The advantages of using a private jet charter

In today's business and corporate world, air travel is becoming increasingly expensive and troublesome. Passengers are keen to find solutions to meet their travel needs, and are mostly looking for an alternative to commercial airline travel. In the world of private jet charters, the solution has been found.

Do you want to be responsible for your own trip? Then, taking things in your hands by renting a private plane means that you get to determine exactly the nature of your travel, while finally wandering around in comfort and luxury. Once you realize the stress of the travel experience, chartering a plane becomes an attractive option. The less the problem, the better, and at the end of the day, you deserve the best. right?

But why not just travel first class on a commercial flight? Isn't it the same experience? Error. Hiring a plane reduces travel time by almost half. When traveling on a private jet plane, you will not have to wait in long lines at check-in. Special ground transportation can be arranged to take you directly to the plane and pick you up upon your arrival. This way, you can save money on airport parking costs. What's more, private jet charters frequently

Fly to airports that commercial airlines do not go to. This means that you can get closer to your final destination on a commercial flight.

Travelers also prefer traveling with a charter flight because of the high degree of comfort this type of trip provides. Comfortable, spacious seats that you would not only find in regular planes, gourmet meals, bars, and in airline movies are just some of the perks you can expect on your next executive charter flight. It surpasses those narrow commercial flights where you can barely move your legs.

What's more, chartering a private plane can be a cost effective way to travel, especially if you are traveling in a group. Up to eighteen passengers can be accommodated in most of the private jets, and when the cost is divided equally between the passengers, the final amount is often less or equal to what you spend on a commercial flight.

If you have multiple stops on itinerary, a private flight charter can save you hotel costs. After all, you have to decide your departure time and not have to rely on an airline to tell you when you can travel and can't.


Low cost airline airline information

Low Cost Airlines information provides information about cheap flights operated by different airlines in the world. Cheap airfare tickets make travelers popular within a set budget. Low-cost airline flight information helps you plan travel ahead and book flights accordingly.

The following low-cost airline information in the world is available as follows:

Operating since 1971, Southwest Airlines is one of the most popular airlines that offer flights connecting all over the United States of America including 64 Southwest Airlines flights such as Birmingham, Los Angeles, Orlando, Chicago, Detroit, New Orleans, Kansas City, Las Vegas, Albany, Oklahoma City, Dallas, Nashville and Washington DC Etc.

Volaris, one of the newest airlines operating in Mexico, is a joint venture between Discovery Americas I and TACA. The main hub of the airline is Mexico City International Airport. Destinations include Volaris Baja California flights, Campeche, Aguascalientes, Guerrero, Chiapas, Jalisco, Guanajuato and many more.

Founded in 1997, Allegiant Air operates scheduled and charter flights from its center in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. One of America's popular airlines, Allegiant Air flies to destinations like San Diego, Mesa, San Francisco, Colorado Springs, Santa Maria, Idaho Falls, Orlando, Green Bay, McAllen, Knoxville and others.

Tiger Airways, operating from Singapore, operates regular international flights to various destinations around the world. Weekly flights range from 3 to 100 flights. The destinations that Tiger Airlines travel to include India, Australia, Thailand, China, Vietnam, Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, etc.

Low Cost Airlines flight information makes it easy to plan your travel. Many low-cost airlines in the world, including Southwest Airlines, Volaris, Elegant Air, and Tiger Airways, offer cheap flights to several destinations around the world.


Take a trip on the Pilatus-12 computer

When looking for the perfect commercial charter plane, you want versatility, reliability, flexibility, comfort and performance, of course. Look no further than the astonishing Pilatus PC-12, one of the most popular turboprop aircraft in the air today.

This plane is not only one of the best options for chartering on business trips, it also works well as a cargo plane, air ambulance and for special tasks including surveillance. Since any number of roads can be configured – where their famous resilience factor is powered – and have low operating costs associated with high speed and long range they have definitely made their mark in all areas. At least two countries currently use the Pilatus PC-12 for medical missions and countless people are in the air at any given time performing their functions with force and grace.

Outside, the sleek exterior features Pratt & Whitney Canada engines and provides a high-lift wing ideal for landing in short fields and take off. It can land on the lawn and unimproved field conditions easily thanks to the retractable landing gear. Short runway? Off the airport road? Don't worry, this plane can get in and out safely and elegantly and it's just another way unlike any other in many different conditions.

For business travelers, the cabin is the most important thing in any chartered plane. It is, after all, where your team will spend the trip. It has seats for up to nine passengers in an area of ​​330 cubic feet, and was designed in cooperation with the manufacturer and BMW Designworks, allowing the interior to display 16 '' 11 'and 5' 'in a way that is unparalleled in comfort and on Unlike many airplanes, it has a flat floor, not sloping, and provides approximately 5 'head space. There is a fully enclosed toilet and a fully accessible luggage area while flying. It provides its passengers 40 cubic feet of luggage / cargo space up to You can take everything with you easily.

