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The expected IPO of Chinese hardware manufacturer Bitcoin Canaan Inc. began yesterday. The public offer of $ 90 million was a bit amazing given the previous valuations and the company completed its first trading day.

Bitcoin mining shares return to $ 9
This week, Chinese mining giant Canaan Inc. completed its initial public offering in the United States for $ 90 million. The figure for the first time seems impressive that a Chinese company based in Bitcoin is registered, however, it is lower than its original valuation of $ 400 million in October.

Bloomberg said the mining hardware manufacturer sold 10 million American Deposit Shares (ADS) on Wednesday for $ 9 per piece. ADS is a stake in the dollar-denominated capital of a foreign-based company available for purchase on the US Stock Exchange. UU.


According to the official announcement last week, the Hangzhou-based company planned to raise $ 100 million by offering 10 million shares offered between $ 9 and $ 11 according to claims filed with the SEC.


Spa – spas rejuvenate the body, mind and soul


Spa – a place to visit, to improve the way you look and feel. Today, it seems people are more stressful than ever. In everyday life, they are faced with a much bigger fight than their parents. Moreover, many are working longer hours, more waves and regularly engage in complex problems.
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All that matters. Moreover, many people are struggling to manage with all this, and the fact that they look much. That is why the resort is so important. They can help you get back most of what you think you do not.

methods of rejuvenation
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In many cases, the day can change it in the spa that you feel about yourself, and as a result it can help you rejuvenate your mind and soul. If you get rid of stress, which feel like your mind is clear.
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Your body is able to function without stress. Do you feel better for the world, which improves the overall outlook. For many people, just a day here can change a life, if you let it.
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In order for this to happen, you will need to choose the right treatment options for your needs. While many things play a role. For some, the need to eliminate the signs of aging – a big deal.
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If you feel worn out, think about microdermabrasion for removal of the outermost layer of the skin. This will help to remove most of the dead skin cells and thereby create a youthful appearance.
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Getting rid of stress – another big step. Deep tissue massage can also help you to do this. High-quality resort can do this for you. Some specialize in different types of massage, including those who are coping with a very specific types of muscle problems that you encounter every day. If you have pain, and pain, it may help. Removing stress from your body can also improve your attitude.
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When it comes to improving your prospects, start your day in a nursing home. Plan some time to get a professional to offer you advice. During the consultation, determine what your condition and what steps you can and should take to improve health.
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Most experts recommend specific treatments that can improve both the appearance and the way you feel. You can invest in only one or two treatments, or to invest in a lot. The bottom line is that you will see an improvement in stress levels and your world when you get help for professionals in the spa.



View of the highest court in New Jersey – the process of family divorce / divorce in Hudson County


As divorce attorney in New Jersey, I saw a lot of things going on in the courtroom and outside the court. Sometimes the court is so civilized and ordered, sometimes, it seems to show Jerry Spryngera stuzhatstsa in the room in the hall. This article focuses on vizinatsyi Hudson County, situated 595 Newark Avenue, Jersey City, New Jersey.
Cases of divorce in Hudson County, New Jersey

While each district court must follow the rules of the State Court of New Jersey, each district has its own approach. Today’s article is devoted to the family court Hudson County.
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Chairman of the judges on the part of some & # 39; and & # 39 is Judge Maureen Sagluitstso. Sagluitstso judge manages the lava of the family, and also manages a large load marital affairs / divorce. Judge impartially and does not tolerate the exclusion of parents, and she has great respect for the people in the Armed Forces.
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According to its management, one of the most important programs during a divorce after her divorce from & # 39 is an extension board for early settlement, which gives people who are lawyers, a great chance to settle their affairs without worrying the cost and stress of the trial.

