ABC from Sailing in Palma de Mallorca

Sailing from Palma de Mallorca – How do you get there?

Among other reasons, yacht rental in Majorca is incredibly popular due to the easy access to its international airport from all major European destinations. There are hundreds of daily trips to come during the summer, making it a true hub for seasoned sailors and yachts from all over the world. In addition, the airport is located just 9 km from the capital “Palma”, as it is known simply for the residents.
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Its preferred location in the western Mediterranean Sea identifies this magnificent island and the surrounding Balearic Islands region in the immediate vicinity of the Spanish mainland and the port cities of Barcelona, ​​Valencia and Denia. Sailors often use Palma as a break point when crossing the Mediterranean. The region is a great yacht charter land due to the diversity of the various islands that make up the Balearic Islands. Ibiza, Formentera and Menorca can be reached in just one day to sail. However, each of them offers something completely different in terms of culture, landscape and atmosphere.

What anchors are in and around Palma de Mallorca to rent a car or rent a yacht?
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There are some established new moorings and some maiden to choose from to rent your yacht in Majorca. The yachts docks in Palma itself offer lots of charter and bare charter, while the exclusive docks of Portal Portals, Port Adriano and Puerto Andratx are well suited to charter a luxury boat in Majorca.
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In Palma are Club de Mar, La Lonja Marina Charter, Real Club Nautico and Marina Naviera Balear. Much charter is available today, especially for motor yachts, here. Very nice and newly reconstructed `Muelle Viejo`, right next to the impressive cathedral. There are some great new restaurants on the opposite side that bring you some fast food. There you can then sit on the deck for dinner and enjoy the enchanting views of the illuminated cathedral and feel the vibrant city center. Puerto Portals is a 10-minute drive away, and it has long been known as a major port for renting Majorca yachts.
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If you sit in “Flannagans” restaurant, for example, you might even be neighbors at a table with the likes of King of Spain or Rafael Nadal. The port of Adriano (about 20 minutes’ drive from the city center) with its sophisticated design by Philippe Starck is a true luxury yacht harbor with a touch of discreet elegance and undeniable beauty.

What did Palma de Mallorca offer to sail?
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You may have come here for a vacation to sail, but there is another way to do it if you only know where and when … no day passes in Palma, where there is no type of party or event. From January to December, there is always something going on here. If you haven’t arrived yet, seeing the three kings arrive at the harbor on Spanish Christmas Day, January 6, is a must-see. And at the end of January, there is a whole week of celebrations called San Sebastian. Many life squads play on the streets, you can “run with demons” or join a massive barbecue weekend. In the summer, you can choose boat racing options: whether it is the Luxurious Yacht Cup in June, Princessa del Rey in July, or Copa del Rey in August.
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Downtown Palma is great, as is the old quarter. You will find the general structure is a mixture of sophisticated oriental style and majestic western style. The famous Palma Cathedral, commonly referred to as SeLa Seu´, is unparalleled in the world. It is also imperative that the impressive Castell de Bellver flies over Palma and boasts some incredible views of the whole bay.
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Aside from seeing the abundant sights, savoring local specialties such as the popular sausages in Sobrasada or the popular `lomo´ (ham) with some Mallorquin wine is pure pleasure.

Shopping facilities are available for souvenirs or in preparation for chartering the yacht in Palma de Mallorca. Just head to El Corte Ingles supermarket (which has a very popular section) or Porto Porto shopping center located near Club de Mar. You can buy fresh products in abundance in the centrally located Santa Catalina Market during the morning. In the old city and the city center, there is an endless array of great boutiques and shops to choose from.

The nightlife is wonderful. You just need to head to the water towards the park known as Paseo Maritimo. You will find the best clubs, bars and terraces, all overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, all full of happy yacht boats.

What are the best charter flights for a day from Palma de Mallorca?

Palma is located in the heart of Mallorca, yet it is not everything that exists … You can drive many trips and head to the wonderful Tramuntana mountain range and visit some very charming little villages there. Deia, Valdemossa or Puerto de Soller are just a few names you should remember. There is a very nice train, over 100 years old, that travels from Palma to Soller and from there you can take the strange tram to the port. A recommended water trip will take a guided tour to Cabrera Island, which is also a nature reserve. On the way they will tell you a lot about the interesting history as well as the animals and plants in this place. Go swimming in caves with clear water and soak up the rays of the Mediterranean. Renting a daily yacht, probably on board a yacht from Palma would be another option to go there. Motor yachts can number up to 6 to 8 people and you will get a captain to take you to the island, where you can dive or plunge and admire the undersea underwater world.


Private plane or air taxi – is the difference important?

