Long Beach Island, New Jersey

Long Beach Island, New Jersey, with the & # 39 is a bar & # 39; ernym island off the east coast of New Jersey. The island, which is commonly referred to LBI, passes away just over 18 miles. This holiday resort Zhorsi on the bank just a few blocks! When people think of New Jersey, they rarely think of the island, but I'm sure this bar & # 39; erny island there!

Long Beach Island, New Jersey, is a popular area of ​​the summer holidays. While many think of Wildwood or Atlantic City, when they think about the Jersey Shore, this gem (LBI) has excellent nekamertsyyalizavanae feel for seven & # 39; families who are looking for a quiet ride and want to get away from the world of franchising and a great meal. shopping malls box.

Long Beach Island, New Jersey, is actually made up of many small towns. Although the island is 18 miles long, in fact there are a lot of cities. The most popular city – Beach Haven, thanks to the forefront. Make no mistake, the entire length of the island, you can see and grab.
"Barnegat" Lighthouse & # 39 is part of the island for over 150 years, and he again offers a beacon of light after it is experiencing its 150th birthday.

Fishing and water sports – a popular activity. With a lot of the marina and places to choose can be anything from fishing at a depth of up to rent water skis.

Seven & # 39; and wishing to enjoy the numerous activities on the island of Long Beach, New Jersey, can choose from a variety of hotels and resorts, as well as for rent beach house. One point that you win – it is a big name franchise hotel; This cute mom and pop motels and hotels, are arranged point on the island, which helps to preserve the charm of the island.
While you are visiting the island again in Long Beach, New Jersey are sure to enjoy a large number of restaurants catering to different tastes, from fresh seafood to Italian favorites and quick sandwiches and burgers.

A popular activity that is gaining position – is surfing on Long Beach! There are many different surf shops now offer visitors a lesson on surfing. It has become extremely popular, so if this is something you are interested in, make sure you call the store and sign up early!

People do not think of New Jersey as a vacation, but this coastal town Jersey can offer a lot. This is a hidden gem that offers elegant accommodation, great family entertainment and the beach is clean.