Judge Daniel D & # 39; Alessandro
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Next, Judge D & # 39; Alessandro – a lifelong resident of Jersey City and Hudson County. For many years he had his own law practice on Kennedy Boulevard, Jersey City, New Jersey, a lot of times before you appoint a judge of the Supreme Court in the Hudson area. Judge D & # 39; Alessandro very quiet judge who rarely, if ever raises his voice, and it is he who takes his time to make decisions. Judge focuses your calendar primarily on divorce, child custody and divorce petitions

Judge Maureen Mantsine
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Mantsineo judge – a former president of the court departments something & # 39; and while it is not for a short time went to work in civil cases. It warmly welcomes the bench and bar. Mantyneo judge – a man who is focused, working very hard, and easy to like and you like it, if you are truthful. Mantyneo judge appreciates the relationship between mother and child, parent and child, in spite of the concerns of parents.
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A brief summary of the timeline for the contested divorce in New Jersey

  • Divorce is served and handed over the other party
  • The opposite side provides a response or appearance
  • It is a conference for case management when lawyers take out the judge issues and the amount of time they will need to conduct discovery.
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  • Opening begins. Each party has the right to request information from the other side, depending on the contentious issues. Examples of requested or demanded items with & # 39 are: bank statement, tax returns, statements of assets upon retirement, loans, work-books, documents and other loan.
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  • As soon as the opening end or close to the end, the parties attending the meeting for early settlement (ESP) in the local Yotvingia court, where each side presents its position to the forum participants, who make an optional view of the case and how it should be addressed.
  • After ESP side go before a judge and explain when it decided, and if not, they should choose economic mediator to try to settle it one last time. trial date can be assigned to this email ESP conference.
  • If the parties do not resolve all the questions, the questions that remain to be considered before a judge to make a decision. Litigation in family matters – it is the judge, not the jury.
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  • a decision is made. The parties have 45 days to appeal.
  • Bitcoin steered the cryptocurrency market to a recovery phase of the phenomena from the lows recorded in the last week of August. Bitcoin’s graceful correction of over $ 10,700 resurrected investor hopes to see older cryptocurrencies above psychological level at $ 11,000. However, the hit on the BTC paused just under $ 10,800 and pulled in at $ 10,500. At press time, the price of Bitcoin is hovering at $ 10,550 after a subtle decline of 0.78% per day.
    ripple price
    Although Bitcoin’s short-term trend paints a positive picture, a number of analysts with big follow-ups on Twitter are advising investors to proceed cautiously. For example, Johnny Moe says Bitcoin is down if it moves. The consolidation witnessed in the last two months suggests a potential massive drop to about $ 6,000.



Joseph Bonaparte and d & # 39; yabal in New Jersey


Joseph Bonaparte and d & # 39; yabal in New Jersey:

“Kamidor Steven Dekatur was an American naval hero in the early nineteenth century. According to legend, he visited the Hanover mill plant to get acquainted with the fake cannon balls. At that time, he visited a firing gun and saw the flying creature flaps its wings.” He fired at the gun, and the creature flew away.
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As reported, Joseph Bonaparte, brother of Napoleon Bonaparte and former King of Spain, had seen D & # 39; the devil. The incident occurred in Bordtavne, NJ, while he was hunting for hunting in the nearby forest.
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It is known that the infamous Captain Kidd buried treasure in Barnegatskim Gulf. Legend has it that he cut off the head of one of his men to guard his buried treasure forever. Notes argue that the headless pirate and d & # 39; yabal Jersey, and his friends in the evenings have seen over the Atlantic and the neighboring wetlands.
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In Clayton, New Jersey, d & # 39; yabal chasing possession to the edge of a wooded area. Heck ran into the woods. Representation, fearing to pursue him, halted and declared ‘if you d & # 39; yabal knocking chains “.
Taste d & # 39; devil var & # 39; iruetstsa. In 1870, he saw cavourite into the sea with a mermaid. He is believed to have ham and eggs breakfast with a Republican – Judge French. But d & # 39; yabal, as we know, has no particular political affiliation.
D & # 39; yabalskiya sights overcome great geographical distances. – from Bryzhetana to Haddonfield in 1859; up to the limit of New York in 1899; and from the English town of Gloucester to Trenton in 1909. Until this time, tales of d & # 39; the devil passed from mouth to mouth.
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However, published police and newspaper accounts during a famous week in January 1909 took over the history of D & # 39; the devil from the national faith to this folk legend. Thirty different observations of one week talked about e & # 39; yabal sailing across the Delaware River to Maryland, Pennsylvania and Delaware. Articles from newspapers created almost panic in the region.
Theory and d & # 39; yabal