If you are used to renting a private plane, the answer may be “No!” And certainly there is no formal legal or technical difference. But wait … in fact there are important differences. Commonly used expressions refer to somewhat different types of aircraft, but more importantly, appreciation or even awareness of the meaning of “air taxi” leads to the realization that a form of transportation is reasonably available to many who may not have considered privacy the flight was in relation to for them.
So, let’s take a look at how different private planes and air taxis are, what you’re using, and finally why you don’t need to be Sir Alan Sugar (Simon Cowell, Bon Jovi or David Beckham) to make good use of the air taxi here in the real world! This is the key to the question. It is one of practical use as far as technical details.

Private aircraft, air taxi or plane – the bit flag
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First, we are chartering a plane here, by definition, commercial chartering of the plane and crew that does not work on any schedule – any schedule other than yours. The term “jet” in this context refers to payment methods. Jet engines absorb air from the front using a compressor, mix it with kerosene, and ignite it; the high-speed hot gas propulsion system provided by the back provides direction in the same way as a balloon released across a room. On the way out, the gas passes through the turbines, which in turn drive the compressor in the front and are therefore self-efficient all the time when the fuel is present. The main thing is, there is no fan. Powered aircraft are “aircraft”, in simple, private, charter or other terms.
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By contrast, there are also numerous propeller-driven aircraft, which fall into two categories; a powered piston engine or a “turbo props”.
Piston engines in airplanes are in principle the same car engine. Turbine supports are actually an evolution of the jet engine; the turbine for the jet engine described above is connected to the compressor by a shaft, and this shaft continues in the gearbox which in turn drives the fan. (The HMS Ark Royal aircraft carrier was actually a kind of turbocharged engine, as Olympus gas turbine engines were connected to a Concord engine powered by shafts and gearboxes driving fans … but we are digging!). Although the private, non-rigid and fast-moving private jets are operated by regular old planes, private jets and people with fans are often referred to as “air taxis”.
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Airplanes and helicopters come as big and small planes. The differences are mainly those of speed, range and height. Fast airplanes, fly high (in fact, the better, the better efficient) and usually have longer ranges that helicopters fly. By contrast, taxis come on short trips where speed, range and level elevation are not necessary. Remember that a Ford Focus will transport you to the parking lot as quickly as possible from a Ferrari, and door to door, at a much lower cost; you need a long bus to take advantage of a sports car.
Uses private taxi and air plane

Let’s go on with Ford Focus and Ferrari, it’s really very similar. Long distances, short time, need a little luxury … go with a plane! It will fly high, fast and in some cases flash (important Simon Cowell).
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However, if you need to move from A to B safely and comfortably and at a relatively short distance (for aircraft between 500 and 800 km in length), an air taxi is just a ticket. Spade things are spade spots and there is no point in pretending that an air taxi is a private jet plane because there is no – there is usually no host and meals, although it is provided and much tastier than the airline fare, but it is self-catering. But do not postpone …
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Who uses air taxis and why

Very ordinary people and companies use air taxis and for good reason, they get the job done safely and at reasonable cost. Prices can start from as little as a thousand pounds, but you get every seat on the plane. Compare that to a handful of schedule tickets on anything but likes … well, don’t say the name! Families use taxis for special occasions, and small businesses use taxis to get rid of one-night stays on business trips and save money in general (added at the low “out of office” time). Individuals use air taxis for almost anything.
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In conclusion, the difference between a private plane and a taxi is not a quick and fast difference (the new concept of “ultra light planes” has blur the boundaries more than that!) But the estimate is that the private flight is not restricted to the wealthy.
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Celebrity however offers the option of an air taxi which is also one worth having. The beauty is that it costs nothing to discover how your choice might benefit you. Any reputable charter company will provide a quote within a few hours or less for a flight specially designed for you.
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How to get cheap airline tickets to Goa In

Goa is one of the favorite destinations for all visitors from India and abroad. For all travel enthusiasts it is the most popular holiday destination. So if you are planning a vacation in Goa, you can take advantage of cheap tickets to get here. You can travel to Goa by road or rail, but it takes a lot of time. The best option to reach Goa is via airlines only.
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Goa Airport is located in Dabolim, not far from the main city of Panjim. It is the main airport of Goa and it is good for the rest of the world. There are many daily flights to Goa from all major cities in India like Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Hyderabad, etc. International flights come from Kuwait, Qatar, Sharjah, Dubai and others, and this is also in the tourist season for Aviation Charter only. For international tourists, the best way to get to Goa is via Mumbai. It takes only one hour to get to Goa from Mumbai by air.
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All major airlines operate direct flights to Goa. They offer great discounts on airline tickets. If you are looking for cheap airline tickets, always book tickets in advance. For pre-flight booking, you must plan your vacation in advance. This will not only help you get cheap airline tickets, but also give you enough time to decide the best flight for your convenience.
There are many places to visit in Goa. If you are talking about beaches, Candolim, Calangute, Baga, Anjuna, Colva, Benaulim and Majorda are the popular beaches of Goa. Other popular historical destinations are Fort Aguada, Goa State Museum, Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary, etc. Goa doesn’t face extreme temperatures, which makes Goa fun in all seasons. However, the best season to visit Goa is October to February.
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If you want to travel in a low-cost airline, you will get the lowest prices. SpiceJet and Go Air flights are the cheapest low-cost flights and offer profitable plans. Try to plan your entire trip and go get a round-trip ticket, as this will help you reduce air fares. Book your tickets online from popular travel sites. They give specific information and the best prices. These websites also provide additional facilities like taxi reservation, hotel reservation, etc. But do not forget to compare prices from two to three sites, as this will help you to obtain information about the discount and services provided by different travel sites.
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The cost of a private plane

