Holidays Jersey: What to do in January

Jersey holidays celebrated throughout the year various celebrations, events, shows, fireworks and tips along the way Garden State, which is available to all residents and visitors from children to the elderly. These holidays are always festive with many attractions, such as fireworks, alarm, ringing, pumpkins, haunted houses, or valentines.

The annual calendar of the best things about the holidays Jersey is filled with recommendations for entertainment, exciting seasonal outdoor activities and indoor activities, events, attractions and places of interest for all ages. January – a month of freezing time of the year and for many events in the room, and for more exciting events – excellent winter outdoor activities. You can enjoy skiing, snowboarding, ice skating and snow tubing in the northern sky. Winter Festival in Lambervile – it's a great family festival. MLK Day is celebrated the third Monday of every January to honor Dr. Martin Luther King and the principles for which he lived and died. Holiday also marks the life and contributions of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the history of the civil rights movement in the United States. In Newark and Piskatei have some basketball and hockey top class teams. Awesome Disney ice show is usually held in January in the cold in East Rutherford, as well as Trenton. To visit there are various museums such as the National Museum of New Jersey in Trentone; Museum and memorial warship New Jersey in Camden; Newark Museum in Newark, which offers a wide selection of exciting art and natural treasures and programs that are educational, fun and adventure. Do not miss a visit to Jersey City, which is rich in a variety of lifestyle, attractions, entertainment and restaurants. It is also a city with fascinating small ethnic neighborhoods, modern high-rise towers candidate and attractions that include museums, a nationally recognized research center of science, and unrivaled views of the world-class marina with views of the New York skyline, the Statue of Liberty, Alice Island Bridge and the Verrazano. You can bring children in environmental education center in the county of Somerset County Park to watch the sugar maple is tapped trees, view, methods of collecting the juice of the past and the present, and see the boiling process that produces delicious maple syrup, New Jersey. And there is always something to do in Atlantic City, which is full of theaters, casinos, delicious restaurants, nightclubs, music shows and concerts. And, of course, visit the spa for a romantic weekend in Jersey vacation.

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