Air Taxi-Air Charter – What is the difference in pricing?

The term "air taxi" refers to aircraft service that provides transportation to people on demand. This is that you can take a private plane flight when you want to go instead of booking a previously scheduled flight. Air charter is a form of air taxi, but there is a new class of aircraft and new business models that redefine "air taxi" as meaning something less expensive than a conventional charter. The idea behind the air taxi system is that the aircraft operator will be able to reduce the number of empty flights the plane makes.

Air Charter:

Let's say you booked a flight on Cessna Citation S / II (CE-S550). This light aircraft can rent an hour anywhere from $ 1500 to $ 3,100 depending on the age of the aircraft, amenities and operator qualifications. For our purposes, we'll assume a typical rate of $ 2,000 an hour. This price includes the costs associated with operating the aircraft such as the pilot’s salary and fuel costs, but it does not include some additional fees that may significantly add to your expenses such as:

Taxes – generally 7.5% of the total price.

Reposition Fee – Suppose you want to travel from Santa Monica, California but the plane is in San Diego. The aircraft operator will need to send the plane blank to pick you up and then return it blank to San Diego after landing in Santa Monica at the end of the flight. Repositioning adds these expenses to the operator’s minimum and is generally added to the cost at a reduced hour rate.

Waiting and waiting fees – let's say your flight is traveling from Santa Monica to Las Vegas on the same day. The pilots will wait for you for several hours and you will be charged an hour for the time of the pilots. If your flight calls for a one-night stay, fees may apply to hotel rooms for pilots and overnight parking fees for the plane. These fees vary according to local prices.

Minimum Daily Fee – Most aircraft operators have a two-hour minimum operating fee for chartered planes. If you need to go on a one-hour trip in each direction and complete the legs of the trip in one day, then you meet the minimum usage requirements and you will only need to pay for the two hours you use on that day. If, on the other hand, your flight is scheduled to fly one hour on Friday and then return for one hour flight on Saturday, you will likely be charged for two hours on Friday and two hours on Saturday for four hours, although the plane flies only for two hours. This industry standard practice exists for the "time is money" principle. Aircraft carry expenses even when sitting idle.

Air taxi:

There are two distinct pricing models in the air taxi model that can be used, and each aircraft operator will determine what to use, Entire Aircraft or per seat:

Entire Aircraft – Again, we will use Cessna Citation S / II in this example, but the hourly rate will be higher than the rental rate of the aircraft; let's say about $ 2,500 an hour in this example, but you will not be charged for resettlement or waiting for one night One or waiting for landing or any other fees. It will be a simple price per hour for pick-up and drop-off. After the plane crashes, it may take another customer on a flight. Your return flight may be on the same plane, or it may be on a different plane, or even at another company. This type of air taxi service may only be available between certain airports that have sufficient traffic to maintain profitable use of the aircraft.

Per seat – Citation S / II has 7 passenger seats. If they make a journey of less than 7 passengers on board, the operator will lose money if they divide the fare by the number of seats. Therefore, they will fix their prices in one of two ways:

1) Divide the full price by the number of passengers physically on board for each flight. Suppose you are traveling with two colleagues and there is another group of two that will travel with you for a total of five passengers. Seat price will be $ 2500/5 = $ 500 per seat. If your group is the only one on the plane, then the price per hour for each seat: $ 2,500 / 3 = $ 833 per seat.

2) Divide the price completely by the average number of passengers carried by the operator on each flight. Let's say the operator has been directing SMO to the LAS route for quite some time, and they have decided that they can get an average of 2.9 passengers per trip. If the operator uses this pricing strategy then it will charge you $ 2500 / 2.9 = $ 862 per seat per hour. This will be the same price regardless of the number in your party.

Single seat price will be available only among limited city pairs with traffic volume to keep the plane filled with passenger pay. If you want to travel to an airport outside the city network for every seat, you may need to hire the entire plane because seat prices are not available.

It's all about efficiency:

The emerging air taxi business model brings more efficiency to the aircraft rental model. Reduced waste will be equivalent to lower greenhouse gas emissions, increased productivity and lower final costs. Air Taxi is expected to become more affordable and cheaper as VLJs are produced and available for charter flights and air taxi flights. These planes promise to provide services at 20% to 40% off current light jet aircraft such as those in the example. As of this writing, about 100 VLJs have been produced and a handful of them find their way to air taxi companies along the East Coast and Chicago area. But this is another story.