Do you dream of being transported to a tropical island by private plane? I bet you think he's out of your budget – maybe not. Think about it Rolls Royce and immerse yourself at least once in a lifetime. Is it worth The cost of a private plane? at all!

There are two main reasons why you can charter a private jet plane. The first is an emergency, and the second is to pamper yourself and everyone must have a lifetime license and at least one talk about it forever. Sure, Tropical Island is nice but you can give it some "pop" by adding a private plane.

The cost of a private jet plane can range from $ 1,800 an hour to $ 5,000 an hour. Now wait a few moments ago and jog when you hear this cost for a private plane. I realize this is the right time in the air and that there are many tropical islands that can be reached in one hour when traveling with speed jets.

If you are stranded somewhere or you miss that every important trip you always have the option of chartering a private jet plane. A family emergency may have arisen and you need to go home immediately and then think about a private jet plane and forget about trying to match commercial flights. You can be at home in a few hours and in these cases the money doesn't matter!

We all work hard to earn a good income, but what's the point if we can't take this money and enjoy it? Sure, we want to leave something for our children, but this is what life insurance policies aim for. You need to treat yourself to this hard work and private jet plane to transport you to that sunny island is a great way to do this.

A private jet plane will fly based on your requirements. You will usually be in the bosom of luxury with a host waiting for your hand and feet, the best food, and of course the best drinks.

In fact, many of these rents will take care of your entire trip to ensure your hotel is booked and waiting for your rental car. Often times they can even clear your luggage in customs. Now this is a holiday that you deserve. It just doesn't improve your treatment like a celebrity!

There are all types of aircraft available and each have their own design and luxuries. You can do some research online to see what each of them has to offer as well as to know the speeds they travel so you can calculate the costs of your trip. Yes, we know that you are still on a budget even if it is a luxury budget.

If and when you have a little excess money and luxury vacation expenses do not create a burden or inconvenience then The cost of a private plane It shouldn't be a problem, and it is time to book that jet plane and really enjoy the vacation of a lifetime. Experience the power of money directly. Start enjoying a private jet plane!


When using a plane's detail buffer, there are several things to consider

Aircraft coating is very thin and must be this way to save weight. If the plane is very heavy, you will need larger wings, a larger power station, or an engine to fly. Think about the weight of the paint this way; if you have five gallons of pail paint how much does it weigh? How much a gallon needs to paint the plane. Well, let's say that it takes 25 gallons to paint the plane, which is to put five of these paint buckets in the back seat and fly with them everywhere you go, on every journey as long as that plane lives. See this point.

Now, since this coating is very thin, it is very easy to pass it with buffer and drop it to the bare metal, aluminum, fiberglass, titanium or carbon fiber. Not only will you urinate this plane owner, but you will get a bad reputation around the airport if you run a company that separates your business if you do so. However, there is a bigger problem, as soon as the paint is thin or corrosion in the paint can start or dropping paint on the control surfaces may adversely affect the flight. Do you doubt what I'm saying?

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has issued a directive regarding aircraft aviation validity for the Gulfstream corporate aircraft line that will become effective on August 1, 2012, the following is a summary of what it is and why they made this announcement for the Gulfstream model G-IV, GIV -X, GV, and GV-SP aircraft;

“This announcement requires a measurement to determine the coating thickness on flight control surfaces and corrective actions if necessary, and to review the aircraft's Aviation Manual (AFM). This announcement has been requested for reports of failure to check or document the coating thickness on flight controls (ailerons), "Rudder, elevator), which may have a negative impact on the flap characteristics of the aircraft. We are making this announcement to discover and correct coating thickness on flight controls, which could lead to loss of control of the plane due to the flap."

Have you started to know why you need to be an expert in buffer before using it on a plane, or why do you need to professionally train your kits? Even when doing this, can I suggest you stick to an orbital buffer, and not use anything high-speed until you have years of experience? Please consider all of this and think about it.


