Helicopter rides: 9 things to expect

Helicopter trips can be one of your most exciting and rewarding adventures so far. The idea of ​​being on a plane that amazed you in movies and TV shows is simply a great idea. She almost forgot the dream of flying in one of the most amazing planes she had ever invented, until she discovered the possibility of turning this dream into reality using chartered helicopter flights. And above all expectations, all you have to do is think of one totally exciting feeling once you're in the air. No doubt it will be amazing, but for your convenience here are some things expected of your air adventure.

1. The safety and welfare of the participants is a priority. This is the reason why you don't immediately jump, start and stop the engine. You will be subject to ground guidance which will include identification of aircraft, safety measures and protocols. Part of the safety measures will be heavy as this is one of the important details of any helicopter trip.

2. Most heli charters have seat assignments. This is done to balance the helicopter's load for an efficient and safe maneuver.

3. Most charter companies do not allow passengers to take more than one video camera on board. Excess baggage may affect the flight as weight is an important factor. Leave your personal belongings in the car or safes available to you.

4. Although helicopters are relatively stable when flying, there is always someone with low air durability and ends up with motion sickness. Airsick bags are provided for these individuals, and if your tolerance falls below any comfort level, feel free to use a pill or two of the motion sickness medication.

5. Since you definitely intend to capture your adventure in the movie, you should think that you will do this through the windows of the helicopter, which will definitely have repercussions. It is advisable to wear a bright dark shirt or a solid colored jacket to reduce reflections from the window.

6. Expect all of your air concerns to be aired. Helicopter rides have the ability to relieve you of enjoying a trip. It is relatively slow compared to other fixed-wing flights and has the ability to keep a specific place, like a place never seen before that can cause you fear. The exercises are fast and predictable. Pilots also help explain helicopter flying principles, providing you with much needed reassurance that you are in safe hands.

7. Noise. Helicopters are usually noisier than any plane, but not to an annoying extent. Wearing headphones will help you communicate with your pilots and other travelers as well as block out the most noise.

8. Expect the jaw to surprise her in the most remote areas that you have never dreamed of. Untouched sites only access by helicopter.

9. The charge of helicopter rides per person is based on the duration of the flight. It all depends on your fancy trip. There are some helicopters charters that offer frequent passenger discounts and group reservations. There is also a special rate for minors who wish to participate.

If there is one thing that you can't prepare for on this adventure, it's the feeling of excitement once you get off the ground and rise off the horizon. It is time to make this dream a reality and book a helicopter flight.


The benefits of commercial aviation

Commercial aviation continues to grow due to the many benefits. All those who want to make the most of their travel time and continue working or holding meetings in a safe and private environment to use. Here are some of the true benefits of commercial aviation.

Your travel itinerary plan

Having a corporate plane available means that you can plan a flight itinerary as per your convenience. You can even stop at several locations and return the same day.

Be productive on the go

Employees traveling on a business plane can continue to work even while traveling. They can meet, work and plan with each other on the way. It can be productive on the go.

More flexible

Business opportunities will show themselves, so companies have to act quickly if they don't want to lose their business. Commercial aviation gives employees more flexibility to travel on short notice.

You can choose the time and location

Commercial aviation enables you to choose your time and place of travel. Once you determine the location and time of your flight departure, whether it is winter or summer, the plane will fly at the exact time.

Draw your own way

You can fly to your destination in your schedule. Your airspace will open in all directions because there will be no restrictions at all.

You can choose your own plane

You can choose which model of aircraft according to the comfort you are looking for and the number of people who will accompany you. You will be able to see the aircraft and its interiors before booking them. The staff will also help you choose the best aircraft model.

no limits

Since you will be able to reach the private stations at the airport, you will not waste any time waiting for a security clearance. There is no need to wait for your luggage because you carry it with you in the plane.


There is no need to come to the airport hours in advance and then queue to complete the tiring check-in procedures. There will be no unwanted travel companions either. You will have privacy during the entire trip.

