It Short?

If you do not have a full month or even a few weeks to spare, then consider a trip up and down one of the coasts of the United States. These often will leave from northern ports and take you down to the southern ports. If you really just want to spend some time enjoying the features of these ships, that is one of the best routes to take. You will have plenty of fun but can often complete the trip over a long weekend.

Which cruises are right for you? Take some time to consider all of your options. Which ones provide you with the features and amenities that you want to enjoy? Most importantly, what do you want to see when you get on board? Take the time to compare your options and book a trip that you will love.

The Importance of the Volga River

The Volga is the largest river in Europe and it is considered the national river of Russia as it mainly flows through the western part of Russia. Many of the largest cities in Russia are in the Volga basin. The Volga actually belongs to the Caspian Sea and exits in the Caspian Sea. One of the most strategic spots on the river is where Stalingrad was originally located.

Some of the main tributaries of the Volga are the Sura, Vetluga, Oka and the Kama. These tributaries make up the Volga River system. The Volga actually freezes over for about three months of each year and it is the only spot in Russia where you can find lotuses, flamingos and pelicans. This river actually drains off of most of the water in Western Russia. It provides irrigation for many areas.

There are several canals and waterways that connect the Volga to other areas. The Volga-Don Canal, Moscow Canal and Volga-Baltic waterway connect the city of Moscow to the Baltic Sea, Caspian Sea, the Black Sea, White sea and the sea of Azov. Many people are concerned about the river as it is highly polluted with chemicals.

There are many hydroelectric reservoirs only the Volga that were built during the Soviet rule. Some of the large reservoirs that are the Uglich, Ivankovo, Rybinsk, Gorky, Kuybyshev, Volgograd, Saratov, and Cehboksary reservoir. Many of these reservoirs were formed by flooding towns.

Originally the downstream area of the Volga was thought to be the cradle for the Prot-Indo-European civilization as it was originally settled by the Turks and Huns. The river basin was very important to moving people from Asia into Europe.

The river was one of the most important for trade between Persia and Scandinavia. By constructing of dams made many people move and much of the history of the area.

Vacation and Travel Planned in Casual Luxury

Not all of us can afford to book an airplane plane and reserve a deluxe accommodation to places we only imagine. Aside from that we also need some funds to spend when we arrive to our chosen destinations. Travel and shopping always come together. We can not close our eyes when we see the products they offer in our chosen location. To make our trip enjoyable and affordable we must have a plan.

Access to the internet will be the best tool to guide us anywhere in the world. There are sites where we can compare the prices of airline tickets. If you book flights through an online travel agent today, you can pay approximately $ 50 per transaction in additional booking fees. Now, some travel agent says 'no' to booking fees. By booking online, the booking fees will be removed and you can use that money to shop in your destination and enjoy the holiday you deserve. Ask for coupons and promos. Airlines offer discount travels depending on the time of the year like the low season. Traveling with group like tour group or travel club will also give you a lot of savings. Take advantage of glorious all inclusive packages.

After booking your tickets, you must look for the accommodation. You can search the site again. If you want surfing, search for a hotel near the surfing area. If you desire for a night life, book near the city. You only need a place to stay during the night or to take nap. So, you do not need an expensive place. You will be out and exploring the area all day. Do not reserve for long days. One day is enough, You can always extend your stay if needed. You will be going to places and you can stay in that particular place if needed so that you will not be going back and forth. Time is gold when traveling. You have to make use of it every minute. My point here is not to spend too much in your travel time. Keep going, do not go back. See all the interesting places in that area. If you're in the northern area, explore the place. Spend your night with the locals and tomorrow will be another day. That way, you will be saving a lot from hotel accommodations. The people in every country will be more than willing to extend their hospitality thereby gaining more friends.

There are so many ways where you can make your journey less expensive. And for a piece of advice do not bring too much clothes. Bring only the daily necessities. Anyways, you can always do travel and shopping together.