The Honeywell Primus set up in the cockpit, is one of the newest and most secure systems in action. The Smart View system, for example, increases the safety and awareness of the situation at all times for the pilot, allowing him / her to "see" from the outside via the computer.

Whether your next commercial flight takes you from New York to Puerto Rico or from London to Morocco, this plane is one of the best options for chartering. Get there whenever you want, without the hassle of commercial flights and all the diversity and performance you would expect from Pilatus.


Charter Yachts in Cyclades – Top Sailing on the Greek Aegean Islands

The Saronic Gulf and the central Aegean Sea – the Cyclades – contain some of the most spectacular islands in all of Greece. History is made here and you'll find many great old sites while sailing leisurely from island to island. The exciting volcanic landscape dotted with cities on top of the hills with typical white coated cycladic homes, windmills, pure water, authentic cuisine and the atmosphere make the yacht charter here very unique and enjoyable. Let's tell you a little more about this rich tourist land in detail.

Why is the Aegean sea the desired rental destination?

Saronic Gulf is the link between the Ionian Sea and the Aegean Sea. It is part of the Aegean Sea and is located on the eastern side of the Corinthian Gulf, which has a length of 100 km of water. It contains the eastern entrance and exit point of the Corinth Canal, the city of Athens, the port of Athens, the main islands of Aegina, Salamis and Porus as well as many smaller islands. There are some amazing old sites like Delphi, Corinth, Messina and hundreds of others. A very convenient starting point for chartering yachts in the Aegean Sea is Athens, with its large airport and large Kalamaki marina, which offers many charter boats. It is located due to the south of Athens. From there, you can head straight to Saronic Bay, which has a coastline and pleasant islands. Lavrion is the ideal base for a yacht boat in Cyclades is Lavrion, about 37 km southwest of Athens Airport.

The Cyclades contain the islands of Amorgos, Anafi, Andros, Antiparos, Delos, Skati, Ios, Kea, Kimolos, Kythnos, Mylos, Mykonos, Naxos, Paros, Folegandros, Serifos, Sifnos, Siphinos, Tinos, Thinos, and Thira in addition to many more smaller. It is simply a vast sailing land with endless landmarks to discover. The distances between the islands are much greater than some of the other Mediterranean archipelago, so they are well suited for experienced seafarers.

The legendary beauty of the islands. Delos is one of the most important ancient Greek sites. Then there is the volcanic island of Milos. Or Santorini with its huge crater and steep slope that makes one of the most famous natural attractions in the world.

The largest airports are Santorini and Mykonos, which offer many summer charter flights from most major European cities. Paros, Naxos, Syros and Milos also have airports with domestic flights. The ferry connections between the islands between them and the mainland are great, so there is no problem getting anywhere.

As everywhere in Greece, you will find beautiful authentic taverns with exquisite local food, fresh fish, charming harbors and blue / white painted villages, as well as romantic thatched roof mills. The background is impressive scenic landscapes, including volcanic rocky coasts. There is almost no tidal but Meltemi winds that happen sometimes require good sailing skills.

Some relevant information for the Aegean Charter:

Location: Mediterranean, eastern Peloponnese, south of Athens, north of Crete

Main charter rules: Kalamaki (just outside Athens); Lavrion (37 km southeast of Athens); Paros

Major airports: Athens, Mykonos, Santorini

Country Code: +30

Climate: moderate, Mediterranean

What are the main rental destinations in Saronic Gulf and Cyclades?

Saronic Bay is often very protected due to the opportunity to blow Meltemi so little and is thus a good place for family vacations.

A classic sailing path in the Saronic Gulf from Athens along the coast leads to Cap Sounion. On the western shore of the mainly mountainous Peloponnese coast there is the famous Epidaurus. The Methana Peninsula is an ancient volcano about 6 nautical miles northwest of Poros Island. Poros can be separated from Peloponnese only by 300 meters wide channel. It has a beautiful harbor and a major city built on a hill with a distinct bell tower waving over it.

Salamis, the largest island in the Saronic Gulf with a rocky coast, is 104 km away, just 2 km from the Piraeus coast, Athens. It is famous for its important role in many marine battles and offers some beautiful beautiful sandy beaches. You can visit the lively Port of Paloukia in the northeast of the island or Peristeria in the south – a small town with a yacht harbor and clean beaches. Then there is a large bay of the main city, Salamina.

You can take a charter yacht to Aegina, which is the island of istpistachio supplied due to its large crop cultivation. It is an extinct volcano with a rugged coastline and has the ports of Perdica and the city of Aegina with nice bars and souvenir shops.

Hydra, which is not geographically part of the Saronic Gulf but one of the Saronic Islands, is a beautiful place that is popular with artists. Anchored in the sheltered port of its main town Hydra or the quiet and pristine Ermioni Port with a steep mountain background.

When sailing to Spetses, you can dock in the bay or dock directly in the main town on the northeastern tip of the island.

Cruz Cyclades is one of the first to be encountered. It is a typical Cycladic island with a beautiful old town and is located 12 nautical miles southeast of Cape Sonion.

