Golf Pine Valley Golf Course in Klimentane, NJ

Mention "Pine Valley" for any serious & # 39; oznay group of golfers and no explanation is required. After all, golf complex "Klimentan New Jersey" "Pine Valley" consistently assessed on the top and one of the top golf courses in the world. This major golf magazine "Golf Magazine" by "Golf Magazine" Award in its definition and awards conferred Pine Valley in his hotel room the first place as the best golf course in the United States and indeed the world. It is said that the most experienced and decisive golfers often claim that if there is a more difficult golf course that can be played anywhere in the world, these golf fans do not want to know about it, or they will be nice to be offered a round of golf links.

Field History Course Pine Valley dates back to 1912, when a rich hotel named Mr. George Arthur Crump decided he wanted to build a golf course that will be worthy of its name and reputation. He chose an area of ‚Äč‚Äčland, which was mainly in the swamp forest surrounded by sand. Dream sheep took fully seven years to build and complete. In fact, on and it provides removal of about twenty thousand stumps. In the end, unfortunately, he only lived for an innovator and creator of Mr. Crump project to replenish only 14 holes in this masterpiece of golf. The rest of the tees – at least 12 holes have been completed some time after its passage. How unfortunate.

You can truly and honestly say that Pine Valley No two holes of golf, which even from a distance look like. The peculiarity of the course and plan – one of the greatest attractions of this beautiful golf course with the world of international renown. However, we can say that if there is one distinguishing feature and compulsory for the whole course and the installation – it's sand. Mounds of sand and plenty overcome and prevent the game and follow the game, even the most advanced and experienced golfistav. Indeed sandy expanse big, big and extreme size and nature that the owners of the land does not even try to dig them. Undoubtedly, an obstacle even professional golfers and those who are close to their class.

One day, as a golfer, you can live your dream of how to actually play and play golf in the Pine Valley Golf Klimentane New Jersey. Come on!