You are connected

Business jets are equipped with the latest means of communication. You have access to the Internet, and mobile communications on the ground and during the trip.

Comfort and entertainment

One of the main advantages of commercial aviation is that you can choose any additional services if you wish. For example, you can choose your food and drinks. There will be private chefs to prepare a delicious treat at an altitude of several thousand meters. You can even ask them to play the music you want to listen to.

Sleep well

If you have a busy schedule the next day, you may want to spend a restful night until you feel lively the next day. Business jets are equipped with beds so that you feel at home and sleep well during the flight.


CJ3 citation

If you are looking to hire a luxury plane, Citation CJ3 may not be for you. It lacks all the bells and whistles that make the luxury jet market what it is, there is no huge entertaining space or the latest electronics or luxurious cuisine to make gourmet dishes. There is not even a luxury bedroom or bathroom. No, the Citation CJ3 is not considered a luxury jet plane, but rather a great small jet plane that compensates for it by the methods calculated.

Citation CJ3 is the sixth generation of the popular Citation series of aircraft. It is redesigning its predecessor, CJ2 which in itself helped keep operating costs low while starring in terms of performance. It takes CJ3 CJ2 and makes it much better by adding two feet to the cabin and extending the wings by three feet. It features better cruising speed, less fuel burn and incredibly fuel efficiency. What's more, the CJ3 is equipped with a simple cruise system known as ProLine 21 Avionics Suite. This is one of the most advanced systems on the market today, and simplifies the cockpit of the take off, as well as one of the best systems for things like situational awareness and information management.

Inside, the length of the cabin is 15.7 inches, 4.8 'high and 4.8' wide. Comfortably seat six with option for two extra seats for a total of eight. It has fourteen windows, multiple windows and folding tables if the team needs to do some work on the road to an important business meeting outside the city.

Citation CJ3 also contains one of the largest luggage compartments in its class and has a high speed of 415 knots. Moreover, it can land on short runways of up to 2411 feet and only need 3,400 feet of runway to take off. This is best for flights that last four hours or shorter, and although it may not be the most imaginative plane you see, it is efficient and powerful while reducing costs and saving fuel. What more can you ask about as a business professional?

Of course, chartering any plane brings you closer to your destination by using smaller airports and eliminating the hassles of commercial aviation. You get there on time, on your schedule and with your luggage, that is what you rent. With CJ3 you'll also get a little power in your class!


Private aircraft ratings

In the world of private chartered planes, there are many different categories of aircraft, each with its own amenities, specialties, and specifications. When booking a private plane, it is important to know the differences, so that you are well versed and make an informed and cost-effective decision. This article will help distinguish between the different categories of aircraft available, and highlight the differences, benefits, and harms caused by each of them.

1. Ultra-light jet aircraft – also known as Microjets or VLJs, are very light single-pilot aircraft, which accommodate 4-8 people, and have a maximum take-off weight of 10,000 pounds. Most VLJs do not have a toilet on board, and are generally used by travelers looking for relatively short distances ranging from 300 to 500 miles (duration 40-80 minutes). Despite the lack of amenities, these planes are very comfortable, cost-effective and a good option for flights between small local airports. Examples of VLJs include Cessna Mustang and Eclipse 500.

2. Light Jets – Light Jets is also designed to reach small airports, and is an essential component of the private jet industry. With a cabin larger than VLJs and greater freight / weight capacity, Light Jets is an industry standard for comfortable short trips. Examples of light jet aircraft include Learjet 45 and Citation CJ4.

3. Mid-size aircraft – larger than light aircraft, medium-sized aircraft, including Cessna Citation XL and Gulfstream 250, are intended for longer travel, and can handle intercontinental flights with a passenger capacity of 7-9 people and a cruising speed of 510- 590 miles per hour. These planes provide amenities like toilets and are ideal for longer trips with a non-stop range of 2,100 miles.