In Kythnos, just to the south, there is a very serrated coastline to install or dock in beautiful bays or harbors, for example Stefanos Bay on the east side or the protected port of Loutra in the northeast. Try local cheese, which is a popular specialty. The main berth for use in chartering yachts is Merikha on the western side.

Seriphos has a gorgeous entrance to a long bay surrounded by steep hills. The port at the end is Livadhi. Up to Chora, it has a very breathtaking view.

Sifnos is located 9 NM sailing trip south of Serifos. Kamares on the northwest side is a well protected harbor at the end of a large bay.

When on a chartered boat in Cyclades, you must pass to Milos Island. It is an ancient volcano that forms a huge caldera surrounded by slopes of pumice. Adhamas Port in the northern part of the crater is one of the best protected harbors in the Mediterranean.

Finally Santorini: entering the towering caldera from the northwest and approaching steep slopes is characteristic for every sailor.

From Santorini, you can direct sailing yachts via iOS to Amorgos, a bare rock island that has often retained its original character and doesn't have much of a tourist.

Naxos is the largest archipelago of Cyclades. Paros is located only about 4 nautical miles west of Naxos, and its adjacent, Antiparos. There are many sheltered bays and entrances. The canal between Paros and Antiparos is good for mooring as well as sheltered bays in the main city, Parikia, and the famous Naoussa fishing port.

On the coast off the ancient site of Delos, only yachts are allowed to anchor until 3:00 p.m., which is the time to close the exhibition. Forney Bay slightly to the south, or the southern bay of the neighbor island of René are options for anchor overnight.

Mykonos is one of the top attractions of every Aegean yacht rental. There are enough bays on the south side to search for a refuge from North Meltimie.

Syros, Tinos and Andros are more than 3 largest Cycladic islands and there are many smaller islands on it, giving yacht charterers countless options for sailing routes.

What weather regulations prevail for chartering yachts throughout the Aegean islands?

North Meltemi winds can reach force 7, and sometimes 8, in July and August. It can occur unexpectedly as well as blow for 5 consecutive days, so in this case good sailing skills are required. It might not happen at all, and there was a summer without Meltemi altogether. The well-protected Gulf of Saronic Gulf is one of the best family holidays.

Summary of weather conditions for sailing on a yacht in the Aegean Sea with an example of Santorini:

Months with the average temperature: July / August, 26 degrees

Months with the average temperature: January / February, 12 degrees

Month with highest precipitation: December, 167 mm

Months with an average precipitation: July / August, 0 mm

Month with highest daily sunshine hours: July, 14 hours

Month with lowest daily sunshine hours: December, 6 hours

Average summer wind speed: 3 – 7 feet.

Month with highest average water temperature: August 25

A month with the lowest average water temperature: January, 16 degrees

Main season: May – October

How much does it cost to rent a yacht Aegean and what are the different types of chartering of aircraft?

You can rent a 12-meter sailboat, for example, from around 1,400 euros a week. Prices increase according to the size, make, and equipment of the yachts. Because of the strong winds, there are really no fleet charters. You can make naked visits or windsurfing, and choose between windsurfing and windsurfing, or a motor yacht charter. You can go for a one-day rental or choose to rent a luxury boat that comes with a lot of extras and crew depending on your specific needs.

What else can be done besides sailing on a boat in Cyclades and the Saronic Gulf?

On a yacht in the Saronic Gulf, visit Epidaurus in Peloponnese, a large ancient sanctuary and a healing center in the woods. Its ruins contain a theater with stunning acoustics, where a whisper on the stage can be heard anywhere on 54 layers of seating, a stadium and much more. Also check out the museum that shows exactly what happened on the sanctuary in ancient times.

If you are chartering a yacht in Lavrion, go to Cape Sounion which is only about 10 km south. It is Poseidon temple in beautiful surroundings on a steep cliff overlooking the sea.

The Spetses Classic Yacht Regatta game that starts in July makes some exciting races with some beautiful yachts and sailing sailing in the late Aegean Sea.

The main city of Kia, Aeolis, is beautiful. It is located on a plateau like most Greek island cities – they used to build such to protect from pirates. Dive on sailboats and visit the medieval Venetian castle. Northeast of Kia there is the famous carved lion from the sixth century. B.C. Check out the coastal resort of Vourkari as you come across an ancient city with the oldest existing temple in all of Greece (15th century BC). Kea is very popular with divers because the water has great visibility and a rich wildlife, and there are good possibilities for diving into caves and debris – one of the sister ships of Titanic, and HMHS Britannic, which sank there in 1916, among others.

If you have some time between sailing trips, attend one of the many traditional festivals in Sifnos – there is a festival that takes place almost every month. With 360, the island has the largest number of churches in all of the cyclades. For example, watch a typical Greek wedding at the Seven Martyrs Church in Castro with its stunning location over the sea. Or visit the capital of the beautiful island of Apollonia.

Milos offer stunning volcanic landscapes including huge caldera and hot springs. For some sights, head to the remains of the medieval Palaiokastro Castle at the highest point.

