London Stansted Airport – guide for independent travelers

From London airports, Stansted airport is far from central London, about 40 miles. The airport is dominated by low-cost airlines, especially Ryanair and easyJet, the largest low-cost airlines in Europe.

The majority of flights are European or UK domestic flights.

The airport also has great rental traffic, especially for Britons traveling on trips to the sun.

Major intercontinental and country carriers such as British Airways, Virgin, American and Singapore Airlines use all London Heathrow or Gatwick airports.

The airport is a well-established airport but was re-launched 15 years ago with a new terminal and new infrastructure, including a direct railway and motorway to London. Initially it was a white elephant, but the emergence of low-cost airlines has turned Stansted into one of Europe's fastest growing airports in the past decade.

Today, the full capacity of the main station is within sight, and it is planned to construct a new station and more from the second runway.

There are no surprises at the station itself, as all standard facilities are available including foreign currency selection, pharmacies, news fairs, etc. There is a good range of dining opportunities that range from fast food and snacks to restaurants. Shared with all BAA airports, the owner, there are plenty of luxury shopping outlets. But remember, the majority of Stansted flights are within the EEC and do not qualify for a duty-free status.

It usually takes about 30 minutes from landing to customs with most flights if you have luggage. There is an airport information office directly outside the customs and an office for AirportCarz who monopolize taxi services at the airport. Taxi transportation to London is only used by a very small minority of passengers due to distance and expense.

If your destination is London, the fastest option is to take the Stansted Express. The train station is located below the terminal so it can be taken to platforms by escalator or elevator.

Stansted Express takes 45 minutes from Liverpool Street Station in London and lasts approximately every 15 minutes during the day. The last trains are around midnight. Prices on Stansted Express are expensive, and over $ 40 USD for one return. Liverpool Street Station is also not very convenient for most travelers, as it is located in the center of London's financial district, 3-5 miles from most of the most popular hotel accommodations. The train stops at an intermediate station called Tottenham Hill, 10 minutes before Liverpool Street, which is an intersection with London Underground (Victoria Line).

Many airlines will sell tickets to Stansted Express, some at a discount, before landing at Stansted Airport.

The budget transfer option to London is to have one of four scheduled bus services operated by National Express and Terravision. There is a large and modern bus station in front of the station, next to the railway station.

The cheapest option is the Terravision service to Liverpool Street Station, which is the same as Stansted Express. The price is about half the price of a Stansted Express. The downside like all road transfers are London traffic, and on a good day the bus will arrive in an hour. National Express runs its services approximately every 30 minutes to the nearby Stratford Underground at a similar rate.

Another way the trainers took was Stansted to London Victoria. And both of them have a return for about $ 25 USD. Terravision does not stop, National Express stops in central London, many of which are close to major hotel areas. National Express is a real 24/7 service, Terravision only stops for a few hours early in the morning. Some of the highest frequencies are found in the middle of the night in Stansted – London and early in the morning from London – Stansted for the first and last flights when closed Stansted Express and London underground flights.

Since there are some very cheap rates from Ryanair and easyJet, many continents travelers have found it cheaper to fly to Heathrow and then complete their journey to their European destination with the low-cost airline from Stansted.

National Express runs shuttle services between Heathrow and Stansted from Stansted Bus Station. Usually there are two services per hour, the journey takes about 90 minutes (although delays on the highway are routine during rush hours). The fare is not cheap either. The return fare is approximately $ 50. It is cheaper to use indirect National Express service to Stratford and then take London Underground to Heathrow, but less comfortable.

If you want to stay at Stansted airport before the flight, there are plenty of options available. Like all London airport hotels, room rates are usually much cheaper on weekends than midweek. If you're going through Heathrow or Gatwick with the most intense competition, you might find Stansted prices more expensive, especially in the budget sector.

Right next to the station, the luxurious Stansted Radisson SAS Hotel is the only airport hotel where you don't need a hotel transportation. This is perhaps the most luxurious hotel and at the weekend prices it can be somewhat competitive. The original luxury hotel in Stansted is the 4-star Hilton hotel in the vicinity of the airport. Hilton Stansted runs its own shuttle bus stop from the bus station approximately every 30 minutes.

In the immediate vicinity of the airport there are Express by Holiday Inn and Best Western. The consistently least expensive option is the Days Inn in a motorway service area at the entrance to Stansted Airport. It does not provide any airport transportation itself although of course there are taxis and local bus service.

Apart from the chains, there are plenty of independent hotels in the vicinity. These hotels feature all budgets and tastes, from Country House Hotels, to bars to traditional Bed and Breakfast. The countryside around Stansted is surprisingly unspoiled and there is an opportunity to stay in a traditional market town or training inn for example.