Private plane or air taxi – is the difference important?

If you are used to renting a private plane, the answer may be “No!” And certainly there is no formal legal or technical difference. But wait … in fact there are important differences. Commonly used expressions refer to somewhat different types of aircraft, but more importantly, appreciation or even awareness of the meaning of “air taxi” leads to the realization that a form of transportation is reasonably available to many who may not have considered privacy the flight was in relation to for them.
So, let’s take a look at how different private planes and air taxis are, what you’re using, and finally why you don’t need to be Sir Alan Sugar (Simon Cowell, Bon Jovi or David Beckham) to make good use of the air taxi here in the real world! This is the key to the question. It is one of practical use as far as technical details.

Private aircraft, air taxi or plane – the bit flag
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First, we are chartering a plane here, by definition, commercial chartering of the plane and crew that does not work on any schedule – any schedule other than yours. The term “jet” in this context refers to payment methods. Jet engines absorb air from the front using a compressor, mix it with kerosene, and ignite it; the high-speed hot gas propulsion system provided by the back provides direction in the same way as a balloon released across a room. On the way out, the gas passes through the turbines, which in turn drive the compressor in the front and are therefore self-efficient all the time when the fuel is present. The main thing is, there is no fan. Powered aircraft are “aircraft”, in simple, private, charter or other terms.
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By contrast, there are also numerous propeller-driven aircraft, which fall into two categories; a powered piston engine or a “turbo props”.
Piston engines in airplanes are in principle the same car engine. Turbine supports are actually an evolution of the jet engine; the turbine for the jet engine described above is connected to the compressor by a shaft, and this shaft continues in the gearbox which in turn drives the fan. (The HMS Ark Royal aircraft carrier was actually a kind of turbocharged engine, as Olympus gas turbine engines were connected to a Concord engine powered by shafts and gearboxes driving fans … but we are digging!). Although the private, non-rigid and fast-moving private jets are operated by regular old planes, private jets and people with fans are often referred to as “air taxis”.
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Airplanes and helicopters come as big and small planes. The differences are mainly those of speed, range and height. Fast airplanes, fly high (in fact, the better, the better efficient) and usually have longer ranges that helicopters fly. By contrast, taxis come on short trips where speed, range and level elevation are not necessary. Remember that a Ford Focus will transport you to the parking lot as quickly as possible from a Ferrari, and door to door, at a much lower cost; you need a long bus to take advantage of a sports car.
Uses private taxi and air plane

Let’s go on with Ford Focus and Ferrari, it’s really very similar. Long distances, short time, need a little luxury … go with a plane! It will fly high, fast and in some cases flash (important Simon Cowell).
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However, if you need to move from A to B safely and comfortably and at a relatively short distance (for aircraft between 500 and 800 km in length), an air taxi is just a ticket. Spade things are spade spots and there is no point in pretending that an air taxi is a private jet plane because there is no – there is usually no host and meals, although it is provided and much tastier than the airline fare, but it is self-catering. But do not postpone …
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Who uses air taxis and why

Very ordinary people and companies use air taxis and for good reason, they get the job done safely and at reasonable cost. Prices can start from as little as a thousand pounds, but you get every seat on the plane. Compare that to a handful of schedule tickets on anything but likes … well, don’t say the name! Families use taxis for special occasions, and small businesses use taxis to get rid of one-night stays on business trips and save money in general (added at the low “out of office” time). Individuals use air taxis for almost anything.
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In conclusion, the difference between a private plane and a taxi is not a quick and fast difference (the new concept of “ultra light planes” has blur the boundaries more than that!) But the estimate is that the private flight is not restricted to the wealthy.
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Celebrity however offers the option of an air taxi which is also one worth having. The beauty is that it costs nothing to discover how your choice might benefit you. Any reputable charter company will provide a quote within a few hours or less for a flight specially designed for you.
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