If Meltemi is blowing too little to sail, take some time and visit the amazing archaeological site and museum in Santorini. You can also enjoy stark volcanic scenery – no trees, only craters and cliffs. Go to Fira, a sea of ​​white houses sitting high above beautifully lit black rocks at night. Watch the sun set over the crater from one of the many bars and restaurants. There is a cable car that takes you to the city, or you can ride a donkey on a roller coaster road. Try and taste local wines, which are especially flavored from volcanic soil.

Amorgos was the backdrop for Luc Besson's The Big Blue movie, and when you charter a motor yacht or sail the Aegean, you can go there on your own and enjoy the stunning sea and sky colors. Climb up to the charming Chora of Amorgos sitting on top of the hill next to the scattered windmills and the Venetian castle with a stunning view. Other beautiful villages like Tholaria, Langada and the towering Panagia Hozoviotissa Monastery in the northeastern cliff of Chora are also worth a visit,

You can explore some of the many ruins in Naxos Town or rent some windsurfing / kitesurfing equipment in one of the many schools out there.

Take a quick break between sailing trips on your yacht and experience the noisy and world-famous nightlife of Mykonos. For parties, go to the center Scandinavian Bar or the large Cavo Paradiso Club at Paradise Bay in the south. Relax the next day on a gorgeous beach, stroll through the gorgeous charming city with its funky shops and buy some artwork or souvenirs.

Delos was the cult center of Apollo and, therefore, it is a sacred island. Great games were held there and a rich sanctuary was built with great architecture. You can visit the vast ceremonial lands, stunning remains of temples and statues, as well as the archaeological museum. So do not miss the opportunity to walk on these historically significant mosaic floors when you charter a bare yacht in the Aegean Sea.

Take a look at one of the most beautiful churches in Greece – Panagia Ekatontapilyiani in Parikia in Paros, built around the 7/8 century by an architect in Hagia Sophia. Or visit the nearby "Valley of the Butterflies", a park with tens of thousands of butterflies. You can visit the picturesque old port of Naoussa on the northern coast, with its square white houses and illuminated squares at night, and create a wonderful atmosphere to sit outside and dine in a restaurant before continuing to rent a sailboat or yacht the next day.


Perks of Charter Helicopter Services: Why it is worth it

Imagine being your most special occasion when you come to your wedding or helicopter lunch. Stand out from the crowd by style by accessing a helicopter and making an impact on your history, business partners, friends, or classmates. When you land in a helicopter, it brings out a mixture of adrenaline rush and joy. It would be incomparable to compare the thrill of a helicopter and other modes of transport. Overhead sweaters and the unique feeling of wearing vertically is an experience that you may never have and you cannot try to travel on any other air transportation.

A charter helicopter is worth every penny

There can be many reasons to take a helicopter rental service but the most prominent would be because it is a helicopter trip that will make travel an unforgettable experience. Helicopter flight is an adventure that most find exciting. Using helicopter trips can be a great way to make a special occasion and create memories that will make a special day more special.

Paradise seeing eyesight

Helicopters fly at a certain altitude, making them very charming for sightseeing tours. They are not allowed to fly over planes, and from this altitude, they provide an ideal view when looking at them from the window and seeing the world below.

Comfort that matters

Helicopters help reduce travel time because it does not have to make you go through the check-in process and wait two hours of the flight. This can be a huge benefit to any business because everyone knows that time is worth the money. It is also a lot less stressful if you are going to spend spare time because it gives you more time to actually enjoy your vacation. The greatest benefit of hiring a helicopter regardless of whether you are using it for business or leisure is the fact that it removes overnight stops. Not only does this create inconvenience, it also creates high costs, so anything that gets you rid of these things will be a good thing.

Private and cozy

Helicopter travel gives you more privacy charter than traveling with hundreds of other people on a regular plane. This gives you the freedom to do whatever you want; you can hold a business meeting or just sit back and relax. You can do this without any interruption at all. It is impossible to have this level of privacy on a regular plane because there are always many other people flying at the same time.

Get to the places you can’t go with a jet plane

If you are planning to visit a mountainous area or a place that does not have a landing area for aircraft, the helicopter is a simple and comfortable option. It is better to take a trip to Vaishno Devi or other mountainous areas such as Sikkim using a helicopter.

Chartered helicopters are intelligently designed and highly adaptable to a range of individual requirements, and their capabilities provide access to remote areas and city centers, with the ability to land in the heliport, hotels and private property, as space permits, making it one of the most flexible and convenient types of aircraft To travel to distant, crowded or hard-to-reach destinations.
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Benefits of renting a private plane

When you are traveling on a chartered plane, you are more likely to get it compared to a first-class commercial flight you've ever taken. When you take these excursions, you can simply enjoy the comfort, privacy and a great sense of luxury. Although it is well known today that the fare costs for these flights are higher than those for commercial flights, you will surely enjoy the many benefits and benefits that they may offer.

The advantages of renting a charter flight

The following advantages demonstrate that it is advisable to rent a private plane.

