Support Guide children in New Jersey

Law of the State of New Jersey, who comes to alimony, simple, if you and your husband / ex-husband / other party earn less than 3,600 dollars net total income per week.

In this case, it will apply a system called Guide for support of children, in which the computer & # 39; the computer program creates a basic amount of child support you and another party. Net weekly income for the number of children. This amount is the same in one county, as in all the counties of New Jersey, and all other information remains the same.

New Jersey commissioned highly educated people to determine that amount of child support that should hypothetically spend on the child. This does not mean that their results are not available. But while the findings of many years are still intact.

To this basic of & # 39; maintenance volume, you can add various types of maintenance, such as a child's portion of health insurance, day care (excluding tax credit) and extraordinary expenses. Alimony for children's food is considered covered shelter for the child, transportation, food, clothing, extra-curricular and recreational activities.

If you and the other party to the net weekly income exceeds $ 3,600, the maximum number of targets for the number of children you have "sex" and the judge may add an additional amount after considering the fact that the statute, NJSA 2A: 34- 23. This scenario is referred to as "the above guidelines "because you are above the amount of support in accordance with the recommendations.

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