Complete guide on where to book cheap flights

There is nothing more exciting and attractive than travel and suspense. Exploring new lands, culture, religion and more has appealed to everyone from time immemorial. Clearly, a trip to your desired destination is the most comfortable way to travel. But the high cost of airline tickets has made it difficult for ordinary men to travel. The wise increase in fuel prices increased the price of airline tickets. But don't worry because there's always a brighter side to everything. If you are looking for deals on cheap flights, help is on your way.

In the wake of increased competition, airlines offer exclusive discounts and packages that help save a lot of money. Moreover, there are many online travel portals or websites that offer airline tickets at more attractive rates. One just needs to know where to search for cheap flights. With so many airlines, travel agencies, internet portals and many more, choosing a good company is definitely a difficult choice. With all of this and much more, everyone needs a quick way out to get the best deals on their travels. You need to know how and where to book airline tickets at low prices.

While booking airline tickets through the travel agent, you must specify that you need the "lowest airline tickets". Most of the time, it is not easy to get the cheapest airline tickets. It is a much better option to book airline tickets on an online travel site. It saves time and money and is directly possible from the comforts of your home. Just a few clicks you can compare airline tickets for airlines that offer the cheapest flights. One only needs to choose the destination, date and time of travel and the website provides a comprehensive list of all available trips. There are many reliable online travel sites that offer a faster and safer way to book your airline tickets online and get the best value for your money. These websites not only offer online reservation facilities, but also provide comprehensive information about the specific destination such as maps, things to do, attractions, hotels, etc. Moreover, it always has the advantage of choosing hot deals.

Most online portals also provide additional information such as the best time to visit, currency use, weather conditions, special holiday packages and much more. Undoubtedly, travel portals are the preferred choice for anyone looking for cheap flights. The easy user interface makes it easy for everyone to search and book airline tickets online. Aside from travel websites, you can also log in to airline websites and get travel tickets. All domestic and international airlines have online reservation facilities for airline tickets. Airlines websites are your best bet for all the latest pricing information and more so you can always check out cheap flights.

You can also get cheap airline tickets from a number of other sources. One can also purchase their airline tickets from airlines. They often sell them at low prices as they get airline tickets in large quantities from airlines. However, in this case, you are responsible for all travel documents. You should also have heard about the bulldozer stores. People also book trips at these bulldozer stores because they are relatively cheaper. If you are looking for international tickets, try these shops. These ideas can always be used to identify persistent trends in the pricing of air tickets. Comparing these deals gives a fairer idea of ​​the best deal.

Aside from this, one can also book cheap flights through courier companies. Courier services often provide airlines with low-cost tickets because they use your luggage space for their goods. This is a good option if you are short on time. However, you have to be very careful about the courier company you trust. Airlines also sell cheap airline tickets because they rent a plane for some time. While booking flights from charter airlines, there is always some doubt that the flight may be canceled if tickets remain unsold.

There is also an example of a collision when people search for affordable airline tickets. In this, airlines offer special coupons and discount tickets for passengers wishing to amend on the next available flight. You can look into this for cheap flights if you're not in a hurry to get to the destination airport. This is a possible option if time is not of great concern to you. With all this and much more, you definitely know where to look for great flight deals. So pack your bags and prepare for a totally different tour.


London Stansted Airport – guide for independent travelers

From London airports, Stansted airport is far from central London, about 40 miles. The airport is dominated by low-cost airlines, especially Ryanair and easyJet, the largest low-cost airlines in Europe.

The majority of flights are European or UK domestic flights.

The airport also has great rental traffic, especially for Britons traveling on trips to the sun.

Major intercontinental and country carriers such as British Airways, Virgin, American and Singapore Airlines use all London Heathrow or Gatwick airports.

The airport is a well-established airport but was re-launched 15 years ago with a new terminal and new infrastructure, including a direct railway and motorway to London. Initially it was a white elephant, but the emergence of low-cost airlines has turned Stansted into one of Europe's fastest growing airports in the past decade.

Today, the full capacity of the main station is within sight, and it is planned to construct a new station and more from the second runway.

There are no surprises at the station itself, as all standard facilities are available including foreign currency selection, pharmacies, news fairs, etc. There is a good range of dining opportunities that range from fast food and snacks to restaurants. Shared with all BAA airports, the owner, there are plenty of luxury shopping outlets. But remember, the majority of Stansted flights are within the EEC and do not qualify for a duty-free status.

It usually takes about 30 minutes from landing to customs with most flights if you have luggage. There is an airport information office directly outside the customs and an office for AirportCarz who monopolize taxi services at the airport. Taxi transportation to London is only used by a very small minority of passengers due to distance and expense.

If your destination is London, the fastest option is to take the Stansted Express. The train station is located below the terminal so it can be taken to platforms by escalator or elevator.

