Attractions New Jersey worth seeing

Attractions New Jersey are diverse and varied. Where the visitor can be attracted, it is a question that most interests him or her. This state is located in syarednyaatlantychnay of the United States of America, which borders the state of New York, and on the other side – the Atlantic Ocean. There are many different places that you can visit in order to fully assess the state. These include historical sites, attractions and other interesting areas that are considered attractive for people visiting the state. There are many to choose and explore during their stay in the country. It's better to spend a bit of research and found that there may be interesting.

historic sites

Not many people know about this, but the state has a lot of history to boast of. Some of the historical attractions here include parks, lighthouses, museums and the partial or entire villages that have a lot of history in them. In the end, the state is known as the intersection of the American Revolution. Notable lighthouses include, but are not limited to, abasenavski lighthouse, Barnegat Lighthouse, and Cape May Lighthouse. The first – the highest in the country, and the second also has a great contribution to the history of the area. Some of the parks are placed different zones, where people were and won the battle, as well as residences and offices of people included in the American history. Some residents of the state also conduct mocking decisive battles during the seasons, to restore the real battle in which their ancestors were. Battleship New Jersey has a whole arsenal of artifacts and historical items, through which you can evaluate the valor and courage of the American people.


For fun and entertainment of family members & # 39; and New Jersey offers attractions for both children and adults. There are many beaches where you can enjoy, as well as several casinos in the area, where adults can complete the thrills and fun. Ocean City is known for having a lot of beautiful beaches and a lot of things that can be done in and out of the water. There are many different places to buy souvenirs and choice, as well as to eat and enjoy local rates. Children and adults will also enjoy the Six Flags Great Adventure and Wild Safari, which have a variety of attractions and entertainment fare for people of all ages. It is assumed that it is the largest theme park in the United States. It offers a total of three parks and a couple of hundred thrilling rides. Wild Safari passage – is another thing that can attract people to the "Parade of flags." Atlantic City is well known for its casinos, which can capture and enrapture adults all day. There are many popular casino that you can visit and taste success. In addition to a casino in Atlantic City there are also sidewalks, which can be entertaining for those who want to try their luck in the casino.