NJ Nets 2009-2010 Forecast period

After the loss of Jason Kidd, Richard Jefferson and Vince Carter last year and a half, netsya sought to create around himself a talented young core to again become rivals. Tickets for the New York Nets sold a lot more if they fight every year in the NBA.

Casual basketball fans at this moment may not know exactly who is on netsya, but the potential that they have young talent, can alter this team at an early stage.

New franchise teams – Devin Harris. Last season he appeared as one of the young stars in the NBA, so Dallas fans are wondering why they have refused for the old Jason Kidd. Brook Lopez – a major role in, and after an impressive rookie company expects big things for the former Stanford star.

One of the most interesting works of trade Vince Carter – Courtney Lee. Another young potential, which showed flashes of talent, he could become netsya wing for a long time.

With all this young talent, perhaps the most important player who will make the opposing team or a contender, with & # 39 is Yi Jianlian. After arrival in the NBA from China a few years ago, he was part of its second team and many asked whether he will ever star. It will be the minutes that he needed, now he just has to fulfill.

Those looking for tickets for the New Jersey Nets, will be looking to make them before with the & # 39; to go to Brooklyn. The good thing about New Jersey is that they seem to have the range of tickets available, so you can not only watch the rising team a team, but also the best teams. Do not sleep in netsya this year, they could surprise some people this season.