4. Medium sized jet aircraft – With wide body cabins, increased height, launch speeds and wide range, medium sized jet aircraft are class elite medium aircraft. The Gulfstream G350 and Hacker 4000 are extremely luxurious aircraft that are the first means of travel for parties from 7 to 10. The wide structure provides more cab space, which increases the options and facilities available.

5. Large cabin aircraft – larger than their mid-size counterparts, and large cabin aircraft such as the Gulfstream G500 and the Global Global 5000, offer a greater range of continents, cabin space, and capacity. With the ability to transport 10 passengers and their luggage up to 4,000 miles non-stop for refueling, the Large Cabin Jets are a great option for large parties looking to craft luxurious long-distance travel plans.

6. Jumbo Jets – The height of luxury and size alike, Jumbo Jets offers the most exclusive transportation available in the sky. Luxurious cruisers like Boeing Business Jet can be configured to transport up to 50 people to transcontinental destinations, all in first-class seats. Jumbo Jets are ideal for sports teams or corporate outings, and often feature conference and dining areas, bathrooms, and key living rooms.

As you can see, the differences in private jets are stunning, and knowing the pros and cons of each can make you better informed the next time you book a flight. For more information, contact Aero Jet Services, the world's leading private jet charter company.


General facts about rented buses

The use of different types of transportation other than personal vehicles is becoming more common today as people become more aware of the environmental benefits of this process. So it is necessary to remember that knowing more about rented buses and how they can be beneficial is vital for many people.

Rented buses are the type of buses that individuals or organizations rent to transport a group of people to a specific destination. Rented buses usually serve large and indispensable groups when there are events going away from home. These are the ideal solutions for students taking field trips or stage outings, athletes participating in tournaments and competitions, and businessmen from companies attending conferences and conferences, etc.

Charter bus services are usually provided by private transport companies, and therefore they differ significantly from public transportation. The service is easily customizable, and in unique cases provisions may be made to accommodate smaller groups of individuals such as corporate travelers or people going to private parties. The amenities of rented buses are also known and may include air conditioning, high-tech entertainment systems, comfortable easy chairs, catering services, etc.

Each charter company tries to provide the best services for its clients. The commercial nature of the institution means meeting the needs of each customer to the maximum capacity. It is possible to negotiate all the details of the transfer event in advance and ensure that the whole group is enjoying the trip.


Top private jet operators

Flying with airlines can be a long time as well as a risky proposition for business as well as wealth. If you are, of course, you should quickly get you somewhere you're putting your trust in a crowded, uncomfortable system and failing when you travel with airlines. What are your options? Rent or hire a private plane. The following list includes some of the most prominent private charter operators in the United States.

Atlantic Aviation Services

Auto air charter

Company Avjet

Businessmen Services

Clay Lacey Aviation

Delta Airlines

Elite Aviation

Executive Jet Mgt

First Flight Management



Flying plane

Air switch

Million air

New World Aviation

Peterson Aviation

Brister Aviation


Regal Aviation

Rishmore Aviation

Tag Air

Air group

Service via air execution

One common theme with both operators is that they fly large cabin aircraft. This group is defined by but not limited to the following types of aircraft:

Gulf Stream 450 550

Boeing Business Jet

Kinder Challenger 604

Bombardier Global Express 800

Falcon 2000

In each case, you get a guarantee of FAA licensed pilots, and you can choose a corporate airline host to provide cabin services and safety assistance. This is not the King Airs, Lears and Westwinds that will fly with. Many rent for $ 7000. An hour, but when you talk about closing when merging or acquiring in the morning in Dallas and returning to your Boston office in the afternoon, the price is illogical.

There are also many operations that allow you to purchase part of a plane. No, you don't just get a suite, it's just like sharing the time – you can use a private plane operated by one of the supplied companies. Among the most important of these specialized agencies:



Flight options


The third option is to contact one of the private jet brokers who arrange the flight for you. Among the most important of these types of service providers:


Gold aircraft


Marquis of Jet


All in all, private aviation is in place. If you live in the New York area, you can travel from Teterboro Airport in New Jersey and land at Van Nuys Airport near Los Angeles. By avoiding Kennedy, LaGuardia and Newark airports, you save valuable time and unobtrusive lands in L.A. Who can put a price on that?