Stansted Express takes 45 minutes from Liverpool Street Station in London and lasts approximately every 15 minutes during the day. The last trains are around midnight. Prices on Stansted Express are expensive, and over $ 40 USD for one return. Liverpool Street Station is also not very convenient for most travelers, as it is located in the center of London's financial district, 3-5 miles from most of the most popular hotel accommodations. The train stops at an intermediate station called Tottenham Hill, 10 minutes before Liverpool Street, which is an intersection with London Underground (Victoria Line).

Many airlines will sell tickets to Stansted Express, some at a discount, before landing at Stansted Airport.

The budget transfer option to London is to have one of four scheduled bus services operated by National Express and Terravision. There is a large and modern bus station in front of the station, next to the railway station.

The cheapest option is the Terravision service to Liverpool Street Station, which is the same as Stansted Express. The price is about half the price of a Stansted Express. The downside like all road transfers are London traffic, and on a good day the bus will arrive in an hour. National Express runs its services approximately every 30 minutes to the nearby Stratford Underground at a similar rate.

Another way the trainers took was Stansted to London Victoria. And both of them have a return for about $ 25 USD. Terravision does not stop, National Express stops in central London, many of which are close to major hotel areas. National Express is a real 24/7 service, Terravision only stops for a few hours early in the morning. Some of the highest frequencies are found in the middle of the night in Stansted – London and early in the morning from London – Stansted for the first and last flights when closed Stansted Express and London underground flights.

Since there are some very cheap rates from Ryanair and easyJet, many continents travelers have found it cheaper to fly to Heathrow and then complete their journey to their European destination with the low-cost airline from Stansted.

National Express runs shuttle services between Heathrow and Stansted from Stansted Bus Station. Usually there are two services per hour, the journey takes about 90 minutes (although delays on the highway are routine during rush hours). The fare is not cheap either. The return fare is approximately $ 50. It is cheaper to use indirect National Express service to Stratford and then take London Underground to Heathrow, but less comfortable.

If you want to stay at Stansted airport before the flight, there are plenty of options available. Like all London airport hotels, room rates are usually much cheaper on weekends than midweek. If you're going through Heathrow or Gatwick with the most intense competition, you might find Stansted prices more expensive, especially in the budget sector.

Right next to the station, the luxurious Stansted Radisson SAS Hotel is the only airport hotel where you don't need a hotel transportation. This is perhaps the most luxurious hotel and at the weekend prices it can be somewhat competitive. The original luxury hotel in Stansted is the 4-star Hilton hotel in the vicinity of the airport. Hilton Stansted runs its own shuttle bus stop from the bus station approximately every 30 minutes.

In the immediate vicinity of the airport there are Express by Holiday Inn and Best Western. The consistently least expensive option is the Days Inn in a motorway service area at the entrance to Stansted Airport. It does not provide any airport transportation itself although of course there are taxis and local bus service.

Apart from the chains, there are plenty of independent hotels in the vicinity. These hotels feature all budgets and tastes, from Country House Hotels, to bars to traditional Bed and Breakfast. The countryside around Stansted is surprisingly unspoiled and there is an opportunity to stay in a traditional market town or training inn for example.


Exceptional fixed base operator service in the aviation field

Fixed base operators, or FBOs as they are often known, refer to commercial companies and companies operating at airports to provide a wide range of services to private aircraft operators. FBOs serve a number of parties, including airline and individual departments, aircraft rental and management companies and airlines. The services of FBOs are important for several reasons, primarily to ensure the smooth operations of private aircraft at major airports. Over the years, the demand for fixed base operators has increased dramatically around the world, and there is a wide range of services that these companies can provide. Here are some aspects that deserve knowledge.

1. When it comes to FBOs, services can be varied, as mentioned. They deal with some daily requirements of aviation, such as refueling, aircraft handling, anchoring services, aircraft connectivity, aircraft management (ACM), aircraft maintenance, repair and repair (MRO), and aircraft sales. FBOs also provide facilities for special terminal operations, pilot halls, flight planning facilities and more.

2. Many parties, especially ACM operators, airline departments, and private aircraft owners, choose FBO to provide a seamless customer experience. They take care of all the required services and make sure that passengers and crew members do not encounter any problems affecting their flight operations. Since there are few restrictions on what FBO can do, these services may often include assisting airlines with their commercial operations. It also greatly helps in concierge services and related assistance for airline crews and pilots.

3. Several FBO management companies also deal in aircraft management and consulting services, depending on the services required to perform them. If you are an investor and are looking for a FBO management company, it is extremely important that you take care of the capabilities and expertise of the companies you rate. When it comes to management and related services in the aviation field, experience at the airport is the key to excellent service. Some companies are able to provide turnkey flight management services in a wide range of sectors, including FBO, MRO and ACM.