After the speeches, in 1909 the scientific community asked for possible explanations. It is reported that teachers Philadelphia Science and the Smithsonian Institution experts consider D & # 39; the devil prehistoric creatures of the Jurassic period.
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Or survived the creature in nearby limestone caves? It was a pterodactyl or peleazavr? New York scientists thought it marsupial predator. Is it extinct fracture? However, the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia could not find any record of living dead species such as d & # 39; Jersey Devil “(2).
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There is a remote “probability” that the Habsburgs and the Randolph or other magicians who live in the upper part Chesapika have any relation to this e & # 39; the devil. Some of these rituals, of course, related to the call Asmadeya or other elements that some call demons. They also claim that they can change the shape, but I suspect that they are involved in praetsyrovtsy hallucinations or what is called the fog. In any case, interesting to find Napoleon’s brother, who lives in this area of ​​America.


South Jersey has a great offer for tourists


While I did not plan to cover the County of Ocean, Monmouth Merser and when he spoke of the Southern New Jersey, it is difficult to hold certain attractions. South Jersey has to offer to anyone who travels to the region. There are many things to see and do. Starting from Jackson, NJ, Six Flags has three theme parks that offer attractive enough for some & # 39; and. There is vraganskaya Harbor, the largest water park in the state of New Jersey, Wild Safari and Six Flags Great Adventure all legendary parks. A few minutes from Great Adventure has outlets "Jersey Shore Premium" in the pond Tinton Falls, where you can buy shops in 120 stores of designers and brand name, as well as retail outlets Jackson & Premium; In Oceanport there Raceway Park Monmouth, which presents cross-breeds, including racing on sleds, strokes, drivers and race day. Then you have a high-speed road of the New Egyptian town and city Old Bridge in motorsport. If you are involved in motor racing, the Atco Raceway should be interesting for your trip. Also Monmutse is a state park in Bitfild Manalapane, place the largest battles of the American Revolution. Every June thousands visit the park for the reconstruction of the Battle of Monmutse.

If you go to the beach, you will Jenkinson track in Point Pleasant Beach with entertainment, an aquarium, shops, games and night club. Journey to the center of the city offers 100 independent antique shops. Seaside Heights – famous pavement with exciting nightlife and fantastic family entertainment. Then visit the marina and casino funtaun. It hosts numerous festive events, starting in February, when the polar bear plunges in February through December New Year's fireworks. On the island of Long Beach has a Viking village in Barnegatse and Recreation Area Sandy Hook in Sugor & # 39; e. Takerton sea port – a multi-faceted entertainment experience, education and maritime exhibits. There is an island Beach, Barnegat Bay and the island of Long Beach Museum of Barnegat Lighthouse. The Red Beach, a theater "Count Basi", the historic theater in 1926, which continues with jazz, dance, comedy and rock and roll.

Moving to the southernmost point of New Jersey and starting with the County of Cape May, and then moving across the state, we begin with the southernmost point of Cape May, New Jersey and Cape May – Lewis Paris. If you are visiting China on a cruise boat in Cape May, or visit the training center of the Coast Guard Cape May, Cape May and its Victorian architecture can offer any tourist. There is a Bird Observatory Cape May, a unique pedestrian mall, as well as the famous zoo and park in Cape May. There is a rental water skiing, kayaking, fishing, surfing, boating, boating, biking and, of course, many places of origin. Visit one of the famous places of family vacation in Avalon, Ocean City, sea island, stone harbor, the wild forest or Stratmery. In addition, within the country there Margate, Somers Point, Linwood, Northfield, Absekon and Galloway, Pleasantville and historic Smitvil and Smithville village with many shops and stalls masters. In addition to this, there is the Central Atlantic Center for the Arts in Cape May (MAC), created in 1970 to save 1879 manor Emlena Physics from breaking ball now MAS manages the restored mansion with 18 rooms, like Cape May & # 39; s only Victorian house museum. MAC also restored 1859 lighthouse and works in Cape May, where visitors can climb the 199 steps to the top to get a breathtaking view of the Delaware Bay and the Atlantic Ocean.