1. Rest

Comfort is the first perk that one can obtain from chartering a private charter. When traveling on a private plane, you can save a lot of your time and energy in long lines at the airport for security checks, claiming baggage, and other types of procedures. Traveling on a charter flight also gives you the right to choose your own travel history and the privilege of specifying whether it is necessary to travel on a charter flight alone or with people you know.

2. Privacy

When you make the journey, privacy is what you usually get. This is especially true when you are not comfortable or comfortable riding a plane with other unknown passengers. If you are traveling long hours, the lack of legroom and eating that you really dislike can make you feel overwhelmed throughout the journey. However, these things can be avoided when choosing one for your ride. Here, you can enjoy the freedom to fly alone or join two to fifty people on board. In fact, many businessmen and corporate executives also hold meetings while traveling.

3. Better communicate with the pilot or attendant

When you choose a charter flight for your next flight, you will be given the privilege of getting better and easier communication with the host or captain. You can get this option when you are traveling on general flights. As such, you will get special attention as you go up on your next trip.

4. Excess baggage – not a problem

Another great bonus of charter flights is that the number of luggage you want to bring with you is not restricted. You can take whatever is necessary for your business trip and simply work on the plane as if you were in your office.

Your ultimate comfort

When it comes to a private plane, you can search for the various charter service providers. Hiring a professional flying airliner gives you the luxury you need without saying it; you can see, feel, and feel instead. There is a type of its kind designed to deal with customers in a VIP manner, with a great deal of comfort, incomparable. Although some flights may not be as luxurious as others, you can still make the most of the amenities that you cannot get from commercial flights. You should choose the best when it comes to a beautiful and heavenly flight through a chartered plane.


Cancun flight on Austrian Airlines

Although travelers realize that airlines fly to destinations that they have to travel to, whether for business, pleasure, or relationship reasons, they may not know that some of them are only served by cargo flights; code sharing services, where Another operator operating the aircraft, or charter arrangements, that enables airlines to expand their reach to cities that can only be supported by group reservations or a travel agency, especially during periods of seasonal demand.

Given the author's ability to oversee trainers and coaches, one of these charter flight operations – of Austrian Airlines in Cancun, Mexico – witnessed the beginning of the 2006-2007 winter schedule. It is noted that the opening trip for this season.

1. Mexican Civil Aviation Regulations

Austrian Airlines was handled by Passenger Handling Services / Maca in Cancun. According to Mexican civil aviation regulations, all ground handling companies had to comply with three regulations.

They first needed to send a letter from the carrier being handled, to verify that the ground company in question was properly trained in the areas of airline plan coordination, weight and balance, ramping procedures, refueling procedures, and passenger service. The letter is also required to indicate the names of the employees who are actually trained in these areas.

Second, they need to own copies of the applicable operating manuals (operations) for the aircraft. In the case of the Cancun flight, the flight was related to a Boeing 767.

Finally, they needed to present a manual check-in plan, along with the necessary seat plans, plane tickets and other supplies.

2. Training ground operations

In order to meet the training requirements, the author reviewed the Cancun station operating plan, including procedures for passenger check-in and central load control (CLC), with the handling company duty manager shortly after his arrival in Mexico, and held two classroom training with its employees the next day.

The first, training training to recognize the Austrian Airlines loading sheet for two and a half hours, included an overview of central load control (CLC) procedures, load plans, the development of an internal loading plan based on the actual dispatch message for daily containers / platforms (CPM) and group completion of an example Manual download sheet, copies of which were placed on file in the Cancun station.

During the second session, held after the flight departed, the author again reviewed CLC procedures with the three staff members who were unable to attend the morning class.

3. Passengers of choice

Passenger and passenger check-in event occurred in Terminal 1. There is a small passenger service office, located behind the check-in desks at Mexico Airport, located in the Vuelos Nacionales (domestic flights) section of Terminal 2, while the operations office is located behind the safety checkpoint and on the sloping side of the building 2. A free shuttle shuttle that operates periodically connects the two buildings from the departure points of the designated station interface. Terminal 3 for international flights was to be completed in March 2007 at that time.

Passenger Handling Services / MCA Service Manager for Austrian Airlines Cancun Aviation Operations, a licensed aircraft company, has gained 15 years in the aviation / aviation industry and is very proud of its compliance with regulations.

Passengers checked in to the newly reopened Building 1, but were downsized and damaged by a hurricane, which was only occupied by charter airlines, such as Miami Air, First Choice, Air Transat and Corsairfly.

The check-in for the same passengers started three hours before the scheduled departure time for flight 1640 at meters that were only a few meters from the entrance to the building. All passengers must, in accordance with Mexican safety regulations, manually check their luggage before actual check-in.

Five check-in positions were used: one for the Amadeus (Business Class) category and four in the Economy cabin. The Passenger Service Supervisor and Business Class login agents spoke in Spanish, English, and German, and a seat, provided by the MaestroDCS system, was selected along with any approved upgrades, in coordination with the representative of Tui Tour, whose company chartered the flight.