Hiring FBO for management services can help bring professionalism into the whole business process. If you haven't encountered FBO services yet, it makes sense to speak to a few fixed base operators to understand the capabilities and value they bring to the table. FBOs can help simplify the entire workflow of private aircraft operations, and have experience increasing operational efficiency. Before concluding the final contract, talk to the preferred company about the full range of services it provides, so that you can make an informed decision that meets your needs .. It is wise to develop a specific business scope with detailed pricing. Also, you should ask for many references, whether financial or aviation related.


History of the Royal Jordanian Airlines

1. The first Jordanian carriers

When Jordan gained its independence in 1946, it sought to increase its identity by establishing its own airline, which was formed on January 1 of that year as Arab Airlines. After opening the service in Beirut, it distributed its wings to Baghdad and Cairo by August 1947, and the British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC) became the main investor.

After developing into Arab Airlines Jerusalem, Ltd., six years later, it operated a fleet of two-engine Havelan Rapids from Jerusalem itself to Beirut and Cairo, but eventually added Aden, Amman, Baghdad and Jeddah. It was not the only carrier in the region.

Jordan Airlines, founded by His Excellency Ismail Belbeisi Fasha in 1950, started a service from Amman with Airspeed Consuls, but was cashed in 1953 by Transocean Airlines, an unscheduled airline that operates charter flights and contracts, enabling it to modernize its fleet With 21 Douglas DC-3s passengers. This ultimately links Oman with Kabul via Kuwait and Kandahar.

By reversing what has now become a competitor, Arab Airlines Jerusalem has acquired this type of aircraft.

They compete for a large portion of the passenger base itself, but they face competition from other airlines in the Middle East, and they have chosen to merge and form Jordan Air in the Holy Land.

Initially it operated two Convair CV-240 ships chartered from Trans Ocean, bought DC-4 in 1960, and was able to serve longer routes, such as those destined for Rome from its center in Amman. Despite the promise made by this larger four-wheel drive aircraft, the startup was forced to suspend operations on September 1 of the following year when its license was revoked.

Only one month passed before the creation of Khalifa – in this case, Jordanian Airlines, which were jointly owned by private interests (40 per cent), the Jordanian government (25 per cent), and Middle East Airlines (25 per cent as well), which it supplied With three Vickers V.700 Viscounts and turbopower-powered charter flight crews. His reign was equally short.

2. The carrier flag

In pursuit of the establishment of the International Transport Company in the country, King Hussein asked Jordan, who himself was a pilot, Ali Ghandour, Vice President of the then Lebanese International Airlines, to draw up plans for a flag airline, the king himself intended, to serve as "." … the national carrier to be a goodwill ambassador around the world and the bridge through which we exchange culture, civilization, trade, technology, friendship and better understanding with the rest of the world. "

She was named after his eldest daughter, and the resulting company was Muhammad Alia Airlines. Although its construction was only completed on December 8, 1963, the King issued one additional request – that he be airlifted within a week.

In pursuit of what could have been considered an impossible goal, Ghandour managed to turn plans into aircraft, and acquired two Handley Big Herald 207 planes chartered by the Royal Jordanian Air Force and Douglas DC7C, who opened service from Amman to Beirut on December 15. ), Cairo and Kuwait were added the following week and another DC-7 enabled it from the Jeddah service

The piston engines subsequently succumbed to jet engines, through the acquisition of Sud-Aviation SE.210-10R Caravelles, which was first delivered on July 29, 1965, and facilitated high-speed and over-weather services. To Europe, especially to Rome and Paris.

Ever fighting adversity and obstacles, however, he again encounters an enemy. After Israel took control of Jerusalem two years later, in June, Israel immediately withdrew two of the country's most important resources – tourism and agriculture – which led to a significant drop in demand for the services of the new carrier, which reduced the factors for aircraft loading.

During this latest crisis, Jordanians discovered a third resource – that is, themselves – and only with determination and sincerity, they remained high up. The subsequent acquisition was given by the government with the necessary financial support.

Having successfully weathered its latest turmoil, it was marked by its entry into the 1970s by acquiring the first long-range jet aircraft, having acquired the first two Boeing 707-320Cs on January 19 of the following year, and these roads expanded the way Specifically to Karachi in the east, Madrid, Casablanca, and Copenhagen in the west.

A joint service, though brief, was operated from Karachi to East Africa with Pakistan International Airlines (PIA).

The 707 was the first of several types of Boeing aircraft to be acquired. 720Bs, for example, were acquired in 1972 for the low-density mid-range sectors, while three advanced 727-200 triple aircraft were purchased for short to medium-range operations. Equipped with a more flexible and economical fleet, it was able to expand into the European region and continent.

Entering the era of the broad body, Alia acquired the first Boeing 747-200B on December 15, 1976, which facilitated the launch of the transatlantic service from Amman to New York and Houston via Vienna or Amsterdam in July of the following year, the first Arab airline to do so. It became the first of two types of wide body to operate.