Air ambulance challenges

Crashes are usually the first concern of patients when faced with flights, or medevac. However, this is just one of the many challenges that passengers and air ambulance personnel must tackle and overcome before take off. Other factors such as cost-effectiveness, emergency medical phenomena, and even injury prevention on board are just as important.

Air travel safety

For whatever reason, the crash appears to be the biggest concern for current and potential passengers. Blame instinct, conditioning, or deep respect for the law of gravity; most people do not like to be far from Earth, let alone fly. In fact, nearly 30% of the U.S. population has a fear of heights. Is this just an exaggerated reaction?

Not exactly, experts say.

According to public data and transportation authorities, the number of medical aviation accidents has actually increased over the years. This somewhat alarming trend first began in the early 1990s, and then doubled from 2000 to 2005. After the safety report stated that nearly half of all deaths of emergency personnel occurred on air ambulance flights, the government issued a number of designed guidelines To prevent such fatal accidents.


Affordability is the biggest challenge individuals face when facing medical air travel. The big misconception is that insurance will automatically cover these costs. Unfortunately, this should not be assumed in such cases. While it is clear that some emergency situations occur without warning, and financial affairs are not likely to be the first idea a victim has, little preparation can go a long way.

Overcoming this hurdle can be as simple as making a phone call to a health care company or even a tour coordinator. The alternative is to get a blind look with overwhelming medical bills, or potentially spoil your credit.

Emergency medical phenomena

Thereafter, a medical phenomenon referred to as the "golden hour" is a unique problem for air ambulance patients. In the medical community, the first hour after an emergency is the most important in terms of treatment outcomes and patient survival.

To be sure, The golden hour It is one of the main reasons for the air evacuation required in the first place. However, ironically, there is a contributing factor to the high number of medevac collisions. Since pilots usually travel under conditions that commercial aircraft will never attempt, this time frame not only presents a risk to the patient, but also for medical personnel.

Preventing injuries while walking

Finally, exposure to injury during the flight itself may seem a remote possibility. The sad truth of the matter is that federal regulations require only a minimum when it comes to patient comfort and injury prevention in the air. At present, there is only one air ambulance company in the country that provides the following features to ensure passenger safety and comfort:

  • Make fun of medical equipment
  • Additional cushioning in the patient's beds
  • Safety bars that can be adjusted to secure passengers
  • Mechanical entryways

As you can see, accidents are a very big air ambulance challenge that patients and staff must overcome. However, other issues such as cost-effectiveness, unique medical conditions and injuries during the flight play equal roles in the lives of those dealing with emergency air travel.


History of American Trans Air

Indianapolis-based American Trans Air, once a fledgling airline, was constantly searching for an identity.

Founded in 1973 as an aircraft provider for the Ambassadair Travel Club, it opened service with a single Boeing 720 aircraft named "Miss Indy", doubling its fleet after five years with a second, "Spirit of Indiana". But its issuance in March 1981 to issue the joint carrier certificate enabled it to operate on its own.

It kept its roots in Indianapolis, and acquired larger aircraft than ever before, including eight 707s; the first large-scale person, formerly registered with Laker Airways DC-10-10, registered at N183AT in 1983; and Northwest Orient DC-10-40 ex, bears the same recording N184AT. Ultimately, the four-engine 707s were replaced by a more fuel efficient 727-100 triple aircraft.

The total annual passenger number increased: 96,426 in 1981, 269,086 in 1982, and 618,532 in 1983.

Relying on Northwest for additional acquisitions of the DC-10, but forced to replace the comparable TriStar when it chose to keep its plane, American Trans Air purchased its first aircraft in 1985, and was eventually operating on 15 L-1011-1s, one One-100, and four – 500s.