Self check done with MaestroDCS. During this process, the passenger requested a wheelchair and it was immediately furnished.

4. Boeing 767

The Cancun flight was operated by a long-range version of the Boeing 767-300, the second of two extended bodies, and higher-capacity variants, general design features included.

General description: Wide, twin-engine, twin-engine, broad-body, Naples-type, semi-mono design for commercial, passenger and cargo and military applications.

Fuselage: aluminum alloy, construction failure-safe.

Wings: Advanced aluminum alloy skins were employed and distinguished 31 degrees of sweep and six degrees of two surfaces.

Tail: a traditional set with surfaces washed out both its horizontal and vertical tails.

Landing gear: The hydraulic three-wheel undercarriage with retracted dual Menasco wheels, retracted forward and the two main four-wheeled Pneumatic gear units, which retracted to the interior. Both are equipped with Honeywell wheels and brakes.

Engines: two aerodynamic, high bypass ratio – turbo on which the pylon is mounted to the lower wing edge.

Design features: With the 727 replaced with greater capacity and wide design, it has been improved with 727 type road segments with ICBM capability. It used computer aided design (CAD) during the initial development phase, whose costs were reduced due to parallel development 757. Although it was not considered a single-aisle aircraft, it provided a narrower fuselage cross-section than those used by previous wide body types, This achieved many advantages, including a drop in the parasite traction; a double-aisle cabin, in which the passengers had no more than one seat from the window or aisle; the gate and ramp fit in smaller 727-like airports; and the flying surfaces made of lightweight aluminum alloy, More precisely, the flank of the second wing Six, spoilers, ailerons, and panel edge fixed wing fixed, and the undercarriage doors, elevators, and rudder.

Additional benefits were obtained from the use of a supercritical wing, such as a height-to-height ratio, a rear mounted partition, the development of a more lever to pull less than any aileron, and a 22 per cent more thickness than that used in the previous decade aircraft, a lighter and simpler structure, And fuel tank capacity is more integrated with the wing.

Powered by two high bypass turbocharged engines, it was able to provide higher thrust, less fuel consumption, lower noise footprint, lower maintenance costs, and better reliability.

Like the 757 designed concurrently, it is powered by a two-person cockpit crew.

Through the use of a previously dry central section fuel tank, Boeing was able to offer a version with greater ranges requiring few modifications, however to the authentic fuselage rubber, greater capabilities for its current wing and tail, joint pilot type rating 757, and a two-engine long-range operating certification enabled Carriers than replace it with the aircraft DC-10 and L-1011.

The group has provided the optimum capacity for transatlantic leasing to Austrian Airlines to and from Mexico.

The aircraft operating the flight, registered OE-LAX, was first operated in 1992 and carried it to serial number 27095. Two – two – configuration, 200 in economy in order to keep up with seven additional seats with one additional seat in the central bank, and distinguished the following maximum weights: 130,634 kilograms of zero fuel, 145,149 kilograms, 186,880 kilograms taking off and 187,333 kilograms slope.

5. The ramp

Flight OS 9573 operates from Vienna, Austria, and Varadero, Cuba, and the aircraft landed in 1515 and was taken to the unprepared parking site of Bridge 1 Bridge, as scheduled, in 1520. It was suffocated and the safety cones were placed properly. A drawer truck was immediately placed in the door L2, and according to Mexican regulations, it was regulated in this position. The passengers got off after a short consultation with Chef de Cabine.

According to the incoming container / platform distribution message (CPM), the following Cancun Guidance Unit (ULDs) loading devices are on board: the DPE is empty at position 11L, AKEs at positions 22L, 23L, 24L, and DQF empty at position 43. Except for another One, they were all on hold and were single containers or half the width. The last, in the back fist, was double, or full width, one.

6. Departure Gate

All five departure gates were located directly above the escalator, through the security checkpoint, and within walking distance. It has 2 snack bars and two stores have passenger convenience facilities at the station.

Due to the proximity of the aircraft parking sites, buses or mobile lounges were not necessary, and access ladders led from the departure level to the ramp.

The serial departures flight, operating as OS 9574, started in 1545, with advertisements in English and German, and entailed pre-boarding passengers, followed by Amadeus business and economy class passengers, and the last with row numbers, starting at the back of the plane.

Boarding control was computerized, with seat numbers entered into the system. After the last passenger passed through the gate in 1612, the general permit and all required lists were presented to the flight crew. Since Varadero Station had changed some of the seats, the message occupied by the seat (or SOM) of passengers crossing to Vienna was not completely accurate and resulted in many discrepancies, but was quickly corrected by local ground staff.

7. Central load control

According to the central procedure for controlling campaigns for charter flight operations, the cockpit crew sent final fuel numbers to Vienna via the Aircraft Communications and Reporting System (ACARs), while local operations staff filled out a preprinted paper and faxed it. Totals are broken down by category and region, as well as the number of bags and their weights, which were all provided with the MaestroDCS check-in system and sent over the phone to Building Operations Office 2. Back-up sheets were available in the event of last minute changes (LMCs) or ACARs failing.