After deviating from the entire Boeing fleet, the company ordered six Lockheed L-1011-500 aircraft. Entering service in October 1981 between Amman and London Heathrow, the three-carrier engine type enabled European destinations and many destinations in the Middle East, such as those destined for the Gulf states, with wide-body aircraft for the first time.

A sequel to the 747, it operated the Amman-Vienna / Amsterdam – New York routes on certain days, as well as one that recently opened to Los Angeles with an intermediate stop in Chicago. The JFK segment has also been upgraded to non-stop mode and some flights operate across Montreal.

By 1982, it was managing seven 707-320Cs, one 720-030B, six 727-200 Advanceds, three 747-200Bs, two of which were in a combi configuration with major cargo loading capabilities on deck, and two L-1011-500s.

After retiring the four-engine narrow bodies, by 1985 its fleet had centered around 747 for the long-range and high-density roads, the TriStar 500 for the medium to long-range, medium-density sectors, and 727 for the short-to-medium-cotton sectors, the low-density sectors.

December 15, 1986 celebrated many highlights: The Jordanian flag bearer celebrated the tenth anniversary of the Middle East and the United States and its silver jubilee in the quarter of a century, in celebration of this occasion with the image and name of a new company, the latter was modified from "Alia" to, simply , Royal Jordanian Airlines, in order to confirm its identity.

Ali Ghandour, Chairman and CEO, said, "The new company name is the embodiment of our sense of heritage, as well as our sense of our destiny, our accomplishments and aspirations, and in this process the" ownership "relationship that we have preserved from the beginning is recognized and confirmed and recognized.

"Last but not least," he concluded, "I would like to emphasize that we have not sought change for our benefit, but to show us and the world that we are moving forward in our view, determined in our efforts to move forward and confident as well as full of hope for a bright future."

As of January 1, 1987, the Jordanian Royal Pathways system consists of 41 cities in 34 countries on four continents.

These include three long-term routes to the North Atlantic, including the sectors Amman – Vienna – New York, Amman – Amsterdam – New York, Amman – Vienna – Chicago – Los Angeles, and two eastern long-term routes, including Oman, Bangkok and Amman Kuala Lumpur – Singapore.

Two North African routes were created, from Amman to Tripoli and from Amman to Tunisia and Casablanca, while one destination was introduced in the former Soviet Union, Moscow.

European destinations included Amsterdam, Athens, Belgrade, Brussels, Bucharest, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Geneva, Istanbul, Larnaca, London, Madrid, Paris Orly, Rome and Vienna.

Not surprisingly, there is a great focus on the Middle East route that includes Abu Dhabi, Amman, Baghdad, Bahrain, Cairo, Damascus, Dhahran, Doha, Dubai, Jeddah, Karachi, Kuwait, Muscat, Riyadh, and Sanaa.

Its only domestic sector was between its center and the Aqaba.

Two joint services were also operated – to Beirut with Middle East Airlines and to East Berlin with Interflug.

During the five-year period from 1979 to 1983, the annual number of passengers carried included the following: 1979: 915,000; 1980: 10,000,000; 1981: 1440,000; 1982: 667273; and 1983: 145734.

3. Subsidiaries

Regardless of the airline itself, Royal Jordanian has counted several air and land subsidiaries in its portfolio.

Previously, it was Arab Air Cargo. Founded in 1974, Jordan International Airlines succeeded in March 1982 as a Jordanian-Iraqi joint venture, and opened freight service on May 1 of the following year with two 707-320C cargo planes.

Both AACO and ICAO members have flown to cities such as Amman, Amsterdam, Baghdad, Brussels, Dubai, Larnaca, London and Rome. Six hundred and twelve flights were made in 1985, during which 4,5151 hours revenue and 21,166 tons of cargo were transported, and received $ 16.6 million.

Arab Wings Company, its second subsidiary, provided a fast service for chartering business aircraft on demand in remote and inaccessible areas of the Middle East, and it was then the only operation of its kind in the region. With co-financing from the government of the Sultanate of Oman (one-third) and the Jordanian king himself (two-thirds), the service was opened in May of 1975 and the operation of two of the six passengers Gates Leargate 35s and one of eight passengers Rockwell Sabrilliner 75A from Oman and the Muscat Air bases.

During the three-year period from 1981 to 1983, it carried respectively 1636, 2166, and 1,390 passengers.

A separate branch, the Arab Wings of Air Ambulance (AWFA), provided air service and was taken to heaven for the first time in 1978.

Sierra Leone Airlines, its third subsidiary, was formed in 1982 to succeed Sierra Leone Airlines, which was founded in 1958 and opened service in November from Freetown, Sierra Leone, to London, with joint ownership of Royal Jordanian (20 percent), private interests (20 percent). ), And the Sierra Leone government (60 percent).