The company opened a new operational file when it opened a limited scheduled service on the lines JFK-Belfast-Riga (Latvia), Indianapolis-Fort Myers, Indianapolis-Las Vegas, San Francisco-Kahului (Maui) -Honolulu, and called itself “Company.” American Vacation Airlines "and" the nation's largest charter airline ".

“We create comfort. You create excitement,” she declared. "At American Transair, we know the only excitement you want on vacation is the excitement you create. That's why you can count on the polite and professional staff of American Transair, the airline, consumer awareness prices and all the little additions that have become a feature of our growing company."

Growing was. In an effort to avoid the airline's scheduled competition, it has become the largest charter operator in the United States, attributing up to 90 percent of its revenue to both civilian and military divisions in this sector, with the remainder of scheduled operations, comprehensive leasing, third-party pilot training, And maintenance of the contract.

Operating a strong fleet of 23 by 1992 – including seven 727-100s, 12 L-1011-1s, and four 757-200s – was profitable for 18 of its 19-year history, marking a loss of $ 2 million the year before for the first time due The recession and fear of travel created by the Gulf War. It transported 2.4 million passengers that year.

However, it was the Gulf War itself that formed the cornerstone of its military operations, given that its aircraft were part of the civilian air patrol fleet. It carried 108,000 soldiers in 494 missions to support Operation Desert Storm, and was instrumental in Iraq Freedom and Enduring Freedom operations, and provided 727-100 shuttles between Nellis Air Force Base and Tonopah Test Series in Nevada.

The -200s replaced the 100s in 1993.

American Transair once again adopted a new image when it devoted a large portion of its aircraft resources to scheduled operations from the Chicago Midway Center, as well as continuing its contractual flights with the government.

To facilitate its intended growth and fleet modernization, it requested 800-739-37 and 12 757-200s in 2000, to receive the first from the previous (N301TZ) in June of the following year and the first from the last (N550TZ) two months later, introduced a major change in the process to confirm the system New airline-oriented airlines, now called "ATA Airlines".

Equally seeking feed from small and secondary cities with more regional-friendly turbocharging equipment, it bought the current Chicago Express company for $ 1.9 million in 1999 and operates it as a separate subsidiary "ATA Connection".

However, her latest photo-promotion strategy proved to be unprofitable, forcing her to bankruptcy protection under Chapter 11 after five years, on October 26, 2004. She decided that the best way to keep her alive, was to use her assets to take advantage of a healthy company, which , In this case, was synonymous with the deregulation of Southwest Airlines.

By relocating six Midway airport gates and 27 percent of their outlet stock to the southwest in exchange for real cash pumping and continued operation under the code-sharing agreement in December 2004, ATA cut the number of destinations served by Indianapolis to three and moved planes to Chicago, and now assumes a trade file For airlines by traveling to cities that Southwest has not done, including New York, La Guardia, Dallas / Fort Worth, and San Francisco. Midway transit services also enabled it to connect southwestern focus cities, such as Orlando, Phoenix and Las Vegas, with other voids in its flight system, including Denver and Honolulu.

The strategy increased its revenue by 20 percent to the southwest, but did not necessarily reduce ATA's financial bleeding.

To further reduce costs, it trimmed its fleet significantly, selling 800-737-800 and eight 757-300, and marginally bridging its energy gap with a two-year lease, between November 2005 and November 2007, for three of the former United Airlines 737. -300s. Even the rental rates, in this case, proved to be very high.

Concurrent service cuts were not surprisingly widespread, with many destinations dimmed in a short period of time: Boston, Newark, Minneapolis in October 2005, Indianapolis and Denver in November, and Orlando, Fort Myers and San Francisco the following: April (April), leaving more From a skeleton to his whole flesh body. In fact, 18 daily flights were sent from one gateway at Midway Airport and only 52 flights were offered at the system level. Previous court approval enabled her to sell the Ambassadair Travel Club division to Grueninger Cruises and Tours.