Private Jet Charter – The Conditions You Should Know

To understand your private jet charter, you should take the time to learn about the differences in air travel. These days, there are hundreds of companies involved in air travel services that vary according to customer needs. Private jet charters are intended for executive guests and other discerning guests who need to save time and space while traveling. This means they have to handle commercial matters on flights in preparation for another business meeting in the future. This requires the charter to have the means and means to consult and arrange business during the flight without disturbing the customer. Modern private jets have a wide range of facilities to suit working arrangements. Wi-Fi is available on board. Arrangements for upcoming business meetings can be made as the client prepares to land at the next destination. Sometimes, international business owners find that they have less time to deal with business matters during their travels. To ensure business matters are handled appropriately, you may have to engage business managers on the ground to prepare summaries. This will enable the business owner to get a glimpse of the business and give directions while moving to the next destination.

When looking for a private plane to charter, it is recommended to do so online. This is because; through online sources, you'll be able to get a wide range of offers to choose from if you're doing it offline. Modern charter airlines have search engines for flight rates where customers can check rates. This helps clients choose charters that meet international requirements to suit their needs. The history of the company that offers private charter flights has a lot to do with the quality of the services provided. Long-running companies have large fleets of private aircraft with various customer services. This helps the customer to make a choice, depending on the purpose that the clients intend to put in the charter. When the charter is targeted for business meetings, it is advised to provide it with modern communication systems that meet international standards. This helps the client to easily follow up on business matters without having to avoid problems.

Private jets are hired to meet the needs of discerning clients, and therefore one should inquire widely to verify services and equipment fitted. This is because when an aircraft agent is hired, you should make the most of a charter flight during transportation as well as when you have landed with a private driver waiting to take you to your business meeting. This will not only save time for important issues but will also create time for rest when business discussions are finished.


Private Aviation Charter – What Don't You Like?

Few argue that commercial air travel, while comfortable, sometimes turns into a nightmare. Delays in planes, unnecessary stops, and less than friendly ticket agents, and tight security, are forcing many people to consider alternative ways to get to their destination in haste.

Private Aviation Charter – Why Not?

Private air charter has become the most attractive of these options. Once considered a privilege for the elite, the number of consumers that choose to travel with a chartered plane has increased dramatically in the past few years. Flying travelers are looking for a charter flight for a number of reasons: the cost, the privacy, the flexibility, and the convenience are some of the a lot of the amenities mentioned. In addition, the cost of traveling with a private charter plane has become more affordable. The privacy during the flight has another advantage in traveling with a private chartered plane. Fellow travelers are limited to friends, family, or business partners. This eliminates uncommon little talk with strangers and ensures an impossible level of familiarity with commercial flights, even in the first class. Comfort is also a bonus for renting a plane. Not only can flights be booked in a hurry and allocated, but it is worth noting that this method of travel reduces the amount of security checks and embarrassing long security checkpoints. Although most travelers understand why these measures are implemented after 9/11, few people will sing praise in the face of long delays / missed flights due to flights stopping at these checkpoints. For those who are wondering whether travelers on a chartered plane enjoy the same amenities as their commercial airline counterparts – the answer is a positive answer. Plus, charter flights can be customized for the customer – be it a business trip or a family vacation, making it an attractive option for groups of any size.

Private Air Charter – Problems with commercial airlines

Despite the increasing number of commercial travel sites that promise to "customize" trips and vacations, close examination of these sites reveals that options are often limited. For example, a major airline only has two nonstop flights daily between Orlando, Florida and Memphis, Tennessee – one very early in the morning and one in the late evening. People who are not available to travel during these times face the possibility of either finding a flight with a temporary stoppage, or perhaps paying more for a nonstop flight with another airline, or flying from / to another airport. There are none of these restrictions on chartered travel – flights can be scheduled any time of the day to almost any destination. Charter airlines usually require very minimal notice, so it is not a problem at the last minute in important business meetings or medical emergencies. This flexibility allows the traveler to exercise greater control over the flight, which can provide a high degree of satisfaction.


Why go for a private jet charter

There are many people who choose to travel on a private plane rather than book a commercial flight. There are many good reasons for doing this. First of all, private jet charters follow one schedule: yours. This is not the case with commercial flights as you know.

When you choose a private plane, the plane will not take off without you, which is something that you will not enjoy when traveling on commercial flights. This means you can travel to and from any destination you want without worrying about losing flight schedules or pressing them. You can travel at the right time and flexibility which makes private jet charters very popular for many of these days.

Additionally, private flying greatly reduces travel time. You will likely arrive at your destination in half of the time compared to commercial flights, which is very important for many people these days. This is the reason why business people who are usually very busy choose to travel individually and are not at the mercy of commercial flight times.

Another reason is that you will have no difficulty in renting a private plane. Going to private charter flights is becoming popular, and there are lots of companies you can handle. Whilst this type of travel is now much more popular, charter planes, especially charter on-demand planes, are really more expensive than commercial flights.

After all, there is a cost to all this comfort and convenience. So make sure you can afford this travel preference before going with it. There are some things that you need to keep in mind before you start renting private jets.

First of all, set a budget. If you are able to charter private jets, this just means that money is not a big deal for you. In any case, you still need to set a price range before you begin looking for available aircraft charters.