Atlantic City and its surrounding area and offers 11 luxurious hotel and casino resorts with the highest fun and world-class dining. The marina shops "Caesar", a world-class restaurant Mia, and, of course, walk or Atlantic City outlets have incredible deals on clothing. If you re a golfer, then Seaview Marriot – a major stop. Oceanville offers two seats in the shelter for wildlife Edwin B Forsythe, including 43,000 acres, as well as the Art Museum Neuss. If in Vilnius, in South New Jersey has plenty to choose from. There are Balik, Bellevue, Cape May, Heritage, Plagida, Wine Renault plant in Yayk Harbor Tamasela, Turda, Sharrot, Ross Cod, Chestnut Run, DyMatea, Natalie, Valensana, Auburn, Rondo, Swansea, wagon house and a new vineyard branch Panthers in the state of new Jersey.

Inner southern New Jersey – is the home grown blueberries and second place in the country in blueberry production. The capital city of Hammonton and its famous festival of red, white and blueberry, which occurs at the end of June. There blueberry farm, where you choose your own. Jersey has fresh tomatoes, peaches, apples, cucumbers and Jersey Fresh Corn. In the near future will open new farmers market in New Jersey. The village is also Gammontone Batsta, a nationally recognized landmark, her village dates back to 1766. Two centuries of American history on the background of pine Barenav. Nearby there are many campsites, but a state park and Lake Atsion Wharton offers a pleasant retreat. If you want to make family entertainment, visit a steel pier in Atlantic City or Gardiner Basin for dolphin and whale watching excursions. Absecon boasts its high lighthouse and Margot with her 100-year-old Lucy the Elephant. Then, of course, back in Atlantic City its sidewalks, built in 1870, at many festivals, Airshows and free entertainment on Kennedy Square. There are also historical sites such as the Korean War Memorial.

The transition to the County of Cumberland, which has a rich tradition and history, is home to 2200 colonial, Victorian and federalistychnyh buildings. Brick walkway, lights and benches bordering the picturesque waterfront promenades promenade and fountain. Here are Kohanzik Zoo and Park 1100 acres, four museums, canoe rental, swimming and picnicking. Then you have AJ Meerwald and colorful mouth of the Delaware, and the wild and scenic river Morris in Bivalve. Excursion to AJ Meerwald 115 feet truly restored 1928 Delaware Bay Shhunar-ship helps teach maritime history. If you love art, then be sure to look out Milvilski District High Street Street. Every third Friday it is open late for travelers and do not forget about the Millville Motorsports Park and Museum Army airfield. From someone who has lived here all his life, you can still see a lot of things. Starting from Millville, take a river cruise, which departs at the beginning of High Street with Captain Dave Shereram. Morris will lead you on the river to see the Bald Eagle, Ospreya, Purple Martin, and more. If it is fishing, then go to the capital of the world Fortesku wimp. Catch flounder, blue fish, stryptyzer, weakling and sea bass in the estuary of the Delaware Bay.


Creating a computer repair business & # 39; yuterav


New Jersey – one of the largest IT centers in the entire United States. Incredible IT boom occurred in the recent past, which has led many people to New Jersey to begin work on the repair of computer & # 39; yuterav in small places where people do not have access to a computer & # 39; computer accessories and technicians troubleshooting. As more and more people become familiar with this area, professionals such as businessmen, engineers, economists, and even create a business to develop repairing computer & # 39; New Jersey computer industry.

In order to create a business, you need to keep in mind a few things that you need to properly investigate, to get a good amount of profit. Repair business computer & # 39; yuterav looks as though it is really a piece of cake, but ultimately this is not so. The first thing you need to research – this is the place where you can find a lot of customers with less competition from any other service provider. To do this, you can visit different places in the vicinity to find out how many repair shops already exists and how many customers they receive daily. Depending on this, you can choose the place where you can customize the business of computer repair at a specific location.

Then comes the process of registration. You must have a brand or company name to stand out from all the others and stand out from the large crowd. The competition – that's all fear the service providers to repair the computer & # 39; your computer, so should be a unique brand name associated with the company. To have the full authority and copyright name, you must register with the local authorities. Your name will be listed in the catalog repair computer & # 39; yuterav, and anyone who is looking for a shop to repair computer & # 39; yuterav in your area, be sure to contact you.

No matter how good you are a technician or engineer, the business has a way to do a lot of things. The best way to do this is to have a business partner with you with different experiences. For example, if you're an engineer, your partner may be businessmen, economists, local exporters computer & # 39; computer parts, or anyone else whose work profile is different from yours. It is true that great minds think alike, but different minds can do wonders. Thus, you can get help in all matters of the company with reasonable skills of experts.