Despite the first difficulty encountered by the fax machine in delaying the transmission of information to Vienna on the day of my visit, the loss of the Atlantic routes in the meteorological folder caused a 15-minute departure delay.

8. Conclusions

All members of Cancun's ground operations crew were professional, dedicated, enthusiastic and with great knowledge and experience. Since the handling company operations office had to be moved from Terminal 1 to the current Terminal 2 at the time due to hurricane damage, the logistical challenge could only be met by moving the ramp vehicle, but the process was well planned. The Maca service manager was an excellent asset for the station and its team, and the use of the German language at the check-in office was an added advantage for Austrian Airlines passengers.

The Cancun Charter air operation that day could not have been executed more easily.


Chartering private jets

Like the luxury of private jets, but not the cost of owning one? Well, did you know that hundreds of private aircraft owners allow the management service that they use to charter their planes for private charter flights at very reasonable costs? This allows groups to share charter expenses and not have to deal with most of the hassles associated with air travel at these busy times.

Scheduling trips as soon as possible can help ensure the plane is available for use, and give you time to raise money and plan your trip. However, one of the big pluses when it comes to chartering private jets is the flexibility that is concerned.

Charter services include, but are not limited to:

• Professional, highly trained pilots and crew members
Ability to go to many locations that larger planes cannot reach
• Passenger privacy
• Experience a comfortable journey, with space for everyone
In many cases, it can be less expensive than traditional air travel

The remote locations generally do not have airports large enough to accommodate large aircraft, and you should land at the nearest airport. After that you will need to find a way to reach your destination. On the other hand, charting private aircraft charts can connect you directly to the location you want, provided there is a landing strip in the area. The rental service will be able to reach you as soon as possible, and you may be able to arrange any additional transportation that may be required.

Some of the main reasons and occasions for renting private jets include:

• Fishing trips to remote locations, where some planes can land directly at your destination, and return to pick you up for the return flight.
Honeymoon trip to a faraway destination, or flying at the wedding in celebrations.
Less headache than airport travel, and baggage is generally included.
• Not crowding with all strangers if you do not pay extra first-rate fees.
• Comfort and convenience during the flight, as the planes are generally equipped with more comfortable seats than commercial aircraft, as well as space to travel during the flight.

There are private planes that are kept in the small and privately owned aircraft hangars that can be rented, and therefore queues are waiting, getting there early, gas searches, and all the hassles of flying experience are removed. Of course, this does not mean in any way that there is no security in small airstrips, for sure. On the contrary, security is very tight when it comes to who and what is allowed to travel by air. It's not just some of the funny extremism that air travelers have reported.

So if you are looking for reliability with the least inconvenience, you need to consider renting private jets. Say goodbye to long classes. Say goodbye to all the headaches and troubles. This is the only way to fly!


The advantages and disadvantages of charter aircraft services

Aviation services are becoming more and more popular, and they are no longer just something the very upper crust can hire and use. The aviation market has become highly competitive, and some say that some companies are operating at a loss, and that many of these companies have turned into an ordinary person, allowing them to rent their services in a very simple way.

This has turned into a boon for small and large businesses – even for tourists, as they can enhance their travel experience at a minimal cost. While many companies freely admit that they do not mind air travel that pays them to transport their customers and resources around the world, many small companies are discussing whether the cost of chartering planes is worth it. Below is a brief list of the pros and cons of chartering a plane rental service.

The first advantage is to reduce travel time to just a few hours. Trips that used to take two or three days earlier now will only take a few hours. Hiring a plane is a private matter, and it is ideal for people who want to privacy even while traveling. The convenience of chartering a private plane will not be unique by any of the other travel options you will enter.

By chartering a plane, you can even track down issues like the routes to take, stops, etc. Once you hire a plane, you can direct the plane anywhere in the world, as long as it is a legal route, you have the required permissions, you have the correct resources to fly the plane and there is a landing tape available. This is the main reason why many companies prefer chartering planes, since they can then manage their employees in a simpler way.

There are some disadvantages of chartering a plane for travel purposes, too. For one, the prices are significantly higher than taking a train ticket or traveling by road. The prices are not only for the booked plane, but also for the hosts, pilots, navigators and everything and everyone who will be necessary to operate the plane. Secondly, when one hires a plane, he has increased responsibility on their shoulders. Directly from any route that leads to various licenses and approvals, the customer must ensure they are all there.

These are some of the pros and cons of renting a plane to travel from one place to another. Dealing with planes is much more complicated than handling a car, so one should be careful about the service that they will go to. There are few providers and the best way to contact them is via the internet, as many of them do not have a local presence. Most of these services contain websites that provide you with the necessary information required, from the tariff to the services that you provide.