Next, you need to set a price range for the charter you will get. If not for anything, this will help you save time and effort as it will narrow down your options of rented charters. You can notice the top three or five companies and compare one company to each other to make sure you start flying with the best one. This will help to ensure that you will fly with a reliable charter, which will lead you to the place you want to go quickly and safely.

Take the time to learn as much as possible about the rental company you are interested in before you hire it. Given the amount of money you'll be spending on them soon, this makes perfect sense.


Commercial flights for charter flights – what is right for you?

Whether for business or leisure, once a month or once a year, travel takes people away from home more than ever. Over the years, the experience of commercial airlines has changed to accommodate mass travel. At the same time, companies providing charter services for commercial aircraft and charter flights have grown to fill a niche in the air travel industry.

Stick to the schedule

One of the main benefits of charter flights on commercial airlines is the convenience of selecting your schedule. Business charter flights services will be reserved to meet your needs by catering to your schedule needs and travel needs. Many of the top charter services include 24-hour concierge scheduling services and they can have a plane waiting when you arrive at the airport – day or night. This is especially useful for the fast paced business traveler who must travel at any time.

Commercial airlines, on the other hand, have strict schedules to which you must book your travel. However, since the industry has grown by adding more locations, more airlines, and more aircraft, there are often more times to choose from. So, if you don't have a tight schedule to stick to, a commercial flight may fit the bill.

Money is not an object (or is it?)

If the cost of charter flights is the same as the cost of flights, everyone will fly alone. But they do not. Travelers who choose private flights pay for some reason. From the flexibility to set your own schedule, to the convenience of traveling anywhere in the world without changing planes four times, to the personal service and attention to detail you receive, travelers pay an extra cost for this experience.

Depending on the type of plane you want to lease, the number or passengers, and the distance you fly to, you expect to pay anywhere from $ 700 to $ 7,000 an hour. This cost usually does not include crew, overnight stops, or specific airport fees.

If you closely monitor your wallet chains, a business trip is the most budget-friendly option. If you are flexible with your schedule, you can watch for airlines to issue specials. Sometimes, you can find flights under $ 50 each way.

What is on the itinerary?

Your travel plans can also affect your decision to fly commercial or private. Commercial jet charter services are ideal for getting executives and VIPs to their destination together and on time. Charter flights may also be an option for large family holidays or a romantic vacation for two.

Today, you have more options than ever when it comes to air travel. Rented business services provide the ultimate in flexibility, flexibility and experience, while commercial flights are ideal for budget-conscious travelers with a flexible schedule.


Chartered flights explained

Charter flights have generally been used in the past to transport holidaymakers to their destination, usually when booking a vacation package that includes flights, accommodations, and the like. Laws related to charter flights have changed. If you want to take advantage of a charter airline for your flights, you do not have to book through a travel agency that will try to sell the entire vacation package to you.

Many business people these days tend to use chartered planes. With this type of air transport, you can enjoy flying a lot more than that because you don't have to worry about who you will sit next to or have to queue to get to the plan.

If you're looking to take advantage of charter flights, there are a number of things you need to look out for. First, on this day and age, the use of the Internet has increased a lot because it makes our lives a lot easier. Make sure that you are looking for a company that allows you to conduct all searches online.

Some companies allow you to search for and plan your trips online according to the price, or even according to the schedule. If you do not have a specific need to travel at specific times, you will find that the prices are cheaper. Ensure that the charter company has online customer service that provides 24/7 assistance when it comes to any of these queries that you may have.

One of the most important aspects to consider is definitely safety. Ensure that the company you work for has FAA Certified Part 135 Air Charter Carriers selected. If they have more standards than just regular FAA requirements, it's best to have peace of mind.

It is also important to be able to choose from a wide range of aircraft when traveling. It is highly recommended that you be able to see the photos of the aircraft you are flying in and that you get all the specifications the aircraft has. It is always an added advantage of being able to choose from a variety of aircraft of different sizes. There is no point in having to use a plane carrying 12 people when you only need a plane carrying 6 people. This will obviously increase the cost of the individual.

Using a company that has full or partial jet ownership, or flight card programs, can be more expensive than taking advantage of companies that do not own their private planes. The reason for this is that they can source the most economical trips available for you to benefit from.

Once you find a company that offers charter flights that include all the above essentials, you should definitely be more than happy to use them, be it for special purpose travel purposes.


Overview of charter flights

Many people feel confused about the difference between scheduled commercial flights and charter flights. The main difference is that scheduled flights can be booked by the general public, while charter flights are private and only available at the request of specific individuals or companies. It is clear that it is not always practical for people / cargo to fly on a plane intended for the general public, so these flights meet this need.

These trips are used to transport celebrities, horse racing, emergency shipments and more. Generally, they cost more than the average flight, due to its specialized nature. However, at times, it may be agreed to lower prices, depending on the circumstances. These trips have been a popular choice for many people for some time, due to the increased flexibility they provide.