How to Plan a Caribbean Vacation in 5 Easy Steps

A vacation is something we all need or think we need at one point or another in our lives. Life may be getting stressful or you might have time away from work. Maybe you came into some money and want to get away to relax. A Caribbean vacation is the perfect thing to do with it. You will have the experience of a life time and memories that will last forever through photographs and in your mind. There are a few important steps you need to follow in order to get ready to go and everything set into place.

Get a passport. You can not travel in and out of the country without having one. You also want to make sure you have it ahead of time so that you're not stuck waiting for it to arrive and stressing whether it will or not. Some places also require a visitor's visa along with your passport so check ahead of time. This will ensure that you're not stressing out at the last minute.

Pick where in the Caribbean you want to travel to. There are a few different islands that are available to travel to and each of them has their own recreational opportunities. People who want common locations will probably hit up Jamaica while those who want some seclusion and privacy can hit up. Lucia and Antigua since they're also gorgeous places to visit.

Select the type of vacation you are planning on taking. A cruise vacation is a very popular type for people because they get to enjoy the sea while experiencing new places. Not everyone is fond of being on a boat though and in these situations it may make more sense to choose a vacation at a resort which offers all the opportunities you could hope for. Some of these vacations are all inclusive and include everything that you would probably need while traveling and give you the ultimate experience as well.

Decide the type of vacation you are going to take depending on how many people are going to be in your party. Cruises are ideal for families, singles, and couples as well since there is something for everyone to enjoy and the reserves cater to this demographic. Some resorts are also suitable for families and singles along with large groups of friends. Your family would probably enjoy spending their vacation at one of the popular resorts like the Beaches Negril Resort & Spa and the Antigua St. Louis. James' Club.

Know when your ideal vacation time is going to be. Flexible dates allow you to save money. Traveling packages are always more expensive during the winter months when people want to go enjoy the warmth. This is from December to April. The summer months of June-August will give you cheaper prices if price is an issue for you.

Be sure to have all of your clothing packed ahead of time and definitely do not forget to have your camcorder to capture those special moments.

Travel Tips for Russia

Russia is becoming increasingly popular with tourists due to its rich cultural heritage and its popular cities of Moscow and Saint Petersburg. If you are planning or are going on a trip to Russia, then we suggest you consider some of the following travel tips.

Familiarise yourself with Russia

Do some reading around Russia before you visit it to find out a bit about the country. To give you some insight, Russia spans nine time zones and is the world’s largest country, with landscapes ranging from frozen tundras in Siberia and the endless wheat fields and pine forests of central Russia to the mountains and palm trees of the Caucasus in the South. The population was approximately around 140 million according to the last census with Central Russia, which includes Moscow, being the most densely populated area.


Be sure to check what to eat and what not to eat before you head to Russia. The country does not pose any serious health threats, with cases of food poisoning the most common problem. Most guidelines suggest avoiding buying kebabs at stands, especially at train stations, while tourists are also advised to be wary of dairy products. Tap water is safe to drink in Moscow after boiling, but tourists are advised to drink bottled water everywhere else; avoiding ice cubes and using bottled water to brush teeth is also recommended.


Russia is a spectacular country and so are its prices. The large cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg are, like most famous European cities, very expensive. On the outskirts of the larger cities you will find cheaper restaurants and accommodation. Holidaymakers are advised to get their Russian Rubles before travelling, but there are ATMs from local banks like Sberbank and international ones such as HSBC and Citibank all over Moscow, St. Petersburg and other Russian cities. When paying for something, retailers in Russia prefer to be paid in cash, but credit cards are generally accepted and travellers can still pay with traveller’s cheques.


Before jetting off to Russia you should be aware of some Russian etiquette. If you are on a business trip and are running late, there is no need to panic as this is considered normal, often due to the awful traffic in Moscow. If you are offered a drink, it is considered rude not to accept it, especially for men. Some travel guides also say that Russian men often only shake hands with a fellow male upon meeting, so women travelling with their husbands should be prepared to see that their husband’s hand is shaken and not theirs. Russians also like to dress up almost everywhere they go, so it might be worth packing some smart clothes for your trip.

