Joseph Bonaparte and d & # 39; yabal in New Jersey

Joseph Bonaparte and d & # 39; yabal in New Jersey:

“Kamidor Steven Dekatur was an American naval hero in the early nineteenth century. According to legend, he visited the Hanover mill plant to get acquainted with the fake cannon balls. At that time, he visited a firing gun and saw the flying creature flaps its wings.” He fired at the gun, and the creature flew away. flights
As reported, Joseph Bonaparte, brother of Napoleon Bonaparte and former King of Spain, had seen D & # 39; the devil. The incident occurred in Bordtavne, NJ, while he was hunting for hunting in the nearby forest.
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It is known that the infamous Captain Kidd buried treasure in Barnegatskim Gulf. Legend has it that he cut off the head of one of his men to guard his buried treasure forever. Notes argue that the headless pirate and d & # 39; yabal Jersey, and his friends in the evenings have seen over the Atlantic and the neighboring wetlands.
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In Clayton, New Jersey, d & # 39; yabal chasing possession to the edge of a wooded area. Heck ran into the woods. Representation, fearing to pursue him, halted and declared ‘if you d & # 39; yabal knocking chains “.
Taste d & # 39; devil var & # 39; iruetstsa. In 1870, he saw cavourite into the sea with a mermaid. He is believed to have ham and eggs breakfast with a Republican – Judge French. But d & # 39; yabal, as we know, has no particular political affiliation.
D & # 39; yabalskiya sights overcome great geographical distances. – from Bryzhetana to Haddonfield in 1859; up to the limit of New York in 1899; and from the English town of Gloucester to Trenton in 1909. Until this time, tales of d & # 39; the devil passed from mouth to mouth.
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However, published police and newspaper accounts during a famous week in January 1909 took over the history of D & # 39; the devil from the national faith to this folk legend. Thirty different observations of one week talked about e & # 39; yabal sailing across the Delaware River to Maryland, Pennsylvania and Delaware. Articles from newspapers created almost panic in the region.
Theory and d & # 39; yabal

After the speeches, in 1909 the scientific community asked for possible explanations. It is reported that teachers Philadelphia Science and the Smithsonian Institution experts consider D & # 39; the devil prehistoric creatures of the Jurassic period.
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Or survived the creature in nearby limestone caves? It was a pterodactyl or peleazavr? New York scientists thought it marsupial predator. Is it extinct fracture? However, the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia could not find any record of living dead species such as d & # 39; Jersey Devil “(2).
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There is a remote “probability” that the Habsburgs and the Randolph or other magicians who live in the upper part Chesapika have any relation to this e & # 39; the devil. Some of these rituals, of course, related to the call Asmadeya or other elements that some call demons. They also claim that they can change the shape, but I suspect that they are involved in praetsyrovtsy hallucinations or what is called the fog. In any case, interesting to find Napoleon’s brother, who lives in this area of ‚Äč‚ÄčAmerica.