After the rise of the idea of ​​a business computer repair & # 39; yuterav restrictions may occur in New Jersey. Funding issues – the most important priority. First you need to invest the money from his pocket useful. With a new name and without glory, no company in New Jersey will not be willing to sponsor you. Thus, make sure that you do not go bankrupt, if the setting of your business will not be as successful as we would like.

The capital's places such as New Jersey, are always looking for talented and dynamic people to create businesses in a variety of locations. With a good brain, and business tactics, you can make millions in this business, and with a small repair shop can turn into a big company. If you need help, there are many online resources for finding, because where there is a will, there's a way.


Holidays Jersey: What to do in January


Jersey holidays celebrated throughout the year various celebrations, events, shows, fireworks and tips along the way Garden State, which is available to all residents and visitors from children to the elderly. These holidays are always festive with many attractions, such as fireworks, alarm, ringing, pumpkins, haunted houses, or valentines.

The annual calendar of the best things about the holidays Jersey is filled with recommendations for entertainment, exciting seasonal outdoor activities and indoor activities, events, attractions and places of interest for all ages. January – a month of freezing time of the year and for many events in the room, and for more exciting events – excellent winter outdoor activities. You can enjoy skiing, snowboarding, ice skating and snow tubing in the northern sky. Winter Festival in Lambervile – it's a great family festival. MLK Day is celebrated the third Monday of every January to honor Dr. Martin Luther King and the principles for which he lived and died. Holiday also marks the life and contributions of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the history of the civil rights movement in the United States. In Newark and Piskatei have some basketball and hockey top class teams. Awesome Disney ice show is usually held in January in the cold in East Rutherford, as well as Trenton. To visit there are various museums such as the National Museum of New Jersey in Trentone; Museum and memorial warship New Jersey in Camden; Newark Museum in Newark, which offers a wide selection of exciting art and natural treasures and programs that are educational, fun and adventure. Do not miss a visit to Jersey City, which is rich in a variety of lifestyle, attractions, entertainment and restaurants. It is also a city with fascinating small ethnic neighborhoods, modern high-rise towers candidate and attractions that include museums, a nationally recognized research center of science, and unrivaled views of the world-class marina with views of the New York skyline, the Statue of Liberty, Alice Island Bridge and the Verrazano. You can bring children in environmental education center in the county of Somerset County Park to watch the sugar maple is tapped trees, view, methods of collecting the juice of the past and the present, and see the boiling process that produces delicious maple syrup, New Jersey. And there is always something to do in Atlantic City, which is full of theaters, casinos, delicious restaurants, nightclubs, music shows and concerts. And, of course, visit the spa for a romantic weekend in Jersey vacation.

So you have made the choice of Jersey holiday in January, is now beginning to look for hotels in Jersey, located near Jersey Airport. Also find an offer for cheap flights to Jersey with rooms to stay in Jersey, which may also include a packet holiday in Jersey, Jersey night breakfast, guide and transport from Jersey Jersey airport to the hotel.


The power plant in Jersey City – a beautiful historic Engineering



Power station in Jersey City – one of the most spectacular architectural attractions in the city. Once decorated with an electric motor PATH rapid transit system, the power plant stands as a rare reminder of the glorious gilded and industrial era America. The New York Times called it "the cathedral … a masterpiece of masonry." This major historical campaign to preserve hopes to ensure that elected officials and future developers pilot learned about opportunities Powerhouse become a mass cultural and / or commercial property waterfront.

Jersey City lawyer William McAdoo built it. President Theodore Roosevelt is activated. Thomas Edison toured it. And the four professional photographers to document it issued – Power Hudson & Manhattan Railway in Jersey city center.

A relic of the industrial age of Jersey City, a power plant – is a Romanesque Revival structure, built in 1908, McAdoo among others. The power plant runs on coal, which creates steam, which is led by transformers, and has become a source of electricity for trains and H & M stations, including the Hudson Terminal, where the World Trade Center today.

On the first day of operation of power plants February 25, 1908, President Theodore Roosevelt sent a telegram from the White House, instructing engineers to enable the first train, which will run through a series of tunnels and pipes under the river Gudjon from Newark to New York. This is a historic event for the first time linked the island of Manhattan to the rest of the country.

