South Jersey has a great offer for tourists

While I did not plan to cover the County of Ocean, Monmouth Merser and when he spoke of the Southern New Jersey, it is difficult to hold certain attractions. South Jersey has to offer to anyone who travels to the region. There are many things to see and do. Starting from Jackson, NJ, Six Flags has three theme parks that offer attractive enough for some & # 39; and. There is vraganskaya Harbor, the largest water park in the state of New Jersey, Wild Safari and Six Flags Great Adventure all legendary parks. A few minutes from Great Adventure has outlets "Jersey Shore Premium" in the pond Tinton Falls, where you can buy shops in 120 stores of designers and brand name, as well as retail outlets Jackson & Premium; In Oceanport there Raceway Park Monmouth, which presents cross-breeds, including racing on sleds, strokes, drivers and race day. Then you have a high-speed road of the New Egyptian town and city Old Bridge in motorsport. If you are involved in motor racing, the Atco Raceway should be interesting for your trip. Also Monmutse is a state park in Bitfild Manalapane, place the largest battles of the American Revolution. Every June thousands visit the park for the reconstruction of the Battle of Monmutse.

If you go to the beach, you will Jenkinson track in Point Pleasant Beach with entertainment, an aquarium, shops, games and night club. Journey to the center of the city offers 100 independent antique shops. Seaside Heights – famous pavement with exciting nightlife and fantastic family entertainment. Then visit the marina and casino funtaun. It hosts numerous festive events, starting in February, when the polar bear plunges in February through December New Year's fireworks. On the island of Long Beach has a Viking village in Barnegatse and Recreation Area Sandy Hook in Sugor & # 39; e. Takerton sea port – a multi-faceted entertainment experience, education and maritime exhibits. There is an island Beach, Barnegat Bay and the island of Long Beach Museum of Barnegat Lighthouse. The Red Beach, a theater "Count Basi", the historic theater in 1926, which continues with jazz, dance, comedy and rock and roll.

Moving to the southernmost point of New Jersey and starting with the County of Cape May, and then moving across the state, we begin with the southernmost point of Cape May, New Jersey and Cape May – Lewis Paris. If you are visiting China on a cruise boat in Cape May, or visit the training center of the Coast Guard Cape May, Cape May and its Victorian architecture can offer any tourist. There is a Bird Observatory Cape May, a unique pedestrian mall, as well as the famous zoo and park in Cape May. There is a rental water skiing, kayaking, fishing, surfing, boating, boating, biking and, of course, many places of origin. Visit one of the famous places of family vacation in Avalon, Ocean City, sea island, stone harbor, the wild forest or Stratmery. In addition, within the country there Margate, Somers Point, Linwood, Northfield, Absekon and Galloway, Pleasantville and historic Smitvil and Smithville village with many shops and stalls masters. In addition to this, there is the Central Atlantic Center for the Arts in Cape May (MAC), created in 1970 to save 1879 manor Emlena Physics from breaking ball now MAS manages the restored mansion with 18 rooms, like Cape May & # 39; s only Victorian house museum. MAC also restored 1859 lighthouse and works in Cape May, where visitors can climb the 199 steps to the top to get a breathtaking view of the Delaware Bay and the Atlantic Ocean.

Atlantic City and its surrounding area and offers 11 luxurious hotel and casino resorts with the highest fun and world-class dining. The marina shops "Caesar", a world-class restaurant Mia, and, of course, walk or Atlantic City outlets have incredible deals on clothing. If you re a golfer, then Seaview Marriot – a major stop. Oceanville offers two seats in the shelter for wildlife Edwin B Forsythe, including 43,000 acres, as well as the Art Museum Neuss. If in Vilnius, in South New Jersey has plenty to choose from. There are Balik, Bellevue, Cape May, Heritage, Plagida, Wine Renault plant in Yayk Harbor Tamasela, Turda, Sharrot, Ross Cod, Chestnut Run, DyMatea, Natalie, Valensana, Auburn, Rondo, Swansea, wagon house and a new vineyard branch Panthers in the state of new Jersey.

Inner southern New Jersey – is the home grown blueberries and second place in the country in blueberry production. The capital city of Hammonton and its famous festival of red, white and blueberry, which occurs at the end of June. There blueberry farm, where you choose your own. Jersey has fresh tomatoes, peaches, apples, cucumbers and Jersey Fresh Corn. In the near future will open new farmers market in New Jersey. The village is also Gammontone Batsta, a nationally recognized landmark, her village dates back to 1766. Two centuries of American history on the background of pine Barenav. Nearby there are many campsites, but a state park and Lake Atsion Wharton offers a pleasant retreat. If you want to make family entertainment, visit a steel pier in Atlantic City or Gardiner Basin for dolphin and whale watching excursions. Absecon boasts its high lighthouse and Margot with her 100-year-old Lucy the Elephant. Then, of course, back in Atlantic City its sidewalks, built in 1870, at many festivals, Airshows and free entertainment on Kennedy Square. There are also historical sites such as the Korean War Memorial.

The transition to the County of Cumberland, which has a rich tradition and history, is home to 2200 colonial, Victorian and federalistychnyh buildings. Brick walkway, lights and benches bordering the picturesque waterfront promenades promenade and fountain. Here are Kohanzik Zoo and Park 1100 acres, four museums, canoe rental, swimming and picnicking. Then you have AJ Meerwald and colorful mouth of the Delaware, and the wild and scenic river Morris in Bivalve. Excursion to AJ Meerwald 115 feet truly restored 1928 Delaware Bay Shhunar-ship helps teach maritime history. If you love art, then be sure to look out Milvilski District High Street Street. Every third Friday it is open late for travelers and do not forget about the Millville Motorsports Park and Museum Army airfield. From someone who has lived here all his life, you can still see a lot of things. Starting from Millville, take a river cruise, which departs at the beginning of High Street with Captain Dave Shereram. Morris will lead you on the river to see the Bald Eagle, Ospreya, Purple Martin, and more. If it is fishing, then go to the capital of the world Fortesku wimp. Catch flounder, blue fish, stryptyzer, weakling and sea bass in the estuary of the Delaware Bay.