Tour St Petersburg’s Rivers and Canals to Discover Its Finest Architecture

If you book Northern Europe cruises for your next holiday, you are sure to find that one port of call really stands out from the others. Destinations such as Stockholm, Tallinn and Helsinki are all fascinating places, but few cities in the world can compare to the splendour of St Petersburg.

It was one of the true hidden gems of the tourist industry until the fall of communism in Eastern Europe, disguised by being given the title Leningrad – a name that conjured up images of a grim Soviet metropolis. But that could not have been further from the truth, as the city is packed with history and culture, and has stunning buildings on every corner – even some of the Metro stations are considered works of art.

St Petersburg, as it became known again in 1991, deserves to be regarded alongside Florence and Paris as one of the great cultural destinations of Europe, as you will soon discover when your cruiseship docks in the city.

It enjoyed its heyday in the 18th and 19th centuries, when the country’s richest families queued up to build magnificent palaces and castles in what was then the capital of Russia. A pier and a waterside view were must-haves for any lavish home at that time, so most of St Petersburg’s finest buildings were constructed on the banks of the River Neva or alongside its canal network.

One of the best ways to enjoy the sights is by taking a boat tour around the city, as this will give you unhindered views of the striking neoclassical architecture St Petersburg is so famous for.

Among the buildings you will see on the granite embankments of the Neva is the magnificent Winter Palace. This opulent building was once the official residence of the Russian monarch and has a special place in the country’s history. It has been restored in recent years and now houses the fascinating Hermitage Museum.

Another highlight of your tour of St Petersburg’s waterways is to be found next to the Griboyedov Canal. The Church of the Saviour on Spilled Blood, which is modelled on St Basil’s cathedral in Moscow, is among the most ornate religious buildings you will ever see, with its facade every bit as impressive as the interior.

It is also well worth keeping an eye out for Yusupov Palace, St Michael’s Castle and Stroganov Palace as you cruise around the city. But with landmarks lining the river banks and streets, you will never be short of things to see in St Petersburg, whether you are exploring on foot or by boat.

Cheap Summer Vacations

People, as a whole, need a break. Traveling is one of the favorite ways to unwind and relax. One of the busiest and most popular times to travel is during the summer months, when the children and the college students (and even some adults) get their biggest break. Good spots to travel to and explore are historic landmarks, beaches, water theme parks and/or exotic locales.

Think you can’t afford a nice weekend getaway or a nice dream vacation? Think again. If you know what you really want in a vacation and have good planning, you can have a summer adventure that won’t ruin your budget. If you know how and where to look, travel prices, according to some experts, can be pretty economical.

Some predictable summer vacations have been cruises. Some popular cruise destinations have been to the Caribbean, Mexico and Europe, Florida and Las Vegas. One growing trend is that people tend to want to travel closer to home and less overseas. There is also a rise in people booking their vacations at the last minute, making last-minute bargains harder and harder to find. More and more people can find the best deals at the best times thanks to the Internet. And more and more people are thinking smart and ahead by scheduling vacations in advance. It’s not unreasonable to start planning for a trip or cruise a year ahead. If going through a travel agency to book your vacation or cruise, many travel agencies have the option to pay for your vacation or cruise by monthly payments instead of a lump sum.

Consider taking a trip within the United States and make it a road trip at that. There are bed and breakfasts, camping resorts and hotels with great rates that can help you explore your own fantastic country. It is surprising, but many people call hotels for reservations and ask for a rate for a specific date and don’t get the lowest rate. The rate that is given is usually not the lowest rate. You must ask specifically for the lowest rate in order to get it. Being flexible is important when scheduling vacations and cruises. If the rate for your specific travel date is not available, having a second set of dates and even a third set can help people get the discounted rate they want. One hotel that you want to stay at may not have a room available. That hotel may be partnered with another hotel in the same area that can give you a room instead. This is where being flexible comes in handy.

Before you get there, find out as much as you can about your travel destination. If you have pets and children, find a place where they can be accommodated. An all night party place may not be the best spot if want a quiet place for two. This is where the Internet can come in handy. The Internet is a great tool to create the perfect vacation for you and your love ones.