In 1929, the power plant stopped working, and the subway system has evolved in the PATH system. Since the roof has deteriorated, windows were broken, and the boilers, turbines and Dynamo have been sold for scrap. Children in the neighborhood call it "Castle of Frankenstein."

Despite the neglect, the structure remains rigid, and it is a question of turning it into a museum or shopping mall. Meanwhile, environmental kanservatyv Jersey City hopes to see power in the list of New Jersey Register of Historic Places.


Directly across the Hudson River from the World Trade Center, the plant is located one block from the waterfront where the ferries and water taxis from the lower and midtown Manhattan. It is a few blocks from three different PATH stations – a journey in the metro from the World Trade Center is 3 minutes, and the longest journey – from 33th Street and 6th Avenue in less than 15 minutes. For visitors who are traveling by car, it is less than one mile from New Jersey Turpik and Holland Tunnel, as well as possible on-site parking. In addition, three station Hudson-Bergen Light Railroad are just a short walk from the station.


The power plant is surrounded by new office buildings, shopping centers, hotels, luxury residential complexes; restored historic districts; and the nearby attractions of the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Liberty State Park and the Liberty Science Center.

The site is located across the street from the County "WALDO" Jersey City. This is an eight-zone historic warehouses, in which the artist, and only artists are allowed to live. In WALDO already has one building with 300 artists' studios and one that is being developed for 133 jobs. In the near future it will be developed several other storage areas, as well as the planned establishment of a middle school of arts, theaters, restaurants, galleries and other retailers.

GREAT Engineering

Steel framed structure and the outer brick wall thickness of 28 "There are twelve lines of columns extending from north to south, and fourteen lines running east to west Most big windows -.. 1300 square feet each (the largest in the its kind on the East coast)), and on the east side – sliding door for under & # 39;.. riding, big enough for a railway car Lookout roof measuring 200 x 200 feet opens wide and unobstructed view of the Manhattan skyline.


The power plant is located in the state of urban enterprise zone and applies for grants, loans with low interest rates reduced sales taxes and other benefits.

Since the building is entitled to a historic mission, will be available tax credits amounting to 20% of the cost of redevelopment.

New building codes reuse in New Jersey to save 10% – 30% for repairs.

New Jersey has made millions in the construction of the Performing Arts Center in Newark, and can do the same here.

Alterations would save the cost of wear Portavay administration in the range of $ 50 million – savings that can be shared with the developer.


The inauguration of the power plant in 1908 was so important that President Theodore Roosevelt, who was sitting in the White House threw a switch.

The power plant provides electricity not only "Hudson Tubes" (now known as PATH), but also the world's largest office complex "Hadsanskiya terminals".


"It's like some ancient, partly destroyed the cathedral … A masterpiece of masonry."
-Krystafer Gray, The New York Times, November 18, 1990

"Elegant rough steel and brick".
-Steve Strunsky, The New York Times, September 12, 1999

"One of the most impressive examples of urban industrial power system as a type of building, whose survival is becoming increasingly rare."
-Dorotsi P. Guzzo, the State Service for Historic Preservation New Jersey 1999

The power station has sounded noticeably in The New York Times.

Detailed information will be found on the preservation of the city's attractions Jersey: http: //www.jclandmarks.orgar


Win strategy of bidding – Lady of tax debts


Recently I went to the tax sale in New Jersey. It was a very small tax sale in the small rural town. The sales tax was only about 7 & # 39 objects and I got 2 deposits are under 10 and 12 percent. This is not bad in today's competitive sales taxes in New Jersey. Usually, when such sales tax I leave empty-handed, as not willing to pay a premium for a small tax liens.

The majority of mortgages in the sale (all but one) were less than $ 600. In some states, local governments sell mortgage payments when sales taxes with taxes. All that is paid by the local municipality, can be sold as a tax lien for these tax sales. The majority of these mortgages were either for water or for sanitation violations. Only one mortgaged right includes taxes along with sewer crime and was just over $ 1,700. All the rest were either for water or for sewage or for both.

