View of the highest court in New Jersey – the process of family divorce / divorce in Hudson County

As divorce attorney in New Jersey, I saw a lot of things going on in the courtroom and outside the court. Sometimes the court is so civilized and ordered, sometimes, it seems to show Jerry Spryngera stuzhatstsa in the room in the hall. This article focuses on vizinatsyi Hudson County, situated 595 Newark Avenue, Jersey City, New Jersey.
Cases of divorce in Hudson County, New Jersey

While each district court must follow the rules of the State Court of New Jersey, each district has its own approach. Today’s article is devoted to the family court Hudson County.
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Chairman of the judges on the part of some & # 39; and & # 39 is Judge Maureen Sagluitstso. Sagluitstso judge manages the lava of the family, and also manages a large load marital affairs / divorce. Judge impartially and does not tolerate the exclusion of parents, and she has great respect for the people in the Armed Forces.
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According to its management, one of the most important programs during a divorce after her divorce from & # 39 is an extension board for early settlement, which gives people who are lawyers, a great chance to settle their affairs without worrying the cost and stress of the trial.

Judge Daniel D & # 39; Alessandro
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Next, Judge D & # 39; Alessandro – a lifelong resident of Jersey City and Hudson County. For many years he had his own law practice on Kennedy Boulevard, Jersey City, New Jersey, a lot of times before you appoint a judge of the Supreme Court in the Hudson area. Judge D & # 39; Alessandro very quiet judge who rarely, if ever raises his voice, and it is he who takes his time to make decisions. Judge focuses your calendar primarily on divorce, child custody and divorce petitions

Judge Maureen Mantsine
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Mantsineo judge – a former president of the court departments something & # 39; and while it is not for a short time went to work in civil cases. It warmly welcomes the bench and bar. Mantyneo judge – a man who is focused, working very hard, and easy to like and you like it, if you are truthful. Mantyneo judge appreciates the relationship between mother and child, parent and child, in spite of the concerns of parents.
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A brief summary of the timeline for the contested divorce in New Jersey

  • Divorce is served and handed over the other party
  • The opposite side provides a response or appearance
  • It is a conference for case management when lawyers take out the judge issues and the amount of time they will need to conduct discovery.
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  • Opening begins. Each party has the right to request information from the other side, depending on the contentious issues. Examples of requested or demanded items with & # 39 are: bank statement, tax returns, statements of assets upon retirement, loans, work-books, documents and other loan.
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  • As soon as the opening end or close to the end, the parties attending the meeting for early settlement (ESP) in the local Yotvingia court, where each side presents its position to the forum participants, who make an optional view of the case and how it should be addressed.
  • After ESP side go before a judge and explain when it decided, and if not, they should choose economic mediator to try to settle it one last time. trial date can be assigned to this email ESP conference.
  • If the parties do not resolve all the questions, the questions that remain to be considered before a judge to make a decision. Litigation in family matters – it is the judge, not the jury.

  • a decision is made. The parties have 45 days to appeal.
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