Subsequent expansion led to the opening of international services from Freetown-Longy to Abidjan (Ivory Coast), Accra (Ghana), Dakar (Senegal), Lagos (Nigeria), Las Palmas (Canary Islands), London, Monrovia (Liberia), Paris, Whereas, domestic flights, based in Freetown, Hastings, linked the airport with Ponte, Kenema, and Yangma, all of which were 707-320, 720 one and two from Bretten Norman Trlunders. It was later replaced by CASA C-212-200 Aviocars.

In addition to these subsidiaries, Royal Jordanian also had several land companies. Among these airports is Queen Alia International Airport (QAIA), which opened on May 25, 1983 and includes two connected stations with 12 gates and can annually accommodate up to five million passengers.

The hospitality management, which had the capacity to prepare 20,000 daily meals for on-board catering, the terminal restaurant, snack bars, and staff cafeterias, managed the 315-room Alia Gateway Hotel which opened in 1985 and It was used by transit passengers and flight crews. He also supervised the duty free shops at the airport.

The Royal Jordanian Training Center was divided into the Technical Training Institute and the Trade and Administration Center.

Comprising of civil and military branches, the Royal Jordanian Air Academy, another branch, was appointed to the Middle East Regional Technical Center in 1985 by the International Air Transport Association.

Several other concerns included the Queen Noor Civil Aviation Institute; Arab Airlines, which was the engineering consulting branch that helped design and build the airport itself between 1979 and 1983; the Royal Jordanian Collection of Folk Art Alia Art Gallery and Royal Tours.

4. RJ today

The fleet modernization witnessed the last decade of the history of the Royal Jordanian Company in the twentieth century, indicating a long-time shift of loyalty from Boeing and Lockheed products to Airbus industrial aircraft, the first of which was the A-310-300.

Powered by two high bypass turbines carried by the two-person cockpit crew, it replaced the 727 on roads where demand exceeded its power or proved to be too weak for the L-1011s, while providing wide double comfort in the aisle. Due to its scale capability, it has operated Jordan and the US sectors across the Atlantic, especially during periods of low demand.

However, these planes were mainly transported by the addition of a second Airbus fleet, the A-340-200 Quad Engine, which eventually replaced the 747 and TriStars.

Bonafide 727 alternatives were formed, on regional, Middle Eastern, North African and European parts, as a twin-engine family with a narrow chassis A-319, A-320 and A-321, while short-range and regional tracks were flying the Embraer E-175 and E-195. , Consisting of two classes, on a plane of another type, which respectively accommodated 72 and 100 passengers. Both were well suited for the 45-minute jump between the capital and the Aqaba resort on the Red Sea.

Royal Jordanian, admitted as a member of the Oneworld Alliance in 2007, continued to develop its long-range fleet, gaining 233,000 kg of A-330-200s consisting of 24 crowns and 259 economic seats between 2010 and 2011 and 227,930 kg 787-8 aircraft dreamliners respectively accommodate 24 and 247 passengers between August and November 2014. The A-310s were intermittently converted into cargo ships with front and top opening doors for cargo on deck and A-340 aircraft, due to their non-stop Upon operating four fuel consumption engines, they were completely removed from service.

Royal Jordanian prepared on the threshold of the Golden Jubilee on December 15, 2012, when it presented a series of fiftieth anniversary on one of its aircraft, which re-activated the airline's first route to Beirut.

After fighting regional obstacles and conflicts, he has served as a vital contributor to the country's culture and economy. With the scarcity of natural resources, agriculture and tourism in the occupied West Bank have been closed, it has served as an air bridge to the rest of the world, and has become one of the main sources of income in the country, and for this reason travelers are viewed as vital to their continued existence. As a result, it was, to a large extent, the basis on which the State itself relied.

Looking at the carrier’s history, Mr. Nasser Lawzy said during the golden jubilee ceremony held at Queen Alia International Airport in December 2012, “When His Majesty King Hussein launched her name RJ December 15, 1963, he wanted to be the national carrier of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan With the aim of contributing to Jordan's progress, enhancing interaction with other cultures, and establishing relations with other nations … (today) we are proud of being the national carrier that links Jordan and the Levant with the world. "

Looking back at its growth, which saw an increase in the annual number of travelers from 87,000 in 1964 to more than 3.3 million in 2012, President and CEO Amer Al-Hadidi said, "Royal Jordanian has been a pioneer in establishing a solid base for the air transport industry locally and regionally. "

Three E-175, five E-195s, 4 A-319-100, six A-320-200s, two A-321-200s, and three A-330 operating -200s, and five from 787 to 8s By the end of 2014, Royal Jordanian served 54 destinations on four continents and appeared to be looking good to continue the mission created by its founder.


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