The last couple of years, New Jersey has been the trend represents a premium over these small mortgage funds. Investors are willing to pay a premium on the mortgage, to pay the following taxes. But small mortgage payments you are entitled to the following tax payments, but only following the sewer or water amounts that are significantly smaller tax amount. Keep in mind that in New Jersey the interest rate initially set to 0%, before the premium-author will be offered. Despite the fact that you get your prize back when laid pledge for 5 years, you will not receive interest on the premium rate or the amount of collateral. You will receive a small penalty in the amount of collateral and the fixed interest rate (18% if the taxpayer is $ 1,500 offenses, and 8% of this).

The fact that they were willing to pay some tax debt, to get these small mortgage means that almost got out of hand. Last year, I saw how they pay up to $ 1,500 premium to get a little 200 or $ 300 deposit. In fact, that's what they're doing such a small joint profitability of their investments, that this is not worth; especially for the individual investor.

Since I was able to buy 2 small deposits on decent interest rates during the last tax sale, which I attended? First I went to a small sell-off, which in the original list of tax were only 15 loans, and on the day the sale was only about 7 & # 39 objects. Secondly, in this sale was not really a big pledges; The largest – worth up to $ 2,000. Large screen brings the whole competition.

Third, you have to know when to stop trading. I was really lucky with this sale, because there was only one other participant in the placement of orders, representing the investment fund tax law. I offered each of collateral, except for one, but I did not offer him too far. If you are not greedy and insist on a proposal to set each collateral amount, the other members of placing requests can not put their loans into the bottom line.

Fourth, the fact that I was glad to get a piece of that sale. What I mean is that two real estate, for which I was laid, was the worst in the sale. One was owned by the bank and falling apart. This was not taken care of over the years. You can see his picture on the cover of this issue. You do not see this in the image, but it was also packed on the road and in the backyard with garbage and dilapidated, falling-down barn. The second house was vacant, and its plan to exclude from the bank. It was also a very small house without a garage, which was in need of TLC and a lot of updates.

If I chose not to do these tariffs on the & # 39; sites because of their condition, I would have missed a couple of good collateral and the only thing I could get. You should be ready to take that big boys do not want to or are willing to let go. These properties can be vacant and in terrible shape, but they are still good. The bank plans to buy them back at some point, but probably not until they sell, which can take a long time. This will give me time to subsequent payments for utilities (remember that it was a small mortgage payments add to my investments and earn more interest!


Reasons to Purchase Summit NJ real estate


Summit New Jersey Real Estate – it's not only a wise investment, but also an excellent opportunity to participate in the growth of the pretty town in northwest New Jersey. Summit has an easy access to Midtown Direct for those of you who are traveling to New York for work or play and wants both a good investment.

If you already have an investment property in Summit New Jersey, which you are interested in selling, the market is perfect for you to get top dollar. Regardless of the situation, Summit offers trading assets such as:

  • Company focused on something & # 39; w
  • Brackets high level
  • High values ​​of the properties of the end
  • Dear school system
  • Convenient and environmentally friendly public transport

Summits of the numbers New Jersey

At the top of the State of New Jersey called its location on top of a mountain in the second Garunga ridge Chatung. The population of 21131. The average age of an adult is 37 years old; of households account for about 71% of the population. Real Estate Summit in bloom, with an emphasis on the expansion and the creation of a home for a single house.

The average income in Summit NJ is 114,286 dollars. The average value of a home for the family & # 39; and of 922 200 dollars; nearly $ 600,000 more than the average level of the State of New Jersey. Investments in property here – a wise financial and social solution for you and your family & # 39; and.

Summit Schools New Jersey

City – this is a family town. High School Summit prepares students for responsibility and productivity of citizens in our society, which is constantly changing.

Summit High School Lovtona K. Johnson offers opportunities for growth with a good education. The curriculum includes: foreign languages, art, music, and various computer courses. High school prepares teenagers go to high school and after graduation to become a well-educated, open adults.

The town prides itself on being a & # 39 is home to five high schools to the Fifth They offer every child an exceptional education that contributes to the emotional, social, physical and academic growth. These K-5 schools offer academic and creative tasks, which include:

  • Language strategies based on literature
  • the writing process
  • Manipulative experience mathematics
  • Practical science education
  • Practical computer & # 39; computer training
  • The school system – a collaborative effort of students, parents and teachers. They are working on the development of successful, strong and comprehensive human each graduate.

    Direct rail line in downtown Summit

    For residents of Summit NJ is no secret why they live with a predominance in Midtown Direct. Easy access to the Midtown Direct rail line increases the value of the property. As gas prices rise, residents are looking for environmentally friendly travel methods and return back to work.