On a rented plane, you can determine the time and place of departure, and you rarely have to bear the changes in the plane or delay. This definitely surpasses its lines at the airport for hours, only to be notified that you will have to take a different flight due to overbooking. If you have a medical condition or cargo that requires special attention, charter planes can meet your requirements to make your flight a painless experience. For example, in all circumstances, it will not be safe for a person involved in a serious accident to fly on a regular public flight, as special equipment must be provided for handling.

Often times, business travelers use charter flights to reduce their stress levels between meetings / corporate events. Obviously avoiding all the usual hustle and bustle at a public airport can go somewhat towards relieving stress. Also, these flights are a common feature in regional airports, as many people fly from these airports to remote locations, where the most comfortable and exclusive type of flight is preferred.


Sometimes people who book charter flights carry greater financial risks, because airlines that operate flights are more likely to collapse. This is due to the lower reservation turnover and lower profit margins for each flight. Indeed, in some serious cases, stranded passengers were left stranded after the airlines had ended half of the flight. Moreover, airlines can choose to cancel these flights before taking off, having to give only 10 days notice. This usually happens if the airline fails to get enough passengers on the flight, which is uncommon. All in all, compared to general commercial flights, these flights are a more mysterious proposition.

As mentioned above, charter flights are usually more expensive, especially if a few people travel, or if the plane is used to ship one of the cargo. If you have a budget then this is great. However, for many people, traveling on a regular trip is more financially viable. Not to mention that, for those who are aware of the environment, charter flights are less environmentally friendly, because they use more fuel and contribute to pollution. Consequently, many people refuse to pay for this trip on these grounds alone, as a matter of principle.

Recently, some companies have offered charter airline tickets to the general public. These trips are usually to tourist hotspots several times a year, or for sporting events. Usually, although these flights are cheaper, the passengers have much less flexibility, and no refunds are offered if canceled. So, if you decide to book one of these trips, make sure that you can definitely travel on the dates you book.

While not without flaws, charter flights provide valuable service to many people and a critical resource in difficult circumstances. Some may say it is a necessary evil, and although it continues to harm the environment, it will continue to attract cash.


Chartered flights earn altitude

Like Julie, Brad, and the kids who go about $ 35 million to spend some rest and relaxation in southern France, charter flights inevitably excite images of wealth, magic and celebrity. Money nurtures the world of private jets and prestige all of that just adds to its appeal.

Truthfully, private jets are popular in small American airports like Horseshoe Bend, North Falk Valley, Mackinac Island, and Turner Falls as they are in southern France. These are airports close to factories, warehouses, and large and small company facilities. They research, manufacture and sell the products the world needs and desires. John M. says. Boyd, Director of Aviation Sales and Marketing at Westchester County Airport in New York, "Business with plants in different locations, and people who are doubling their time by visiting half a dozen plants in a day or two instead of a week, are our backbone, our strength." Oftentimes, charter flights are a matter of time. It's time to invest more than half a dozen employees who are preparing to hold a meeting on a plane with all the amenities in their meeting room at their fingertips or with these parked employees safely, waiting to board a plane, or stuck on a runway at the mercy of air traffic control ? For some, time is the most valuable commodity.

The country's commercial aviation industry was a huge hit in the aftermath of the September 11 events. This was also evident in the area of ​​charter aircraft. After that, the Great Recession came in 2008, with fuel prices and environmental emissions systems adding to the hardships. Then chief executives of Big 3 Motor Company came on executive planes to Washington to demand the rescue of taxpayers.

"This was rare," he said, lamenting the owner of a small fleet of planes. It has been four long years before what the final status symbol became another look. With booming lines of airport security, soaring airline tickets, fast flight routes and flight delays everywhere, companies are beginning to reconsider chartering of planes. Prices have been reduced. Aviation participation opportunities were plentiful. Social media plans and campaigns were on Facebook.

"The private jet industry will not return to its heyday in the late 1990s, but anything is better than where we are," said one analyst. Currently, the charter flight industry is actually much better than it was three years ago. According to Private Jet Services, a global airline consulting firm, the market forecast for 2015 expects a steady growth in the private jet charter market, especially for commercial use. The report also mentioned that commercial flights are moving towards more seats and less passenger comfort. Today, charters of six to 150 seats are available for $ 1500 to $ 5,000 an hour of operation. Additional costs apply, depending on the type of aircraft, airport locations, and various fees and other related options.

What is the most important consideration for everyone? Unlike the 500 US airports available to commercial airlines, more than 5,000 private aircraft service awaits, ensuring that regardless of the point of departure or departure, the airport is always close. As one analyst noted after comparing the relative costs of commercial flights versus charter flights, "the old saying is still there. Time is money."