Private Aviation Charter – What Don't You Like?

Few argue that commercial air travel, while comfortable, sometimes turns into a nightmare. Delays in planes, unnecessary stops, and less than friendly ticket agents, and tight security, are forcing many people to consider alternative ways to get to their destination in haste.

Private Aviation Charter – Why Not?

Private air charter has become the most attractive of these options. Once considered a privilege for the elite, the number of consumers that choose to travel with a chartered plane has increased dramatically in the past few years. Flying travelers are looking for a charter flight for a number of reasons: the cost, the privacy, the flexibility, and the convenience are some of the a lot of the amenities mentioned. In addition, the cost of traveling with a private charter plane has become more affordable. The privacy during the flight has another advantage in traveling with a private chartered plane. Fellow travelers are limited to friends, family, or business partners. This eliminates uncommon little talk with strangers and ensures an impossible level of familiarity with commercial flights, even in the first class. Comfort is also a bonus for renting a plane. Not only can flights be booked in a hurry and allocated, but it is worth noting that this method of travel reduces the amount of security checks and embarrassing long security checkpoints. Although most travelers understand why these measures are implemented after 9/11, few people will sing praise in the face of long delays / missed flights due to flights stopping at these checkpoints. For those who are wondering whether travelers on a chartered plane enjoy the same amenities as their commercial airline counterparts – the answer is a positive answer. Plus, charter flights can be customized for the customer – be it a business trip or a family vacation, making it an attractive option for groups of any size.

Private Air Charter – Problems with commercial airlines

Despite the increasing number of commercial travel sites that promise to "customize" trips and vacations, close examination of these sites reveals that options are often limited. For example, a major airline only has two nonstop flights daily between Orlando, Florida and Memphis, Tennessee – one very early in the morning and one in the late evening. People who are not available to travel during these times face the possibility of either finding a flight with a temporary stoppage, or perhaps paying more for a nonstop flight with another airline, or flying from / to another airport. There are none of these restrictions on chartered travel – flights can be scheduled any time of the day to almost any destination. Charter airlines usually require very minimal notice, so it is not a problem at the last minute in important business meetings or medical emergencies. This flexibility allows the traveler to exercise greater control over the flight, which can provide a high degree of satisfaction.