    Ability to travel by train in the eastern cities of New Jersey and New York – it is a great advantage and save money. Railway line Midtown Direct offers affordable long-distance routes and significantly increases the cost of real estate in cities along its route.

    bottom line

    Social structure affects the value of real estate investments, along with economic development and, more recently, the number of environmentally conscious plans operating in any given area. Cities such as Summit, New Jersey, attracted "all American" Seven & # 39; and. This attraction causes property values ​​to sky rocket. The growing trend of being environmentally responsible and economically is a winning combination in an area that offers a great investment in real estate and reselling.

    If you want to invest in an area where real estate values ​​continue to rise and growing resale values ​​can for you to become a summit of New Jersey. Refer to the technical savvy realtor today to see what wonderful opportunities for investment are waiting for you in this beautiful city.


    Radanavyya risk in property insurance and related insurance


    According to the New Jersey Health and Environment Department of the Ministry of Environment New Jersey – also known as NJDEP – any resident of New Jersey at risk to get into their property. Thus, they urge all homeowners, tenants, landlords and owners of business property be inspected premises.

    What is radon?

    Radon – a natural radioactive gas which can be found in soil or rock and to move into the structure through cracks and openings its foundation. Radon has been determined to cause lung cancer. Due to the fact that radon is colorless and it can not be detected by a particular smell or odor, both government agencies advise residents to pass your test a professional company, which runs radon testing, either through their own kits that can be purchased at the local hardware. stores, home furnishing stores and directly from producers of low price.

    "I urge every resident of the State of New Jersey to test house for radon" – warns Acting Health Commissioner Christopher R. Rin. "Elevated levels of radon was found in the houses located in every county of New Jersey!"

    According to officials, tobacco smokers are at high risk of exposure to radon.
    By visiting the organization's website NJ Radon, residents can learn about the appropriate warnings.

    With regard to insurance, homeowners may wonder whether they will be covered for the tests and / or mitigating the gas if they are found.

    The reality is that a normal home insurance policy covers only the sudden or unexpected hazards such as fire or theft. If we are talking about things that should be included in a regular home maintenance mode – for example, testing for radon before, even as a house is purchased – the coating should not be found after that.
    A professional radon tester and mitigation, however, concerns the appropriate professional liability insurance, as well as others who check and remove hazardous materials.

    Insurance specially designed for:

    • Any contractor and a laboratory that can test the presence of radon gas in the soil, which is around residential and other buildings and structures


    • for the contractor, which also provides services for elimination of radon on the & # 39 property

    This type of insurance protects against the corresponding legal actions relating to errors and omissions and the associated loss of them.

    Of course, as with any specialized lighting have varying and complex issues. Therefore it is better to sit down with a member of an experienced and knowledgeable independent insurance agency, to explain the situation and the individual problems and offer him her individual type of policy that can optimize your protective cover.


    NJ Nets 2009-2010 Forecast period


    After the loss of Jason Kidd, Richard Jefferson and Vince Carter last year and a half, netsya sought to create around himself a talented young core to again become rivals. Tickets for the New York Nets sold a lot more if they fight every year in the NBA.

    Casual basketball fans at this moment may not know exactly who is on netsya, but the potential that they have young talent, can alter this team at an early stage.

    New franchise teams – Devin Harris. Last season he appeared as one of the young stars in the NBA, so Dallas fans are wondering why they have refused for the old Jason Kidd. Brook Lopez – a major role in, and after an impressive rookie company expects big things for the former Stanford star.

    One of the most interesting works of trade Vince Carter – Courtney Lee. Another young potential, which showed flashes of talent, he could become netsya wing for a long time.

    With all this young talent, perhaps the most important player who will make the opposing team or a contender, with & # 39 is Yi Jianlian. After arrival in the NBA from China a few years ago, he was part of its second team and many asked whether he will ever star. It will be the minutes that he needed, now he just has to fulfill.

    Those looking for tickets for the New Jersey Nets, will be looking to make them before with the & # 39; to go to Brooklyn. The good thing about New Jersey is that they seem to have the range of tickets available, so you can not only watch the rising team a team, but also the best teams. Do not sleep in netsya this year, they could surprise some people this season.