Although a $ 100 million financial package from investment firm MatlinPatterson and pre-bankruptcy creditors enabled the now privatized company to briefly exit from bankruptcy and establish a service to New York – La Guardia and Houston – Hobby, Ontario, Oakland, and Helo (Hawaii), high fuel prices , The quick resignation of a short-term CEO, the poorly executed L-1011s plan with DC-10s, the loss of a major military contract that resulted in Spiral returning to bankruptcy, leaving Flight 4586 from Honolulu to Phoenix on the occasion of its recent landing in 0846 on August 2, 2008.


Benefits of managing private jets

Nowadays, private jets are increasingly being used to travel at a rapid pace between business organizations, the wealthy and well known. Usually, airlines that do not wish to be subject to the hassles associated with traditional flights choose a private flight. There are many reasons why top-class men and businesses prefer private aircraft management.

The main reason for the increasing use of private jets is that you will arrive at the destination in due time. Unlike traditional flights, there is no delay that can cost your business dearly in thousands of dollars due to your absence at a particular business meeting. Alternatively, you can reach the destination on time without any kind of problem. Even if there is a problem with the jet plane, the airline will always make immediate arrangements for a replacement plane to ensure that you arrive at the destination as desired.

Besides, the management of private aircraft checks to travel safely. Unlike regular flights that appear to have an abundance of passengers, private jets are spacious, spacious and quiet. Only you and your colleagues are traveling on the plane. As a result, there are hardly any opportunities for any kind of unfortunate event like stealing important files or any criminal activity. Likewise, you can also work on your ongoing project and interact with colleagues while you are heading to an important business meeting. This is often very useful for managing related matters that can make a big difference between winning and losing in mega multi-billion dollar projects.

In addition, chartering a private jet plane for your flight ensures that you can travel safely with your luggage. Even if you are traveling for a family vacation, you get first class food and other amenities that simply cannot be done with regular flights. Although private jets cost you a lot more than regular flights, the high cost deserves the comfort and safety you get from renting a private plane. Likewise, the comfort and convenience of traveling on a jet flight is more enjoyable and incomparable.

There are many benefits to getting a private jet plane as compared to regular flights. Safety, on-time access to the desired location, and first-class amenities are just some of the common benefits of booking a private plane. This is why most wealthy and famous people prefer managing private jets while traveling on airlines.


Benefits of private jet service

Traveling around the world on a private jet plane means you fly like a rich and famous star, right? This fact is not true anymore. Travel via a private jet service is now more available to the dominant customer. This simply means that you save time and save money and want to return the choice to your itinerary.

The Art of Liberty Scheduling

When you choose a private jet service, you are responsible. You choose when to leave and from which airport you will fly. This freedom has helped the private jet service market to thrive in recent years. Along with the extraordinary rise in the prices of commercial airlines, the private jet service available to every passenger is now more affordable and more comfortable than ever.

Besides the freedom of scheduling, the time you save with private jet service is phenomenal. Don't wait in lines, pass multiple security checkpoints, and waste those precious moments that communicate from one trip to another. For the businessman, in particular, these lost moments revolve around the bare minimum. The more time the businessman spends at the airport, the less money he will earn, and hence the increasing popularity of private jet service flights.

The size you need

Another great opportunity when choosing a private jet service is to choose which type of aircraft to fly. There are huge jets, very light jets, medium sized jets and even helicopters to choose from for your flight needs. If you are flying alone, you are the king of the trip and decide the space you need to make this journey comfortable along the way.

When choosing a private jet service, the flight safety will be greatly increased. You will no longer have to worry about these strict guidelines at your local international airport. The safety line depth will not be 100 passengers and you have zero chance of losing your luggage along the way.

All in all, the benefits of private jet service outweigh the difference in price. You will pay more for a private jet to secure your next flight, but the amenities, luxury and time-saving features of that flight are the best in the world. A private jet service gives you the opportunity to choose every aspect of your flights and arrive on time, every time.