Split Yacht Charter – Sailing Croatia's Top Destinations

Split is the largest city on the Adriatic coast. It is full of impressive sights, and has great restaurants to try and great harbors to start renting a Croatian sailing boat. There are many bays and beaches to install and relax in. Croatia has about 3,600 miles of coastline, of which the Dalmatian coast with its stunning islands and its steep limestone slopes is the most extensive. Split in the middle of it provides you with a great yacht infrastructure as well as an unforgettable experience due to its unique beauty. Sailing on board the yachts in Split is one of a kind, so let us tell you a little bit about it.

You are planning to rent a boat from Split – how do you get there?

Split is easily accessible. Its international airport is located 24 km northwest of the city. It is the second largest ship in Croatia after Zagreb and deals with millions of passengers every year. Throughout the summer, there are a lot of seasonal charter flights to most major European destinations, so it's very easy to spend a sailboat holiday in Split.

If you prefer to travel by car, you can count on an advanced network of roads in Croatia, and the Adriatic Highway will take you directly to Split.

Split is also well connected with the ferry with Italy, and there are many ferry connections from Split to the summer resorts and Dalmatian Coast Line ports.

Which anchors in Split are best suited for bare chartered yachts?

Split ACI Marina, southwest of the historic center, has 364 yachts docking to 80 meters in length. It is well protected by long breaker and provides full set of services and repair facilities.

With an adjacent luxury resort Le Meridien Lav, 8 km southeast of the city center, Marina Lav Split features 74 berths for boats up to 40 meters long. There are restaurants, bars, spa, health center, indoor and outdoor swimming pool, casino, nightclub, beaches, kindergarten, laundry service and many facilities that marina visitors can use.

The Castilla Marina, 7 km from the airport, can host 400 yachts up to 100 meters in length and feature all basic needs such as water and electricity as well as some marine services.

What did Split get to sail in the afternoon?

On a vacation rental in Split, you can combine sailing, explore the city and get to know the local culture. Below, find some suggestions on what to do:

Sightseeing in Split is great. It is necessary to see Diocletian's Palace and a mausoleum dating back to the fourth century. It is one of the best preserved Roman palaces. Visit the Grgur Ninski statue or the cathedral and bell tower in St. Peter's. Domnius – You can walk into the tower and see the city of Split from above. The entire old city with a picturesque street maze of scenery. Take a stroll along the Riva, which is a water park. Check out the archaeological museum that houses many Roman ruins and monuments.

For relaxation, relax on the beach of Bacvice, for example.

There are great shopping spots in the vibrant old town heaps – facing many elegant and very interesting boutiques and galleries.

You can enjoy wine and cheese tasting, for example at the Library Jazz Bar Marcus Marulus. Savor local produce from Croatia and Bosnia in a 15th-century atmosphere surrounded by 1,000 books. The bar is located in front of the city museum in the old city.

Try Dalmatian food that contains a lot of seafood but also delicious dishes such as roast lamb.

For a taste of nightlife, try Hemingway Bar in the middle or join the pub crawl if you want to meet other people.

Watch dolphins or sea turtles. You can do water sports such as diving, snorkelling, fishing, water skiing, water skiing, kayaking and many more. Or rent a bike and bike ride around the area. In Split, there is so much you can do and explore, so keep going and feel the beauty of this wonderful Dalmatian city.

Which is the best day a charter escapes from Split?

When you sail or rent a yacht in Split, there are many very attractive destinations that you can visit during a one-day trip. Here are some examples:

The beautiful town of Trogir is only 8 miles away and you can easily sail to Ciovo, an island just off the coast from Trogir. Go to Drvenik, or Solta with Maslinica beach town. Both islands are only about 10 nautical miles from Split.

Head to Brac with the beautiful Zlatni Rat beach with many postcards and enjoy the picturesque Lucica Bay with its magnificent turquoise waters. Visit the villages of Paul and Milna. Buy some local olive oil and sheep's cheese or try lamb, the local specialty dish.

Anchor and swim in the stunningly beautiful Stivina Bay on Vis Island, California. 27 nautical miles from Split. Go to Ravnik, a small island south of Vis. Worth a visit there is the green cave, which is quite large and you can enter it by boat. Then there is the adjacent Bisevo Island nearby with the stunning Blue Cave that you need tickets to enter. Snorkel in the blue lake of Bodiovac Island, also south of Vis. The island is inhabited by only one person throughout the year.

A cruise to the lively city of Hvar, with its Venetian palaces, charming streets and squares. Visit the Hvar Fortress. Head to the Paklinski Archipelago off the southwest coast of Hvar. It is located off the entrance to the port of Hvar. The name is derived from a pine resin that was harvested there and used to cover boats. It is a chain of 10 km long islands with a very indented coastline, and offers many curbs for mooring, snorkelling and fishing, for example, the beautiful Palmizana Bay.

Korcula, about 32 nautical miles from Split, is a picturesque old town with beautiful souvenir shops and galleries.

Then there is the Lastovo Archipelago Nature Park, South Korcula, with the completely untouched nature, untouched.

Last, not least sublime, Mljet National Park, almost. 60 Nm of Split, has an equally unspoiled nature for you to enjoy.

These are just some suggestions. There is much to discover and the charter destinations for countless split sailboats are all undeniable.